"Ghost or Gaz?"

Gaz in cod4 mission "Hunted"

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EurofighterGeek 19:47, November 29, 2009 (UTC)

The question that is on most people's mind at the moment... Who Is Ghost?

Ghost is a member of TF141, he is 2nd in command. (C.O Cpt mactavish) According to most, Ghost is sergeant riley. According to Infinity Ward he is Sergeant riley. But, i think there is more to it than that.

First of all, let's look atGaz's background in the first modern warfare

Gaz was also second in command in the 22nd SAS regiment in cod4. (C.O Captain Price) He is believed by many to be a staff sergeant. I think the songs in the credits at the end of cod4 say that gaz is a staff sergeant. Anyway, he is one of the few NPC's in the game reffered to by name. He has a very distinct southern accent, which probably suggests he is from London. Gaz is well known for his offensive and funny remarks he is always making towards the enemy and friendlies alike. "F**in Wan*ers" he says, reffering to the support team being unable to assist in Game Over.

As the game progresses, you and your team will start to bond with Gaz as you always have each other's back in many intense situations. You will realise what a likeable character he really is. At the end of cod4 Gaz.....

Gets shot in the Back by zhakeav, as you hopelessly watch in despair. (see video link for evidence!!) Gaz is actually shot by a Desert Eagle and the chances of surviving that are slim, but it is possible as I believe it wasn't a headshot.

So, is Ghost's name actually Sergeant Riley or is it Gaz in disguise. He takes the same role and seems to be the same sort of wise-cracking, "let's do this" sort of guy. The mask he wears could be to disguise his identity, but i can't understand why the developers would want to disguise him. Could it be for public attention, to get the fans thinking? who knows.

It's just graphics! If you use noclip around a lot of character deaths, it'll appear differently, but canonically, Gaz got knocked out by an oil tanker explosion and shot in the head by a .50 caliber round. He didn't survive because of some cheat to look around. Ghost is not Gaz. Even if Gaz miraculously survived the headshot, he would never be fit for military service again. It may be the same voice actor and somewhat same role, but they're not the same. Corporal Juan Jose Rodriguez Reportin' for duty. 21:00, November 29, 2009 (UTC)

i think that this confusion was made because the same voice actor plays gaz and ghost. gaz was shot in the head by a 50 cal desert eagle.there is almost no chance of survival.Csifan17 12:42, December 9, 2009 (UTC)

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