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Downer's DelightEdit

Downer's Delight (note that I made this Perk-A-Cola, someone else on the wiki made a page on it, but I am the creater) is a perk that was inspired by the Modern Warfare 2 deathstreak, Final Stand. This Perk-A-Cola allows the player to have a non-pistol weapon out when downed, the ability to cycle weapons when downed, and grants him ten more seconds before dying. This perk will come in great use for players that get downed frequently, or for when team mates cannot reach the drinker in a regular bleed-out time (this has happenned to me and my friends so many times). The color scheme is a light green-teal. The perk is the same color as the primary color and tastes like assorted vitamins. Since this perk-a-cola can be life-saving, it will cost 3500 points to purchase. The icon is a person that is downed holding a PM63.

~ Bryson VonBergen

Reconnai ShakeEdit

Reconnai-Shake is a perk that Mostly ressembles Reconnaissance from World at War, even though in most Call of Duty multiplayer the person recieves a mini-map. This perk has the same effects as the description stated above- the player is granted a mini map. However, the map only displays Hell Hounds, no regular zombies. It more importantly shows Perk-A-Colas, traps, doors, weapons, and player locations. This perk will come in good use for players new to maps, or players who simply like situational awareness. The perk's color scheme is dark green, yellow, and pale yellow. The drink itself is also a dark green, and tastes like carrots, since they help your eyes. The perk will cost 1000 points because it is useful to the game play, but innaffective towards fighting the zombie horde. The icon is the unedited Reconnaissance icon.

~ Bryson VonBergen

Martyrni LightEdit

Martyrni Light is a perk that slightly resembles Final Stand death streak and Last Stand Pro on Modern Warfare 2 (and Black Ops), and the Back-Ops Perk-A-Cola, PhD Flopper. When the player is downed, he will set off an explosion similar to PhD Flopper's. It also enables the player to throw grenades and special grenades when down, assisting his team mates. If the player is not revived and dies, he will drop four grenades and three special grenades, regardless of whether he used all of them while downed. This perk is quite useful to players who tend to get downed alot, or cannot afford Juggernog after getting downed. It will also assist the other players- now when the player is downed, rather than it being an inconvenience, many zombies are eliminated and the player can now assist his reviver, The perk's color scheme is a dark-deep pink, black, and white. The perk will taste like a Martini and some sort of smokey taste in the background. It costs a mere 1500 points, since it's effects aren't of use until downed. The icon is a martini glass with a grenade, like an olive- however I will soon be replacing it with the World at War Martyrdom icon, with the color scheme.

~ Bryson VonBergen

Fuse BoozeEdit

Fuse Booze is a Perk-A-Cola with the same effects as Fire-Works from World at War, or Sonic Boom from Modern Warfare. The perk increases explosive damage and Monkey Bomb detonation time, as well as crossbow bolts (upgraded or not). The increased time will draw more zombies, and the increased explosive damage will kill more of the zombies, and cause greater damage to the ones that survived. However, this perk has a negative effect; it will be more difficult to create crawlers. But excluding it's one negative effect, it will help the players with explosives quite a bit, and come in great use if a player is downed. When the monkey is thrown, it will take longer to detonate, giving the revived player and the reviver a few extra seconds to buy a perk and get away. The color scheme is red, gold, yellow, and a bit of white. The perk is scarlett color and tastes like smokey whiskey. The perk will cost 2500 since it increases damage, and will help the players in killing zombies.

~ Bryson VonBergen


Hardlimonade, or Hardline Soda, is a perk that has the name of a multiplayer perk, but does not share the same effects. When the player purchases this perk-a-cola, everything will be reduced by 25%: the box, doors, other perks, wall weapons ect. This perk will come in great use for players who have trouble gathering points, players without very good weapons, or players who recently die. This perk's color scheme would be a bright yellow with a dark, yellow-orange in the center. The perk itself would also be bright yellow, and taste like poorly sugared lemonade. Since the perk is helpful, but not really needed to survive, it would cost 2000 points. The icon is a dollar sign surrounded in yellow-orange, to distinguish it from a fire-sale in the HUD.

