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Okay, here goes. Its a bit lengthy but bear with me and help a fellow gamer out.</p>

So the other day i was playing BO2 on my PS3 as usual. I was in a public lobby for Gun Game, and i noticed a player who was in level 1 but prestige 256, something I havent seen before. I immediately assumed that he was a hacker. Without putting much thought into it, i ignored his weird stats and just played the match. Abruptly, the match stopped because the "Host ended game" which was weird because it was a public match. I've had this happen to me before, so i ignored that too, also assuming it was that "hacker". After we were back to the lobby, it sent me back to the main menu screen, which was weird, then when i got back to the online screen, my name was in red letters and i was back to level 1 and, no surprise there, prestige 256. (I'll attach a pic next time i open BO2) My "classes" are also messed up and colourful and I'll attach a pic if any of y'all wanna see. I freaked out, i mean i really love playing Black ops 2, which explains why i still have my PS3 system, and im not too bad in it. You can check out my gameplay from theater mode but back to my issue; have i been hacked? And why?? I mean i dont talk sh*t, and i dont hack or use mods (watch my gameplays for evidence) and my ps3 isnt cracked. Such situation has not happened to me before. Im not prestige master, im just prestige 6 level 55. any feedbacks or comments or opinions would be very much appreciated. you can reach me on PSN at Guns_N_Sages or you can just email me. Thank you if you read the entire thing.

Contact Activision support. There's little we can do for you. 19:13, July 8, 2017 (UTC)

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