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I was recently replaying the Modern Warfare series, and something occurred to me: are the developers conspiracy theorists? A couple of plot points stand out to me:

  • General Shepherd masterminded World War III, and was a senior U.S. military official.
  • Shadow Company sounds a lot like 'Shadow Government' - a possible reference to the U.S. Deep-State/Military-Industrial Complex that Ike warned about in his farewell address.
  • The "Russian Army" was working for Makarov and his terrorist organization.
  • Makarov and the airpower massacre were constructs of the Central Intelligence Agency, General Shephard, and the Shadow company, designed to railroad the Russian nationalist movement formed by Imran Zakhaev.
  • Imran Zakhaev wasn't a villain, he was an anti-hero - and Makarov was, perhaps, working for the CIA alongside Allen the entire time.
  • After the Inner Circle bioterrorist attacks in Europe, the subsequent European countries declare war on Russia, and it is shortly thereafter that the Russian President is kidnapped by Makarov.

In conclusion: Makarov the Inner Circle, Shadow company, are all CIA assets. Mind=BLOWN.

-- 19:50, January 19, 2017 (UTC)