~ Bryson VonBergen

No-Nova SodaEdit

No-Nova Soda is a custom Perk-a-Cola that mirrors the multiplayer perk, Tactical Mask in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and/or Gas Mask in World at War. The perk allows the player to have reduced effects from the Nova Six crawlers, such as reduced damage when one explodes, and reduced disorientation from the gas itself. It also makes the gas translucent, enabling the players to see what is past the green fog (powerups, more zombies, ect.).The perk will come in great use for people who use the "Running Around" strategy in Kino der Toten, for crawler zombies are often getting in their way, disorienting them, and occaisionally getting them downed. The perk's color scheme would consist of green, gold-brown, and white. The perk would be a light murky green, as if the perk itself was the gas, and taste like plastic. Since the perk is helpful, but not necesarily essential to survival, it will be priced and 1500 points. The icon is a green gas mask from World at War.

~ Bryson VonBergen

Burly BrewEdit

Burly Brew is a perk inspired by the cut Ascension perk, Tufbrew. It resembles the Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer perk, Hardened Pro. This perk enables the player to run through a surrounding crowd of zombies easier, much like the Adrenaline Shot in Left 4 Dead 2. It also allows the player to flinch less when hit by a zombie. This perk also allows players to walk through water with ease, however this feature will only be available in Shi No Numa, Call of the Dead, and Shangri-La. This perk will come in great use for players to get cornered or surrounded frequently. This player's color scheme is brown, light brown, and white. The perk will be a dark brown-orange color and taste like beer that has gone flat. Since the perk is very helpful and can be life-saving, it will be reasonably priced at 3500 points. The perk's icon is a human lifting up a zombie with a missing arm and leg and a cracked-open skull.

~ Bryson VonBergen


Blade-O-Rade is a perk that is a bit like Commando from Modern Warfare 2. This perk increases melee range, radius, and damage by 25%. The increases range will allow the player to slash a zombies and not get too close and risk getting downed. The increased radius enables the player to kill multiple zombies with one slash (up to 5 per slash), and the increased damage is self-explanatory. This perk will come in great use for the medic(a player with a pack-a-punched ballistic knife), for he can now defend himself much better with his knife. This perks olor scheme is pale yellow and a dull blue. The drink is a dull blue also and taste like overly cafinated energy drink. The name itself is a joke on Gatorade. this perk will cost 3000 points, since it is quite helpful if a player is out of ammuntion.

~ Bryson VonBergen

Danger CloseEdit

  • Doubles frag grenade carrying capacity
  • Stops your grenades from killing you
  • Grenade fuses are halved allowing faster kills
  • Costs 1500 points

Danger Close is a grenade-centered perk that removes the various dangers and difficulties while handling grenades at high and low rounds. It is low cost because of the rare need to use grenades and allows easy creation of crawler zombies. Grenade damage is not increased because this would make grenades extremely powerful, even to the point that entire zombie "trains" can be wiped out with a single frag.

~ Anonymous

  • idea - grenades explode on impact* ~XtremeHeat

Slow Sweet Soda Edit

Slow sweet Sola costs 4500 points. When you shoot zombies they will start walking and if they are walking and you shoot them, they will enter slow motion. Slow motion lasts 1minute and walking effect 5minutes.

Perk also has other feature. It adds a glowing button to every gun. You can change firingmodes for all weapons (Some weapons may don't feature all 3 firemodes and wonder weapons (except raygun and mark 2) don't feature firemode changing) 

Last effect of the perk is useless but cool, it makes your characters hands veins glow on whatever your player color is.

~ Ultan Curren

  • seems a little too overpowered. make the effects last 5 seconds/ one second instead* ~XtremeHeat

Perk-Twist-Cola Edit

colors of the perks icon is interchangable and the machine itself changes colors.its cost is 5,000

what it does is allow players to combine two other perks and keep the effects of both while adding an extra effect (only able to buy once per lifetime though) such as the following

juggernog+double tap=shoot fifty percent faster for 5 seconds after being hit this effect stacks with double taps original effect

juggernog+speed cola=heal 25 percent faster

juggernog+quick revive= survive longer when downed and have more health when reviving

juggernog+staminup= faster sprint for 5 seconds after being hit

juggernog+phd flopper=when the player is red screened a flopper explosion will happen

