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So what would you name the levels to MW3?

Personally I'd have the last one be called, "Recognize The World Tomorrow" after the quote from Price in CoD4. It would be perfect at the end when everyone is trying to recover from the destruction of the Russian-American War. PhantBat 14:34, May 30, 2010 (UTC) They first mission's name will probably be named with an acronym, like FNG and SSDD. Harrier Emblem MW2 M901 [Talk] 22:38, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

Act 1: Unity 1- HIFOL (history is full of liars), tutorial in France 2- MacGuffin 3- All that Remains 4-The Way Our World Ends 5- Thrill of the Hunt 6- Dust and Echoes Act 2: Duty 7- Theatre of War 8- Downfall 9- One-way Ticket 10- Out with a Whimper 11- Spearhead 12- Last Crusade 13- Hellfire 14- Thermopylae 15- Too Close To The Sun Act 3: Destiny 16- Behold a Pale Horse 17- Apocalypse Now 18- Heavy Price Paid 19- Wolf to the Slaughter 20- Finale 21- (after credits) Call Of Duty

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