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So if you guys remember that one BO3 Friday stream you may have remembered that they said that if you played Black Ops II, Call Of Duty Ghosts or Advance Warfare (You still playing that?) you would get exclusive rewards. The rewards you would aquire would depend on your level in one of the three games named above. If you got to level 10 or higher you would get a exclusive Calling Card. Getting to level 31 or higher would get you three sights: The first sight is a Skull with glowing eyes and 5 stars around it. The second one is a green triangle with a line underneath it. The last one is a blue crosshair with a circle with lines sticking out if it outside it. Finally, if you prestiged once you will get a camo for your guns.

How do you get all this though? Does it come to you once Black Ops III comes out? No. What you have to do is go to go to and if you don't have an account then you'll have to make one. Then link your PSN or Xbox account to your CoD account, and then your done! 

Congrats! You now have something that in 9 days no one else will be able to have! 

Here's a dancing banana for your hard work! —Unsigned comment was added by KJB Gaming

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