juggernog+mulekick= swap weapons quicker after being hit

speed cola+quick revive= when you or other players are downed you get a boost to reloading

speed cola+double tap=shoot while reloading but at half the speed of the guns usual fire rate

speed cola+staminup=ablility to reload while running

speed cola+phd flopper=tactical or lethal equipment will be used 50% faster and 50%  more explosive damage

speed cola+mulekick= swapping weapons while one is low on ammo in its clip will reload it

double tap+quick revive= when you or teamate are downed your fire rate increases

double tap+staminup= ability to shoot while running

double tap+phd flopper=bullets of most weapons get added explosive damage

double tap+mulekick= weapons switch what they shoot meaning your machine gun could shout rockects and you rockect luancher bullets but the guns rate of fire and firestyle stay the same

quick revive+ staminup= move faster while downed or teamate is downed

quick revive+ phd flopper= when you or teamate is downed you have a flopper explosion

quick revive+ mule kick= ability to switch weapons when downed and keeps three weapons after being revived

staminup+phd flopper=dolphin dive or go prone faster

staminup+mulekick=run faster when carrying a gun with no ammo

phd flopper+mulekick=swap weapons faster when crouched or prone

deadshot+juggernog=accuracy increase after being hit for 5 seconds

deadshot+speed cola=ability to look down sights while reloading

deadshot+double tap = increased headshot damage

deadshot+staminup=look down sights faster

deashot+ phd flopper= explosives get headshot multipiers

deadshot+mulekick= weapons switch hipfire aiming reticles


Quick Revive 3.0Edit

This section was last edited by MediaCriteriaZombies (talk) on November 29, 2013.

Quick Revive 3.0 is an idea for a Perk-a-Cola in Nazi Zombies and Zombies for Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: Black Ops, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. As I said in the previous sentence, it is an idea; therefore, it does not exist...yet. There is more information that is coming soon.

Buy-a-perk Edit


You can get this perk and go up to another perk-a-cola machine and change it.  Like turn Juggernog into Speed-cola.  Or Phd into Doubletap.


Who needs doublepoints anymore?  With Triplepoint you can triple your points easily without having to use a lot of your ammunition to get the Pack-a-Punch machine.  This perk costs 2500. 

Wonder Roulette Edit

This perk increases your possibility of getting a Wonder Weapon by 25%, but if you're playing Zombies in co-op, only one player can buy this perk.

This perk costs 4500 points due to the benefits of having a Wonder Weapon on the maps, this perk can help you doing Easter Eggs, because in some easter eggs you need the Wonder Weapon of the map to complete it.

The logo could be a Wonder Weapon (like Wunderwaffe) with a percent symbol on it.

This perk's color could be golden and his logo could be red.

Drop Up Edit

Three occuring effects:

1. Chance of a power-up (Fire Sale, Nuke) dropiing increased 20%

2. Random power-up given to just purchasing player upon purchase (No Nuke or Fire Sale).

3. Half-prices other Perk-a-Colas.

Logo: Red, with a green glow withing, similar to the ones emitted by power ups.

Machine: Red with a green neon off of the wall and floor. Shaped like a power-up orb.

Max amm-o-matic Edit

This perk increases chance of powerups spawning by 10% and gives 25% random chance of the powerup looking like nuke or instakill etc. becoming Max Ammo when you pick it up however this will help but also screw you over because when you really needed that nuke, it turns out to be a max ammo in diguise but when you are low on ammo, its gonne help you very much, because of that ill make the price 2500 - 3000

~ Maxdexter1401

Overload Edit

Overload is a perk that could be awesome and beneficial. When purchased, it gives one of the player's guns unlimited reserve ammo. For example, the Ray Gun has 20/160 ammo. When this perk is applied with the Ray Gun, it would be 20/Infinity. This perk cost 9000 points, to balance its extreme usefulness. This perk would be useful with Double Tap Root Beer, because Double Tap Root Beer uses up ammo so fast. A player could be unstoppable with this perk, a pack-a-punched gun, and Speed Cola

Double DewEdit

Double Dew, a play on Mountain Dew, is a perk which will double the points for a kill. It has a bright yellow-limegreen color, and its icon is two yellow dollar signs with a teal background. The perk will not award bonus points for nonlethal hits. The effect can be stacked with double points, so a melee will earn 520 points, and an explosive kill will earn 200 points.Due to the effectiveness of the perk, the cost is a whopping 5,000 points, but one should earn that back easily.

