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"Splits into multiple propelled grenades on impact."
— In-game description
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Flechette Grenade
Weapon Class

Lethal Grenade

Starting Ammunition

1 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

2 (MP)

Used by

United Nations Space Alliance
Settlement Defense Front

HUD icon

Flechette Grenade HUD Icon IW

The Flechette Grenade is a lethal grenade featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is unlocked at level 30. It is replaced by the Cluster Grenade in Zombies mode.

The Flechette Grenade operates similarly to a normal grenade, except that it splits into three smaller grenades when coming into contact with a surface. The Fletchette Grenade can instantly kill a player if the thrower obtains a direct impact with the grenade, as the grenades inside will instantly explode, similar to the Bio Spike. The grenades will not explode on impact if the Flechette Grenade touches a surface prior.

The Flechette Grenade sports area denial qualities as the grenades render an area inaccessible for the duration of its activity. The Flechette Grenade is also very helpful in clearing objectives due to the same area denial capabilities.

The player is also able to carry two Flechette Grenades at the expense of three points in Create-a-Class. This is suitable for players utilising area denial tactics or objective defence tactics.


Trivia Edit

  • The text "HH-Z17" can be seen written on several panels of the grenade.

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