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So, I've been looking for some good players for the Zombie mode in the Wii version of Black Ops for Pre-Mades. Why? Well because I've been very disappointed at how horribly bad almost all people are in the Zombie mode. So please, if you're a Wii Black Ops player who likes the Zombie mode but not the bad player skills of others, please reply if you'd like to make a Pre-Made Zombie match with me. My highest is 30 in Solo which makes me sad because I'm usually only able to get to round 6 or 7 in online with other players. I can get high in the Solo mode but I like playing with other people more. But I hope it was worth it. Also, just a side note, I would like to find other players for normal Multiplayer as well.

This is Dempsey :], and in response to your forum on bad players, yeah i know what you mean, the highest i made it to is level 30 with two people, but i'm one of the best players in solo, i've made it up to level 66 alone :] that was my life's goal, it'll soon be up on youtube as soon as my computer stops being a sheisse copff, but anyway in multiplayer i just prestieged, i'm reall good too, if you would like to play sometime then just write back and send me your ally code

Hey guys I have black ops wii too. Im pretty good at playing zombies. My highest online was round 19 and my higest on solo was round 24. If you want to play zombies with me then send me an ally request. My code is 2188-8061-6205

Though I have an Xbox, I want to try to go back to my Wii roots. I am setting my Wii back up after E3 (So I'll be on on June 10th). I can't promise you that I'm the best player, but I am pretty good. -Gamemasta424 (As always, my computer won't let me sign in)

Hey there. I have Black Ops Wii too, but I don't know how to get an ally code. Where do I look it up at? Trueblade74 12:22, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

Hello there friends my name is AC1D 9th prestige lvl 48/INFINITY STORM LVL 28 i am looking for some ppl to play on multiplayer with that dont mind playing with someone that doesnt have a mic my 1st profile acid is for screwing around and infinty storm is my new one so i can actully have a good kdr :) if anyone replys i will tell them my ally code

hey. i have black ops on the wii too. i'am a good player on the zombie mod. i want to play with ppl that know how to play zombies. the ppl i get suck with dont know how to play. i play zombies with my older brother on his ps3. and we are really good. so i lookin for players that know what they are doin on the wii zombie mode. i will put my alley code up on here soon. if anybody is good at zombies on the wii

i have it too and my wii ally code is 3652-5186-5415

Wii DLC?!?! Edit

I have heard talk about new zombie maps for the orignail WII and they never came out?? or have they? There was also rumur that a Black Ops online store was coming to the orignail Wii also. if anyone has anything reliable and good add me on Black Ops my ally code is (0683-7818-8044) Thanks!

I heard that to, but is a lie, sadly. There aren´t going to be any wii DLC, but leting that beside Kino Der Toten isn't bad i have reached 22 waves in solo, i losts because my control run out of batteries :/ Anyway if someone likes to play with me here is my ally code: 4846-6659-9277.

I finally got my wii to work so I'm looking for some ppl who also wanna play Zombies mode! My skill is mediocre! I have reached level 13 online! So if you wanna play, my ally code is 2869-6990-6181

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