Slippery WhiskeyEdit

Slippery Whiskey costs 3000 points. It is equivalent to Fast Hands or any of its variants. The icon is two arms popping the cork off of a champagne bottle. The machine and the bottle will be bright red. It increases the speed done with doing certain things, which allows for the following:

Faster Melees Switch Weapons faster, Drink Perks faster, Rolling the Mystery Box is made faster, The Pack-a-Punch works faster, Barriers are built faster, Throwing and priming equipment is done faster, Pulling the charging handles of a weapon faster, and cocking the weapon faster.

This can be very beneficial for more accustomed players, as they'll be doing these actions much more often then the newer players will.

~Didikins, the great and mighty.~

Boost JuiceEdit

Boost Juice costs 2500 points. It is an agility-adjusting perk, and will allow the player to run faster (not for a longer time), jump higher, and the speed to heal from attacks dealt is increased by 20% of normal. The color is purple. This can be very beneficial for more mobile players, as they risk taking more hits from the Zombies.

~Didikins, the great and mighty.~

Desperate TreasureEdit

Desperate Treasure costs 25000 points. When purchased, it will allow the player to use a Mustang and Sally while downed, the player will crawl faster, shoot faster, and reload faster while downed, and if they bleed out, they will not lose their weapons. This perk will not disappear if the player is revived, but it will if they respawn after a bleed-out, but this will not affect their weapons that they gain back after respawning. The machine and drink is yellow, and the icon is a Ray Gun inside of a Treasure Chest.

~Didikins, the great and mighty.~

Trans-Cure Elixir Edit

The effects of this perk only apply when downed. Successfully Meleeing an enemy non-lethally will temporarily turn that enemy into some form of Friendly NPC, depending on the enemy, this will not work on Bosses. The NPC that is spawned will use the same model as the humans created by the VR-11 with a specific title where the players name would be.

  • Regular Zombie (No missing Appendages): Becomes Human, will be equipped with a random bullet-using pistol (Not Ray Gun or Winters Howl etc.) Will attempt to kill other enemies in the area. It would act like the NPC from the VR-11 but also  be able to attack.
    • Title: Decoy
    • Health: 100
    • Weapons/Equipment: Random from choice of Pistols in Zombies (Depending on selection in game files)
    • Shoot and Move only
    • The Player earns 50% of the points this NPC would earn.
  • Regular Zombie (Crawler form/Missing Arm): Becomes Human, Acts like a Turret, armed with Light/Heavy/Mounted MG.
    • Static Rambo
    • Health: 300
    • Weapon/Equipment: Any Machine Gun in game, MG will fire at substantially increased rate to compensate for lack of movement. Bouncing Betty or Claymore X2 to defend position.
    • Static, Shoot only
    • The Player earns 15% of the points this NPC would earn.
  • Nova Crawler (Or alternate form, Jumping Jack etc.): Becomes Human 'Psycho' form. Strapped with multiple C4 Packs and an RPG with 1 Loaded round, Groups zombies up and goes out with a bang.
    • Psycho
    • Health: 1 (Cannot take damage from Zombies)
    • Weapons/Equipment: Strapped with C4 Packs, RPG with 1 Loaded Round, Napalm Cansiters on Legs.
    • Groups Zombies up, when a sufficient number have been amassed, they will fire their launcher at the ground and make a Large explosion and leave a patch of napalm in the death area.
    • The player earns 10% of the points this NPC would earn.
  • Hellhounds: Becomes Human, equipped with Medical supplies, Syrette(s), Krauss Refibrilator and Quick Revive.
    • Medic
    • Health 600
    • Weapons/Equipment: Syrette, The Krauss Refibrilator, Quick Revive, Body Armor + Juggernog, First Aid Kit/Medkit.
    • Revives any downed players, occasionally attacks enemies with by meleeing or firing the Krauss Refibrilator. If near a player that is on 'Red Screen' they will use a Medkit on them and put them back to near full health, this will only be triggered when said player is near the medic.
    • The Player earns 10% of the points this NPC would earn.

