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The other day me and my brother came up on the idea of new Wonder Weapons. So I thought of the SGoN-60, also called Stun Gun of Neutralization-60. This Wonder Weapon shoots out an electric pulse that kills Zombies that it touches and blinds Zombies that it is near. The magazine size is 3. The Pack-a-Punched version is called the USG-68, or the Ultimate Stun Gun-68. This version emits a larger electric pulse, so it blinds and kills more Zombies, the magazine size is doubled to 6, and it gets more overall ammo. Tell me what you think.Goodboy12 21:20, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

I have another idea: the P Mine, named after the U.S. government's name for its construction; Project Mine. Obviously, judging by its name, this Wonder Weapon is a mine, similar to a Claymore. When a zombie steps on it, the mine shoots out a huge circle of fire, burning all enemies in the radius. Also, there is a mushroom cloud just above where the mine exploded. If a zombie touches this cloud, they will instantly die. Like Claymores, Frags, and Monkey Bombs, they replenish every round at a rate of 2. Tell me what you think.Goodboy12 15:46, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

I have an idea for a weapon sort of like the Gersh device except instead of killing zombies it opens a portal to the spawn point or a random spot on the map. It would be called the OPTS-40 or Open Portal To Saftey - 4(for) 0(free). It would be a gun that has 1 portal in the clip with 5 backups.

Also speaking of the P mine I think it's too powerful to be replenished 2 every round. Maybe one a round or 2 every two rounds. Cep9641 22:41, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

A 'Situational' Wonder WeaponEdit

The HFD-M. 56 (Heavy-Flechette-Driver) has an excellent accuracy and sufficient damage compared to a Ray gun, however, if Pack-A-Punched those railway spikes are plasma laced and will provide sufficient damage. PENETRATION!! This weapon is only useful in clear, open and large maps.

My wonder weapon idea is called the T-261FJ, it fires a super concentrated bursts of hydrogen nuclei which structures itself in the form of a "lightning" bolt. It is powered by a shard of the focusing stone, trapped inside of a Shaw-Fujikawa slipspace drive. Its "lightning" bolt sends a maximum of five zombies into a random future round. For example if it is used on round one, the zombies may appear again on round six. When the zombies appear again, they arrive as if they have just been teleported moments earlier. When Pac-a-punched, the gun becomes the Tme Walker. Its upgrades are that it now sends a maximum of ten zombies into an even further round into the future. For example, if the Time Walker is used on round 15, the zombies may well, appear on round thirty or forty. This is randomly generated using an in-game algirythum. Other upgrades are that the "lightning" bolt is now golden instead of dark blue, and that the gun itself has the regular pac-a-punch paint/camo. It is a map-specific gun, that features on my custom map, Orbit. (On a satelite orbiting the Earth, if you wish to know more about this map, please send me a Kik (my name is FNaFLegend)). The gun is best used in closed, compact spaces to escape certain death.  

LC-MK 115 (Laser Cutter Make 115)b Edit

So what this gun does: It shoots a cresent-shaped blue projectile with infinite damage(Well kind of) The shot moves through everything until it incounters a wall or other static object. If fired at the waist of the zombie It creates a crawler. It also passes through zombies. It holds 1 shot in a mag and 17 max in reserve. Instead of reloding it charges up and glows blue for 6 seconds. When pack a punched It becomes the Hells Edge. It holds 3 to a mag and 37 in reserve and the colour scheme is red instead of blue. Also the reload is cut in half. It looks similar to a crossbow with the cresent in front, except it is thinner and longer. The stock is curved and has blue ridges  in the metal ( red when pack a punched). It includes a red dot sight when pap d as well.

Underwater map-themed weaponsEdit

I've had these ideas since BO2. If there were a Zombies map set in an underwater facility or shipwreck or whatnot, what kinds of wonder weapons would be present?


A "Wonder Weapon" in the sense that the Death Machine in Mob of the Dead and Five can be considered one. Resembles a large LMG like the M60, but with 3 barrels, one of which faces forwards while the other 2 face 20 degrees to the left and right, respectively. Carries 333 ammunition in reserve, which is very necessary, as the weapon fires from all three barrels with every shot, using 3 rounds each time it fires. Firing speed and damage are comparable to the Pytaek in AW. Very useful for dealing with large mobs or escaping from a tight spot.

Poseidon's WrathEdit

The Pack-a-Punched version of the Trident. Has increased damage and an ammunition reserve of 555 rounds. Now has 5 barrels instead of 3. Again, one barrel points directly forwards, while the other 4 are aimed to the left or right of the center at 15 degree increments.

