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Thanks to MrRoflWaffles for putting the story together.

Hey guys, i bring you MrRoflWaffles Full Zombies storyline so far. It took him a long time to put this together and fact, check everything. Please, check him out on YouTube @MrRoflWaffles. Anyway, lets do this.

The story begins with Nacht Der Untoten. 4 Soldiers fight for their lives in a bunker. Verrückt releases and is set along side Wittenau Asylum, and adds perks for the first time. Scribbles on the walls hint of the nature of research being done at the asylum. The 4 playble characters are 4 US Recon soldiers under command of "Tank" Dempsey, who were sent in to the asylum to exract American Spy Dr. Peter Mccain, whos been spying on Group 935, a German-Lead research organization. Map 3 is Shi No Numa and the 4 playable characters are Dr. Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki & Nikolai Belinski and introduces a new wonder weapon, the WunderWaffe DG-2, as well as hellhounds making their first appearance. Map 4 is Der Riese, where Richtofen & Dr. Maxis discover the signs of teleportation, as well as creating an undead army. Prior to the crew's arrival, Richtofen trapped Dr. Maxis & his daughter, Samantha inside one of the teleporters at the site and teleported them away with unknown consequences.

The crew use the WunderWaffe to overload the teleporter and find themselves inside Kino Der Toten, another Group 935 outpost. We learn that in "Five", that in 1963, JFK, Castro, McNamara & Nixon, experienced a zombie outbreak inside the Pentegon itself. The next map is Ascension and it takes place historically along side "Five". The crew travel there to assist a Scientist  named Dr. Gersh, who had an unfortunate run-in with another scientist working at the sight, named Yuri Slyvoski. The crew head to Shangri-La, with a brief stop at Call of the Dead, during which, we learned of George Romero & his cast's doomed trip to Siberia. They help Richtofen, by getting him a "Golden Rod". They head to Shangri-La and encounter Brock & Gary, two famous explorers doomed to die in the tunnels & temples of the map. They then get a compressed meteorite of Element 115. They go to Area 51, then onwards to Moon, and use their collected artifacts to open a obsidian Pyramid named the MPD, and suprised to find Samantha inside. She ended up on the moon after being teleported from Der Riese, and she had been trying to kill the crew the whole time. Richtofen & Samantha switch bodies and Richtofen takes control over the zombies. After that, 3 rockets are fired at Earth and cause multiple tetonic plate distruption.

In Black Ops 2, we find out there are survivors on Earth. One of them, Marlton Johnson, evades a nuclear fallout shelter located inside Nuketown, USA. He then meets up with Samuel, Russman & Misty in a foggy Hanford, USA. RIchtofen & Maxis try to persuade the new 4 to do their bidding, which occurs in Tranzit, Die Rise & Buried. The Ending is the outcome of Buried, and the player has a desision to make. If Richtofen takes control, he deletes Maxis from existence. If Maxis takes control, he condemns Richtofen's life as a Zombie, and reaches out for his daughter, who is now stuck in Agartha. We then learn the story of Weasel, Sal, Finn & Billy, 4 immates in Alcatraz Prison. They are trapped in a cycle & only by letting go can their beggining become their end.

Then, the Origins Richtofen gets his hands on 2 blood samples taken from 2 of the prisoners from Mob Of The Dead. The Origins Richtofen then meets Takeo, Dempsey & Nikolai for the first time in a Group 935 excavation site in Nothern France. Richtofen then carries his search for the summoning key and finds it in Morg City. We then meet Jessica, Nero, Jack & Floyd, they awaken a Alien Apothican race and the Shadow Man, and trap him inside the Summoning key. The Origins crew then teleport to Der Riese and kill Richtofen 1.0 and light a beacon to allow Maxis to find them and help them leave the site. The Origins crew then head to Griffon Castle, where Richtofen 1.0 was previously working. There, they kill Dempsey 1.0, then travel to Zetsubou No Shima to kill Takeo 1.0. They then head to Stalingrad to kill Nikolai 1.0, the next place they go is, according to Richtofen, an insurance policy, incase they don't like, where they end up.

There you have it, the full Zombies storyline thus far. Again, thanks to MrRoflWaffles for putting the timeline together. Make sure to check him out on YouTube @MrRoflWaffles. Thanks you guys for reading & i'll see you later! :)—Unsigned comment was added by Deadkoalas

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