There may be only one of each kind of NPC active at a time

The perk will cost 4500 points and the logo will be a downed player icon facing left with a knife overlapping the icon to look like a cross symbol. The Border would be Green, the Background Red and the two Icons would be Black (Silouhettes).

The Machine with be shaped like a Knife with a Revive style symbol above it (Knife about same width as PhD Floppers machine) with the words Trans-Cure Elixir written where 'Revive' would normally be in the same font in Black writing on an Reddy-Orange Background. The Knife will be Silver with a Green Handle wrap/tape.

Personal LazarouDave image LazarouDave  23:38, July 16, 2014 (UTC)

Double Trouble Beer Edit

Double Trouble Beer costs 6,000 and dual-wields ANY gun you are holding. This includes:

Pack-A-Punched Weapons

Wonder Weapons

LMG Weapons

Snipers (You can aim by pressing the Tactical button (Default: LB), and aiming keeps the dual wield affect)

Dual-Wield Weapons (Ok, this is the cool part, previously dual-wield weapons do double damage, reload faster, and have twice the ammo in each clip!)

Cool, huh? I had this idea for a long time, but just recently found this site.

---Kyler Hoag

SlamFire Soda Edit

SlamFire soda would make all your rounds inciderary and would make knife shots 1 hit kills up to round 15.  Since it is not a nessesity, but would help you survive, It costs 2000 points. the machine would be dark red, the perk logo would be yelllow, and the drink would be Orange. It would taste like Hot Sauce.

Snake CocktailEdit

This perk is yellow and costs 2000. It will give the player the ability to move faster than sprinting...but only in prone. It's symbol will look like this. Along with this, the characters gun will have a yellow glow. This is a good perk for quuick escapes.

Jboy343 (talk) 20:27, September 21, 2014 (UTC)Jboy343


Pack-A-Box costs 4000 points and has a Pack-A-Punck look-a-like emblem. This allows the player to get Pack-A-Punched weapons out of the Mystery Box. The chance is very little to get one, plus its even more little to get an actual good Pack-A-Punched weapon out of the Box. Also, the player cannot get Pack-A-Punched Wonder Weapons out of the Box, due to the fact it would be otherwise too overpowered.

Gas MaskEdit

Gas Mask costs 1500 points and has a nuclear emblem. The player would be able to be resistant to the gas of Crawlers. The perk would be only avaible at maps with Crawlers. 

Sale SodaEdit

This perk costs 2000 points and has a Cash emblem. The player now can open area's for 250 points less. Also, there is a drastically increased chance to get Fire Sale, plus gives you the ability to get a Bonfire Sale from Zombies. Unfortunatily, the Bonfire Sale will not teleport you to the Pack-A-Punch Machine. Sale Soda doesn't reduce the price of Perks, or the Mystery Box, but (also) will decrease the price for Pack-A-Punching from 5000 to 4500.

Accured BobEdit

This perk would you give the next abilities

  • Increased hip fire accuracy
  • Reduced recoil
  • More aiming to the head (just like Deadshot)
  • If Pack-A-Punching a sniper, it will automatically give the sniper a Zoom.
  • If Pack-A-Punching a SMG or AR, it will automatically give a Fore Grip.

The perk costs 2500 points and would have a Sniper reticle as emblem.

Wonder watEdit

 Wonder wat cost 25,000 points and will give you a random pack a punched wonder wepon its logo is a pack a punch machine with the mystery box with wonder wepons in it

make a perk that fuses the two wepens you have together or if you had mule kick three wepon like fusing a thunger gun a wounder waf an a ray gun call it the thuder waf dg472.208.23.91 02:28, November 14, 2014 (UTC)juan

Wild Man Whiskey Edit

Wild Man Whiskey

Wild Man Whiskey causes the player to Melee twice as fast and and upon being downed and revived the player has 45 seconds to get the perk back for free. During this period the screen will be tinted red and slighty distorted. This effect will only occur once to prevent OP-iness. The color scheme is cream and tan. The taste is like a VERY strong whiskey, but also sweet. The logo is a man with a spear drinking a shot in one hand and stabbing a zombie with the other.

-William Riggs

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