Kraken-1 UASWEdit

Stands for Unguided Anti-Sumbarine Weapon. A hand-built Wonder Weapon resembling a rocket launcher that fires torpedoes. Needs to be constructed by combining the following parts at a work bench:

  • Torpedo casing
  • Anti-submarine mines (will always be found a a cluster of 3, will be picked up a single carryable item)
  • Jet turbine
  • Launching tube

Ammo capacity is 15 rockets (torpedoes), and only holds one at a time. The torpedoes are fired like rockets from an RPG, and while they are slower than RPG rockets, they do 2.5 times the damage on impact. After exploding, however, the Kraken's projectile drops 3 anti-submarine mines the size of hand grenades attached to chains. The end of the chain sticks to a floor surface, while the mine itself floats a few feet above. The mines act as claymores, and detonate whenever a zombie walks into them. Ultimately, this is a great weapon for both offense and area denial.

Kraken-115 GASWEdit

Pack-a-Punched form of the Kraken-1. Presumably now powered by Element 115, the torpedoes fired from this weapon do more damage and drop one additional anti-submarine mine upon detonation. It also becomes laser-guided like the MAAWS launcher. However, the projectiles become slower as a consequence.

The Gammer Gun Edit

A pack a form version of the ray gun and the wave gun which with its combined power has the capability to blow zombies across the entire map. But a consequence would be its lack of ammo and the slow movement the gun gives to the players. Manglytyg ['talk page] 13:57, June 17, 2015 (UTC)

I think a cool weapon would be a sniper called the Bolt-R70. It would shoot bolts of energy that tear through up to 8 zombies and have a magazine size of 6. It would be a one shot until round 70, hence the name. The magazine would be a huge battery pack in the stock of the gun.


The TEK-5 would be a revolver-based wonder weapon that fires a round that, on contact with a Zombie, has infinite damage. On contact with a surface, however, the round explodes with an area of effect similar to the Scavenger. The magazine size is five, hence the name, and would have pistol movement capabilities. Max Ammo is 5+65, and the reload takes roughly 2 seconds. The Pack-a-Punched version would be called the Theory of an Ecstasy Killer, and would retain it's Scavenger explosion regardless of contact with entity or surface, as well as it's infinite damage on contact. SteveHeist (talk) 21:50, December 10, 2015 (UTC)

Blinkenwaffe DG-6 Edit

The Blinkenwaffe DG-6 projects a bright blue light that when shone at zombies, the zombies will become blinded and stand still. The gun also shoots a chain of bullets while you shine the light at zombies. The gun does a lot of damage and has a fast fire rate. Ammo magazine is 36/288. Non-Upgradeable. This weapon is found in the mystery box or can be found in an easter egg.

Pop-Gun Edit

The Pop-Gun shoots out big bubbles. When the bubble touches a zombie, the zombie will be sucked into the bubble and float away. After about 5 seconds, the bubble will pop and the zombie will fall to its death, giving you the points. This gun can work on big hordes of zombies that are close together. You get 10 points for trapping each zombie in a bubble and 100 points for its death. You can only obtain this weapon by building it on a crafting bench. The ammo magazine is 6/36. When upgraded, it becomes the Burst-Gun P2. The Burst-Gun P2 has an increased fire rate and you get 20 points for trapping a zombie inside the bubble instead of 10 points. The ammo magazine is 9/54.

Volatile 127 Edit

The Volatile 127 shoots semtexes that zombies are attracted to. The zombies are attracted to the semtexes for 2 seconds (until it explodes). Its ammo magazine size is 4/32. This weapon can be obtained from the mystery box. When upgraded, it becomes the Shell-Shocker 127. When shot, zombies will be attracted to the semtex for 3 seconds, when the semtex explodes, electricity shoots out and passes from 1 zombie to another like the Wunderwaffe DG-4. The electricity can spread to the maximum of 12 zombies. The ammo magazine is now 8/48.

Epic HailEdit

A large rifle with tanks full of some sort of frozen liquid, and comes with six shots in the mag with 30 more to spare. It's basically the Winter's Howl on crack, firing large blasts of frost covering a wide area and leaving patches of frost. Zombies struck by the initial blast get frozen solid and die right away, while zombies caught in the frost patches are slowed down significantly until they leave the patch. When upgraded, it becomes the Shatterhail, upping its mag size to 10, spare ammo to 50, and increasing fire rate. The Shatterhail also gains a new affect - it can now charge up to launch whirling ice twisters that bounces off of walls and obstacles, sucking up zombies that come close and racking up points while they're caught inside, before killing them. It lasts only for a few seconds, but more than one twister can be fired out.

