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— Richtofen after picking up the stone also foreshadowing his true plan.
Focusing Stone
Focusing Stone BO
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Affiliations Edward Richtofen
Status Merged with the Vril Generator (Original Timeline)
Preserved within the Summoning Key (Origins Timeline)
Timeline Zombies Timeline
Level Shangri-La
The Focusing Stone is an object that appears in the Zombies maps Shangri-La and Moon. It is the reward for completing the Shangri-La Eclipse Easter Egg. After receiving the Focusing Stone, the players will get the achievement/trophy Time Travel Will Tell. It grants the player that picks it up all eight perks permanently until the game ends. The stone can also be found in Samantha's room during the end cutscene for the map Origins in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, where it is merged with the Vril Generator. It also appears briefly in the zombies map Revelations in Call of Duty: Black Ops III as part of its main easter egg For The Good Of All, where it is preserved within the Summoning Key.


The Focusing Stone was originally a giant meteorite infused with Element 115, that was hovering above the temple. The Eclipse Easter Egg involves the stone, and Richtofen's goal to use the Focusing Crystals to amplify the 31-79 JGb215's shrinking power to shrink the giant meteorite down. After it is shrunk down, it appears as a rock that floats above the altar. It is also seen in the loading screen.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the Focusing Stone is now blue in color and is slightly larger than its shrunken version. It can be found to the left of the Shangri-La temple's entrance off to the side.


  • Obtaining the Focusing Stone is one of three ways the player can keep their perks after getting downed or killed, one being completing the Richtofen's Grand Scheme completely, and the other being completing Mined Games going through either path.
  • The altar where the stone sits on has Richtofen's name carved into it.
  • When going to the past, if a player is looking up at the spot where the Focusing Stone is, they will see that it just appears out of nowhere compared to the other meteor that you see crashing for Step 7.
  • On each side of the Focusing Stone when it is floating above the altar, there are two skulls. One appears to be an alien-like skull with a large head and the other looks like a gorilla.
  • It has become fused with the Vril Generator in Moon.
  • After the game is over and the scoreboard is seen, Richtofen will say to the player with the Focusing Stone "Now that you are done with the stone, I'll be taking that."

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