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See my blog for full information on this.

This shows Time To Kill for most BO weapons. Shotguns and Sniper rifles are not included because they can kill in one hit.

TTK is shown in seconds. For example, the RPK has a TTK of 0.16s. Three shots are needed to kill the target. One is fired at 0.00s, 0.08s, and 0.16s. It is assumed you are hitting the body, with gives a 1x mutliplier.

Remember of course, there's more to a weapon than is damage output. Your best weapon is the best weapon. Unless that weapon is the MP40, of course.

Maximum damageEdit

The highest damage for a weapon. LMGs (excluding M60) and Sniper Rifles have damage that does not drop off with range.

  1. Skorpion - 0.08s
  2. G11, Standard Python, M14, FAL - 0.096s
  3. M60 - 0.112s
  4. AUG, FAMAS, M16, Stoner63, ASP - 0.128s
  5. MP5k, AK74u, RPK, HK21, Galil, AK47, Commando, Enfield - 0.16s
  6. MAC11, Uzi, PM63, MPL, Spectre, Kiparis, Makarov, M1911, Python Snub Nose, CZ75 - 0.192s.
  7. CZ75 Full Auto - 0.336s

Minimum damageEdit

The lowest damage a weapon deals after a certain range.

  1. Stoner63 - 0.128s
  2. RPK, HK21 - 0.16s
  3. M14, FAL, AUG, FAMAS - 0.192s
  4. M60 - 0.224s
  5. Enfield, Commando, Galil, AK47 - 0.24s
  6. ASP, MAC11, Uzi, PM63, MPL, Spectre, Kiparis - 0.256s
  7. Python - 0.288s
  8. Skorpion, MP5k, AK74u - 0.32s
  9. G11 - 0.345s
  10. Makarov, M1911, Standard CZ75 - 0.384s
  11. M16 - 0.39s
  12. CZ75 Full Auto - 0.448s

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