Gamer, Writer, Roleplayer: TheDarkMantis15 21:55, July 14, 2016 (UTC)

Neuromanizith XKI Edit

When shot at a zombie, it manipulates the zombie's brain and makes the zombie fight other zombies instead. You only get 60 points when a manipulated zombie kills a normal zombie. The mobility is low due to its largeness. The Ammo magazine is 2/12. Can be obtained from the mystery box. When upgraded, it becomes the Mind-Break XKI. The Mind-Break XKI can make manipulated zombies stronger and if you shoot an already manipulated zombie it will split into 3 manipulated zombies. The ammo magazine is increased to 3/18.

Ray Gun Mark 4 Edit

The Ray Gun Mark 4 is like the Ray Gun Mark 2, but instead shoots 2 blasts and both bullets will bounce/ricochet across the room for a total of 5 seconds. It still has the same damage as the Ray Gun Mark 2. It can also be found in the mystery box. The ammo magazine is 20/120. When upgraded, it becomes the Porter's X2 Ray Gun Mark 4. When shot, the bullets last for 8 seconds instead of 5. The ammo magazine is 40/160.

Laser Cannon Edit

The Laser Cannon takes 1.2 seconds to shoot each shot, but when it is shot, a giant blast that does infinite damage wipes out all zombies that it hits. It is extremely effective towards bosses. The mobility is low due to its largeness. The ammo magazine is 3/9.You can get this weapon by building it on a crafting bench. When upgraded, it becomes the Plasma-Ray, which is a straight laser line that can slice through a zombie if the trigger is held and you use the laser to slice the zombies waist. The weapon does not have any ammo, but instead has a "timer", which means if you hold the trigger button to long, the laser will stop and need to cooldown. If you hold the trigger for 4 seconfs straight, the gun will give you a warning by making a small beep, after holding it for 7 seconds, the gun will automatically stop and need to recharfe for a total of 15 seconds.

Shadow-Caster 40m5 Edit

The Shadow-Caster 40m5 shoots a black glowing wrap that wraps around a zombie's head and the zombie can no longer see until he dies. Zombies that are wrapped can not do harm to you since they don't know where you are and they will usually pace around a room and might bump into walls. The ammo magazine is 4/20. You can obtain this weapon only in the mystery box. When upgraded, it becomes the Light-Trapper 40m5. The Light-Trapper 40m5 can wrap multiple zombies at 1 time. The ammo magazine is also increased to 6/30.

Acid Blaster Edit

When shot at zombies, the acid will melt zombies to the floor into an acid puddle. Other zombies who step in the puddle will melt also. Acid puddles last for 5 seconds. The ammo magazine is 8/40. When upgraded, it becomes the Toxic Nightmare. The Toxic Nightmare doesn't do much different than the Acid Blaster except for supplying you with more ammo. The ammo magazine is 12/60.

Thunderpistols Edit

The Thunderpistols replace the Thundergun since I know that they will never implant the Thundergun back into zombies. The dual-wield pistols do less damage then the thundergun (maybe the same damage as the wind staff). The ammo clip in each gun is 3/12. When upgraded, it becomes Zeus' Pistols. Zeus' Pistols have a bigger and more destructive blast. It carries more ammo in each pistol, 4/24.

Rocket Cannon Edit

The Rocket Cannon is a lot like the RPG, but way more destructive. Once shot, a missile shoots out and upon impact, a huge explosion will be made (similar to the Scavenger on CotD), and small fragments will come out of the rocket and explode after a few seconds. The ammo magazine is 1/24. This weapon has a low mobility rate. This weapon can only be found when built on a crafting table. When upgraded, it becomes the Doomsday Device. The Doomsday Device shoots out homing missiles that target zombies and bosses and also throws bigger fragments that explode when stepped on like a bouncing betty. The ammo magazine is increased to 1/32.

The Goo Glopper Edit

The Goo Glopper shoots out a big puddle of goo. When zombies walk in the puddle, they will get stuck in it until the puddle disappears. Puddles last for 4 minutes. If you walk in the puddle, it will not effect you. The ammo magazine is 6/24. This weapon is obtainable by building it on a crafting bench. When upgraded, it becomes the Adhesive-GeneratorX. The Adhesive-GeneratorXS, or Adhesive-Gen for short, can shoot puddles that also turn zombies that are trapped in it into crawlers. Puddles last longer. The ammo magazine is 6/36.

The Dual-Component Incendiary Device - (Salt and Pepper) Edit

The Dual-Component Incendiary Device, otherwise known as the Salt and Pepper, is a dual-wield wonder weapon capable of causing great damage to large groups of zombies. 

