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After perusing the Perk entries for Modern Warfare 2, I noticed the caveat about Stopping Power with the FAL... that is essentially does the same damage (hits per kill) with or without the perk. Is that also then true of the SCAR-H, which is supposed to have the same stats as the FAL (based on the in game stats screen)? I noticed that the entry for the SCAR-H does have a lower damage rating, but it also seemed unconfirmed, as less powerful weapons seemed to have the same damage rating.

Has anyone confirmed this to be true? It would be nice to have a free perk slot.

The ingame stats screen, with all the bars, is completely inaccurate. While I do not know whether the SCAR or the FAL have the same damage, or don't need Stopping Power, don't rely on the ingame stats screen. And to determine if you need stopping power, that would depend completely on the body multipliers. Icepacks 00:00, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

SCAR-H with SP = 2 hit kill to the head (117.6-156.8), 2-3 hit kill to the chest or limbs (126-112) depending on range

SCAR-H without SP = 2-3 hit kill to the head (126-112), 3-4 hit kill to the chest or limbs (120)
FAL with SP = 1 hit kill to the head, 2-3 hit kill to chest or limbs
FAL with SP and Holographic Sight = 1 hit kill to the head, 2 hit kill to chest or limbs for entire range or at least near that, even with a suppressor.
FAL without SP = 2 hit kill to the head, 2-3 hit kill to the chest or limbs

For the SCAR, it seems that Stopping Power does make a difference, by about a bullet, depending on range and where you hit them. For the FAL, however, it seems like there's a negligible difference. (Unless you want 1 shot headshot kills and/or plan to use holographic sight to increase minimum and maximum damage by 5, making 2 shot kills across the map, essentially the M21 EBR) Icepacks 00:11, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

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