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Hello :)

I'm new and i would ask info about the multiplayer of old Cod like (Cod5;MW2,3; Bo1) which I have never played and now I would like to buy on steam to play in multiplayer.

Here, looking at these data it seems that there are still many players:

Are those data right or will I find empty servers?</span>

Those data refer only to the steam versions of the cod or also to all the cod version sold, like those through a physical disk ?

I'm waiting for your answer, i don't found many info around the web .

Bye :)

I still occasionally play MW2 and 3 multiplayer on PC and there are usually good lobbies to join, but don't expect to play anything except TDM. Maybe domination if it's a Friday night or something. Joe 15:39, June 3, 2017 (UTC)