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Well, hello there! This is essentially my first ever Watercooler thread, about one concept: "If you were a zombies character, what quotes would you say?" Or, "If you would make custom quotes for a character that's already in zombies, what would it be?" Now, I got the inspiration from an old thread, namely:,_what_would_your_quotes_be%3F, and so I decided to re-introduce this concept, as quite some time has passed since the original thread was last posted on. Anyways, some of my own quotes would be:

FromDvToZombies Quotes Part I

"I asked for a wunder weapon, and so the box gave me a pistol, clearly the coding must think that any pistol is a ray gun, due to the way I hold it, right?"
— When getting a pistol (me, breaking the fourth wall).

"If there's one thing that I will never understand, it's why I always seem to buy Mule Kick, although, I've clearly stated that it's my least favorite perk! I must be a fool or something."
— When buying Mule Kick.

"Maxis, is that you that I hear? It has been so long. I've missed you. Nein! It's just imaginary, Edward. This is not real, the Element 115 delusion is still clouding your mind. Focus, and get your job done!"
— Said randomly as Richtofen.

"There are so many things, left undone! I must prepare the defenses, start the convertion generators, build the staffs, secure a better tomorrow. Nein! Enough of this already! I have done all that! Even that thing with the radios!"
— Said randomly as Richtofen.

"There is so much to do. Igniting the beacon, blow up ze moon, the emperors message, fighting a dragon, repeat ze process! Nein, I'm foreshadowing too much! Damn these 115 induced delusions!"
— Said at the start of the Giant as Richtofen.

"This is just like I had expected it to be: Lould, High-recoil, and very ugly aesthetically. Thank you, mystery box. Thank you for making my life even more difficult."
— Said when getting a not-preferred weapon.

"A sniper rifle! Now I can sit in a corner, and become overthrown in seconds! It's just what I did not want!"
— When getting a sniper rifle.

[Note: This quote list was made in a rush, and is therefor of terrible quality. I will make a part II of my quotes in the near future when I've got time.]

What would yours be? :D

Discussion Edit

I'm adding this section in because then there's somewhere to actually respond.

As for me, I keep a handful of quotes on my Profile page, but a few of my favorites of myself are:

"So, if I take it now, can I give it back later?"
— Occasionally upon buying a wall weapon

"Alright, who threw the rotten meat at me?"
— When swarmed.

"It was a good attempt, but a failed execution. In just about every sense of the word."
— Upon killing a zombie that hit him

"Can I not just take that one? It's not mounted by anything. Just need to get some leverage, and... Someone glued that on really well."
— When trying to buy a wall weapon with insufficient points, and another player has bought the weapon at some point during the match

"Maybe if I just push here... Nope. Won't budge. So how...?"
— When trying to open a door with insufficient points.

SteveHeist (talk) 07:28, June 19, 2017 (UTC)

Oh god, I did something like this a while ago. Enjoy and/or cringe. Conqueror of all Zombies (talk) 23:53, June 19, 2017 (UTC)