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"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!"
President Merkin Muffley

The War Room is a place where members of our community can discuss larger changes to the wiki, such as policy proposal or suggestions to substantially redesign high-traffic content pages. As this page is viewed by a large number and variety of editors, you can expect a fair and centralised discussion. Broadly construed, if the community would be interested in the topic, start it here. Even if a discussion is taking place elsewhere, it is appropriate to announce that discussion here as well.

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Global Discussions moderation help14:17, April 13, 2018Crazy sam10
Glitches and Trivia20:30, December 20, 2017ScarletTwig
Ideas for user retention20:27, December 20, 2017ScarletTwig
Top right icon overuse10:25, August 26, 2017Ultimate94ninja

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Portable Infoboxes (2017)21:26, February 21, 2018Crazy sam10
Updating the wiki theme to reflect WWII12:41, February 20, 2018Ultimate94ninja
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Stock images in /Attachments, /Camouflage and /Variants20:50, August 26, 2017Dx2215
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Unnamed Middle Eastern Country Locations Redux11:13, May 17, 2017Crazy sam10
Wiki Modernization testing11:12, May 17, 2017Crazy sam10
Shutting Down Special:Chat15:29, April 28, 2017Crazy sam10
Infinite Warfare timeline18:14, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
MWR Menu Icons vs Stock Models18:13, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Gun Models vs First Person models18:12, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Thoughts on a proposal for a different background for the wiki18:12, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Taunts, Characters, Combat Uniforms18:11, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Regarding activity status18:10, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Stopping Power infobox addition18:09, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Tabs & audio for the radios & quotes pages18:09, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Front Page Portal18:09, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Tabs for Black Ops III campaign18:08, March 16, 2017Crazy sam10
Mega Construx wordmark between Feb 10-1204:40, March 13, 2017Crazy sam10
Proposal: Attachments Template16:02, February 27, 2017Crazy sam10
About the New Look of the Wiki23:40, January 16, 2017KATANAGOD
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