The weapon consists of two components: the Powder Gun and the Ignition Gun, or Salt and Pepper, respectively. The Powder Gun is used to spray an unknown white powder onto any surface, including zombies. It has the appearance of a fairly basic, slightly rusted, white paint sprayer. The Ignition Gun is used to ignite the powder produced by the Powder Gun, initiating a powerful combustion reaction similar to that produced by thermite. The Ignition Gun is a small, multiple-barreled pistol, like a modern adaption of the pepperbox. 

If the powder is sprayed onto a surface and ignited, the combustion process will occur for around 5 seconds before fizzling out. During this time, any zombie that comes into contact with the combustion will be ignited and will die within 2 seconds - during which time the zombie will be slowed down considerably. Zombies can also be ignited if the powder is sprayed directly onto them. If one zombie comes within a few steps of an ignited zombie, that zombie itself will become ignited, with a maximum of 20 zombies able to be chained at once. 

The Ignition Gun can be used by itself and is a OHK until round 20. It can carry 2 ignition pellets at a time, and has 50 in reserve. The Powder gun has 20 capsules, and a full capsule lasts a total of five full seconds. 

The Salt and Pepper can be Pack-A-Punched to become the Sugar and Spice. When upgraded, the Ignition Gun can carry 3 pellets at a time and has 75 in reserve, and the Powder gun has 40 capsules in reserve. Also, the surface ignition lasts for 8 seconds instead of 5, and the maximum number of zombies than can be chained increases to 30. 

Both parts of the Salt and Pepper each require 3 parts, thus a total of 6 parts is required to build the full wonder weapon. Only one player is able to equip the Salt and Pepper in a game, however. 

Knockout Gun Edit

The Knockout Gun is inspired by the little toy pistols that shoot a boxing glove out and retracts back in. This gun is the same exact thing, but biger and better. When the glove hits the zombie it will instantly kill it and do infinite damage. This weapon has a 1 second recharge so you can't spam the trigger. The punch will only kill 1 zombie at a time. The ammo magazine is infinte also since the boxing glove does not necessarily leave the gun, but instead shoots out and retract back into the gun. When upgraded, it becomes the TKOG-2XB. TKOG-2XB stands for Technical Knockout Gun 2 times better, and can kill 3 zombies in 1 hit (hints the name). The gun also fires faster.

P.S. Whoever posted the Salt and Pepper gun, i want you to know that is the greatest idea ever and i would like to hear more ideas from you.

The Matter-to-Energy Conversion Cannon Mark 3 (M-E CC-Mk3)Edit

The M-E CC-Mk3 is a powerful wonder weapon that converts specific matter into high-energy shockwaves that disintegrate zombies. 

The weapon has an appearance somewhat resembling a cross between the Death Machine and the Thundergun. It has a black paint job and multiple yellow hazard signs painted on it. One can see the matter conversion process taking place as the weapon is charged up through a translucent cylindrical chamber. 

Instead of needing to be reloaded, the M-E CC-Mk3 can be charged and used 15 times. Once the trigger is held, 3 seconds is required for the full conversion process to take place. Once complete, the trigger will then need to be let go and held again to fire the shockwaves, which appear as faint blue pulses. Once the trigger is let go, the weapon will need to be charged up again, however the shockwaves can be fired continuously for a total of 5 seconds. 

The weapon has infinite damage and can wipe out entire hordes of zombies in seconds, at the cost of limited mobility and long reload and charge time. 

The weapon can be Pack-A-Punched, becoming the Supernova Device. As the Supernova Device, the weapon gains an extra 10 matter refills, taking the total up to 25, and the charge duration is also reduced to 2 seconds. The shockwaves produced also gain a new look, with similar colours to that of a real supernova. 

This weapon is buildable, requiring 4 parts. Once picked up, the weapon is gone from the workbench, but if it is lost, it can be found in the mystery box. There is also an extremely rare chance that another player can find the weapon in the mystery box whislt another player has it equipped.

Twister 8dp6 Edit

This weapon shoots out a tiny twister that will bounce off the walls and suck up zombies. These twisters last for only 6 seconds. Zombies that are less then 2 feet away from it will get sucked in. The ammo magazine is 3/36. This gun is a OHK until round 19. You can find this weapon in the mystery box. When upgraded, it becomes the Whirlwind XKI, which will shoot out bigger twisters and zombies that are less then 5 feet away will be sucked in. The tornadoes will now last for 8 seconds instead of 6. This gun is a OHK until round 24. The ammo magazine is increased to 4/48.

