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"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!"
President Merkin Muffley

The War Room is a place where members of our community can discuss larger changes to the wiki, such as policy proposal or suggestions to substantially redesign high-traffic content pages. As this page is viewed by a large number and variety of editors, you can expect a fair and centralised discussion. Broadly construed, if the community would be interested in the topic, start it here. Even if a discussion is taking place elsewhere, it is appropriate to announce that discussion here as well.

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New policy for discussions23:05, December 23, 2016Ultimate94ninja
Getting the Wiki Back up to Scratch21:38, November 14, 2016Crazy sam10
Transparent images20:57, November 14, 2016Raven's wing
Infinite Warfare, the Call of Duty app and Discussions16:13, November 10, 2016Conqueror of all Zombies
The State of Chat21:59, September 24, 2016Conqueror of all Zombies
Doing Something with the News Team20:36, September 24, 2016YellowLucario
Black Ops 3 Story *Update*18:05, September 24, 2016Conqueror of all Zombies
Create a Private message / Private chat11:49, August 24, 2016Dx2215
Replace "edit" system by a request system11:49, August 24, 2016Dx2215
Overhauling trivia13:31, August 12, 2016Crazy sam10
Black Ops 3 story21:33, July 27, 2016RisingSun2013
Desysopping madnessfan3453720:37, July 24, 2016Dx2215
Greetings from Vanguard: Portable Infoboxes21:05, May 10, 2016Callofduty4
CoD:G personalization articles20:26, April 30, 2016Ultimate94ninja
Nuketown Zombies Date12:52, April 4, 2016Crazy sam10
What is canon?19:00, March 25, 2016Conqueror of all Zombies
Chat pictures00:54, March 19, 2016RisingSun2013
Deleting pages for cleanup and merging01:58, February 22, 2016RisingSun2013
Understanding templates on Wikia01:28, February 18, 2016RisingSun2013
New rule:COD:ZOMBIE01:15, February 7, 2016Legos-Rule-15
Covering Call of Duty Merchandise07:17, February 5, 2016RainingPain17
Removing joke kicks13:18, January 15, 2016Crazy sam10
De-Sysoping KATANAGOD21:09, January 7, 2016Callofduty4
Game Template Changes: Removing Zombies & Extinction from It + New Black Ops & Black Ops DS Icons21:33, December 28, 2015Legos-Rule-15
Theme14:53, December 26, 2015Crazy sam10
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