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Howdy all, i've made this topic to ask if there is a transparent picture (or if one is not available, if someone can make one) of the Objective sprites (The ones that appear on the minimap such as Flag A or Bombsite B or the Bomb location) as well as a spawn sprite?

I plan to grab every map and place the locations of objectives and spawns for the map in relation to the gamemode to add information about the maps and modes. One example of this is the Bakaara page, the MW3 map, of which there is a gallery of the map and the respective objective locations, an example is below

Domination Map Bakaara MW3

Bakaara and Domination map example

I am unable to find one on google images, the file bank on the wiki or well, anywhere else, so any help is appreciated

Preferably the Neutral Flag icon is also appreciated, considering that Domination flags aren't instantly captured when the game starts

Cheers, Prof. Sugarcube (talk) 09:29, November 13, 2016 (UTC)

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