Ray Gun Mark 5 Edit

The Ray Gun Mark 5 is OP as fuck. This is like a combination of a death machine and a ray gun. Its a lightweight weapon and when it is fired, it has a super fast fire rate and will blast out ray gun shells. The ammo magazine is 50/350. This weapon can be found in the mystery box after doing a small easter egg. When upgraded, it becomes the Porter's X2 Ray Gun Mark 5. This weapon will do more damage, even though the non-upgraded version is strong enough. The ammo magazine is increased to 100/400.

Panda-Mania Gun Edit

If i could create one stupid and funny weapon idea, it would definitely be the Panda-Mania Gun. This big, bulky gun shoots out giant panda heads that will chew a zombie's head. The kills will count as headshot kills. Although that might not sound useful, it would be great for 1 of origins challenges where you need 115 headshots to get a free upgraded weapon. The ammo magazine is 1/42. This weapon can be obtained through an easter egg challenge. Non-Upgradeable.

The Ultimate Edit

The Ultimate is an ultimate weapon that gives you 5 weapons in 1. These weapons include tge Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2, Winter's Howl, Scavenger, and Wave Gun. These weapons are included on this weapon through a little cycle that use to switch from weapon to weapon. If use the left d-pad button, it rotate the wheel and give a different wewpon (ex. Ray Gun to Wave Gun.). This very hard to explain, but i hope some of you understand that it does not necessarily switch your weapon inventory, but instead, just switch the weapons that are included on the gun itself. The gun also comes with a bayonnet that does a little more damage then a regular knife. The ammo magazine of each weapon is half of what its original form has (ex. Ray Gun now has 10/80 instead of 20/160). This weapon can be obtained from a mystery box. When upgraded, it becomes the Ultim8-Ium. The Ultim8-Ium adds a 6th wonder weapon to the gun, which is randomly chosen, the random choices are the Thundergun and the Vr-11. All of your sub-weapons will have 2x the amount of ammo as if they are like variants of its original form. This gun might sound OP, but cycle through all 6 sub-weapons is really hard.

Time-SC Velocineutralizer Edit

The Time-SC Velocineutralizer, or Time-SC for short, will slow down a zombie's speed to slow motion. The bullet looks like a tiny plasma sphere. The slow motion effects will last until the zombie dies. When it is in slow motion, the zombie will soon die from the effects and give you the points. The ammo magazine is 5/60. You can obtain this weapon from the mystery box. When upgraded, it becomes the Time-Space Controller. The Time-Space Controller does not do much different than its original, the only difference is its ammo mag which is increased to 10/80.

Nova X Sprayer Edit

This weapon sprays out a gas very similar to the Nova 6 Crawlers' gas. When shot, a cloud of gas will float in the room, any zombie that walks through it will eventually die of the effects just like a regular Nova 6 Crawlers' gas. The ammo magazine is 6/48. You can obtain this weapon from building it on a crafting bench. When upgraded, it becomes the Gas Chamber, just kidding, its really called the Radioactive Fume Emitter PO16, aka the RFE. When shot, the gas will do more damage and have a bigger area cover. The ammo magazine is 6/60.

0Ne 5h0T 0nE k1LLEdit

The 0Ne 5hOT 0nE k1LL (One shot one kill) is a semi-automatic heavy sniper rifle. It shoots extremely high penetration rounds that decelerate as they shred through the horde. When a shot reaches the final zombie it can penetrate, the bullet will explode, killing any nearby zombies. The normal ammo can penetrate four zombies, and explode on a fifth. To counter the extremely high damage, the magazine carries only three shots, and player mobility decreases greatly. It carries an acog-style scope. When upgraded via Pack-a-Punch, it becomes the Superlight Protector. The magazine now carries six shots, and the weapon now has three interchangeable sights; iron sights, an acog, and a long range scope. The player's mobility also increases to normal. The bullets pentrate eight zombies (exploding on the ninth), and the explosion has a wider area of effect. 

Note: the bullets act like the Hell's Retriever. They will go from zombie to zombie, not in a straight line.

Henry rodenburg (talk) 00:47, August 27, 2016 (UTC)

Totem Shield Edit

This is not neccesarily a wonder weapon, but instead its a wonder equipment/ special equipment. You can hold a total of 3 of these tiny totems, when one is placed it will construct a giant force field that only friendly players can enter. The force field will last for 15 seconds. If you place down all three while the the others are active, a large explosion will occur and kill all surrounding zombies.Can be replenished by a max ammo. NON-UPGRADEABLE.

Marshmallow Shooter Edit

This gun is made for just fun. When it shot at a zombie, the zombie will be stuck to the floor since the marshmallow is sticky. The marshmallow does damage, but not a lot. You can obtain the weapon through a small easter egg. The ammo magazine is 24/168. Non-Upgradeable.

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