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(mw2 btw)Hi there im having troube making classes im lv 46 and i only have 2 Classes i like dont know about other 3

hers the 2 ones i like

Mini-Uzi FMJ Raffica Akimbo Throwing Knife Scavenger Pro Cold Blooded Pro Ninja Pro

INtervention Stinger Claymore Scavenger Pro Cold Blooded Pro Ninja Pro

Any idea for the last 3 classes????? Thnx

Ummm... Okay, I'll help you... I like:

SCAR-H Any Attachment, Grenade Launcher or Extended Mags work for me USP.45 Tac Knife Semtex/Stuns

Marathon Pro/Scavenger Pro

Stopping Power Pro (look, you need it for the USP and it helps save rounds for the SCAR)

SitRep Pro (so you don't get killed by a claymore around the corner)


TAR-21 any Attachment SPAS-12 any Attachment, or AA-12 Extended mags(or grip) Semtex/Stuns

Marathon/Scavenger depending on your Secondary

choose what you like

SitRep Pro (hear enemys a mile away so you can set up an Ambush with the Shotgun)


L86 Grip RDS Stinger up to you/Stuns

Bling Pro (don't get to enjoy pro version)

Cold Blooded or Lightweight

SitRep Pro (like above, it warns you that someone is coming so you can take the L86 out.)

Hope it helps, SCAR-H PicSergeant Price25M1911 menu icon CoD4

Ok: 3 classes that can easily get you help without being called a noob in anyway.

UMP45 Silenced Akimbo .44 Magnums or Tactical Knife Stun Semtex Cold Blooded Ninja Marathon

Barrett .50 Caliber with FMJ PP2000 with FMJ Smoke C4 Sleight of Hand Pro Cold Blooded Pro Sitrep (Allows you to shoot equipment from across the map thru walls)

FAL w/undermounted Shotgun (allows for long range and close range) Stinger (also shoot down support) Stun Sleight of Hand Pro Cold Blooded Ninja

Hope it helps. Agold21

if you want accuracy then;

go up another couple of levels and get,

ACR with FMJ, silencer or red dot whatever secondary but i recommend a shotty or rafficas


blue: i use sleight of hand or scavenger but doesn't matter

red: definately stopping power coz it doesnt have a lot of damage

green: sitrep pro or anyone if u want

sniper i use;

intervention or barrett (one shot kill and good with quickscoping)with FMJ or thermal

USP's or shotty


blue: sleight or hand pro

red: stopping power

green: doesn't matter (if your camping at high places then commando pro coz no falling damage, ([top of hill on afghan])


SCAR-H with FMJ or red dot (doesnt really matter what attachment though)



blue: scavenger (if you dont get long killstreaks then sleight of hand)

red: doesnt matter but if your shooting down a lot of air support then stopping power pro or cold blooded

green: doesnt matter

they're just suggestions, use whatever you feel works for you but they're some ideas


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