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We are new to PlayStation and Call of Duty. We have a PS4. We are wondering if Call of Duty can be played by different users on the same PS4? Is there a name for that option to look for on game boxes? We don't want to spend lots of $$ on games that only allow 1 of us to play it.

I know multiplayer means you can go online and play with a team. But can we each have our own "in-game" profile with different save points?

At the same time or in general? If at the same time it could potentially be done with split-screen. I don't use Playstation so I don't 100% know if it lets you use another account for the second player. If you mean in general, if you own the disc, then any account can play it. If you own a digital copy then likely only the account it's registered to can play it. 14:57, March 12, 2017 (UTC)

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