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Hey y'all! I'm a little new to the wiki, but I thought I'd try this. So, as many of you know, many rumors are surfacing about Infinity Wards new game, the most prominent coming from an industry insider named Shinoboi (I probably spelled that wrong). He claims that an inside source told him that the next game would be set in the far, far future, making Bo3 look like the stone age. However, despite his record of getting the Bo3 movement system correct, many disagree. M3RKMUS1C seems to think this is a cover up for the rage going on with the supply drops and the "Pay To Win" style that people think Activision is turning CoD into. However, it is also speculated that a remastered CoD4 and MW2 would come with the pre-order, which is highly exciting for many people. Yes, I understand this is far ahead (probably won't hear anything for another two months or so from IW)... But what are your thoughts?

Thanks, A random Wiki Contributor.

To be honest, I'm hoping the next game will continue off of where Ghosts finished off. While many will disagree with me, I actually quite enjoyed the campaign and story, and found it equally compelling to other COD titles (honestly, in recent years, only the BO series has stood out). The multiplayer wasn't the worst, the only issue was that the maps were too large in most cases, so most modes weren't all that enjoyable. Despite this, I hope they can reinclude the modes from Ghosts, Demolition and Momentum/War (Uplink would probably not work as well unless there is some type of movement system), and also many "party" modes seen in BO and MW3. The guns were solid for the most part, and were all fairly usable and useful, and just like every title, there were a few that felt a bit too powerful.

As far as Safeguard went, I felt it was something new. It wasn't terrible, and had its own degree of difficulty associated with it much like MW3's survival mode. I never played it too much however, and preferred the mode's predecessor due to the purchasing system.

But the greatest reason I would like to see a Ghosts 2 is because of Extinction. It was something completely different, and was executed extremely well. The story must continue, for one thing, however there is also the aspect that the mode offered a lot to it, from the schematics (no they aren't similar to buildables, what are you talking about?) and "wonder weapons", to the various challenges and enemies. The mode was extremely fun (if not extremely difficult) and I would like to see it return.

So yes, I'm not ashamed in anyway to hope that the next CoD will be a Ghosts 2. I want to see the campaign Extinction stories continue, and even finish, if IW doesn't plan on making another trilogy. I do believe multiplayer and safeguard could use a few tweaks, as every COD game has, mostly pertaining to maps and a little bit of weapon balancing. It wouldn't be bad if more Spec Ops missions were included either (although I doubt that). So while the game will likely be unavailable to me unless I get a PS4, I fully hope for a Ghosts 2 to be released this year. bionicle__unity_duty_destiny_by_cyberpictures-d6p3li2.pngLegos-Rule-15 Talk 15:31, April 1, 2016 (UTC)

Is this about the 2016 CoD in the blog? Or that other CoD that's coming out this year? 15:39, April 1, 2016 (UTC)

Prediction Edit

The problem is Call of Duty gameplay mechanics haven't changed that much since CoD 4. Unless IW really innovates the gameplay, this super futuristic CoD would still basically be the same but with a Halo skin essentially. That being said, story-wise I'm really looking forward to a futuristic cod game. I've always said that CoD has been teasing us, testing the waters with futuristic shooters, however they never went far enough. If they're going to do futuristic, they gotta go all the way. 18:12, April 4, 2016 (UTC)

Thing is, if it is a Halo redkin than that is innovation as far as the series goes, because than it's a Halo reskin and not CoD in space. 20:40, April 4, 2016 (UTC)
2 things:
1 - redkin...
2 - A "Halo" CoD would never happen, simply because, for the most part, aliens are not a part of Call of Duty (Extinction is somewhat like Zombies, it doesn't define the main of CoD [even though it might be as much a main]). And if CoD went with a Halo mashing, then 343 would be up in Infinity Ward's grill before we could sneeze. I see something a bit more like the intro to Destiny (not the whole game, just the bit with astronauts wielding guns). SteveHeist (talk) 19:22, April 5, 2016 (UTC)
Well I'm not suggesting that Call of Duty 2016 would literally be a carbon copy of Halo. But rather it might share a similar theme and actual alien enemies might be introduced. Basically, it'll be a typical scifi story where aliens invade Earth and you have to defeat them and save everyone. Something along those lines would be my prediction. I definitely do not expect an alien race called the Covenant to show up and augmented Spartan super soldiers (Black Ops 3 played with this idea a bit) to be who you play as against the aliens. Of course, introducing aliens completely into Call of Duty would be a radical step forward for the series and the rumors are that this version of Call of Duty is REALLY futuristic, far beyond even Black Ops 3, so aliens aren't out of the realm of possibility. We should be getting close to the official announcement. Most COD games are announced mid April if I remember correctly. Should be interesting to see what it's about. 19:53, April 11, 2016 (UTC)

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