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Hey, this is my first post. I was bored, and started looking around on eBay for CoD stuff. I came across this Black Ops Promo Pack thing. It looked good, so I looked around on the internet for confirmation that it was official, and I couldn't find anything. It comes with a film cell, (what is that?) a digital content disc, and a code card that get you this exclusive flight suit avatar skin.

It says its suitable for PS3 and Xbox (I've got an Xbox, BTW).

I found 3 of them on eBay:

BTW, I'm on eBay UK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since if this is real, I would like to get it, because I've pre-ordered Black Ops already.

Thanks, Luke.

XBL Gamertag: ibanezman1609

I play mainly CoD4, and Ocaisionally CoD:WaW

Nice find! And welcome. --A Lonely Nomad 18:01, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

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