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The Flammenwerfer 41[1] is a flamethrower featured in Call of Duty: United Offensive.

Call of Duty: United Offensive Edit

Flammenwerfer 41 third person CoDUO
Flammenwerfer 41

50 continuous (SP)
50 every 0.2 seconds (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

500 seconds of fire.

Range (explanation)

12 feet





Used by

German Military

HUD icon

Flammenwerfer 41 pickup icon UO
Flammenwerfer 41 firing icon UO

The Flammenwerfer 41 first appeared in Call of Duty: United Offensive, and it was not used often, but was a great weapon for flushing out enemies. This weapon is only used by German soldiers, and it can be obtained by killing one. When equipped, the weapon is simply named "Flamethrower".

The Flammenwerfer can be found in some maps as a spawned weapon. When used, the flamethrower disperses fire over a small area, which continues to burn for several seconds. Prior to version 1.5, the flamethrower's damage was horrendously low, but was updated to cause reasonable damage to anyone caught in the flames, including the player who used it. The flamethrower has an odd anomaly when used—while it can be aimed to shoot through openings, the flames cannot go through windows with panes. Targets on the other side will be unaffected by the flames.


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