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What would your ideas be if you could make a zombies map? Include utilities, features, locations and all that good stuff. No NEW wonder weapons or perks. I don't have a theme for the map, but features are things that I have a lot of. It would feature every wonder weapon for the ultimate zombie killing team(4 people in max lobby, 1 tactical grenade spot for each person, 2 weapon slots for each person(minus Mule Kick). There are a total of 12 wonder weapons, 4 of which are grenades, 8 of which are guns. You do the math.), every zombie type to make the map hard(the normal zombies coming as usual, the gas zombies/phaser zombies, Romero, monkey zombies, napalm zombies, shrieker zombies, and astronaut zombies are all mixed in with normal zombies, while the first spacial round is the Hellhounds, next the Thef, lastly the space monkeys, then it starts with the dogs again.), it would have to be the BIGGEST zombies map to date, every time you start a match, the characters everyone plays as will be random(The whole lobby will eather be the origanal characters, the "Five" characters, the Call of the Dead characters, or the origanal Marines. If the lobby is the original characters, then whoever is Richtofen will be random and will be either Richtofen or Samantha.), will have every power-up(minus Lightning Bolt), every trap and utility will somehow fit into it, will have more weapons in the box(to balance out the chances of getting a wonder weapon), you can buy ammo for EVERY weapon, including wonder weapons(You buy it off the wall like you normaly would, but if you don't have the weapon before hand, then it's basicaly the perfict way to waist your points. Because, don't you hate it when you have the Ray Gun with no ammo, and it's taking FOREVER to get a Max Ammo?), will have every perk, you can buy semtex, and when you start a match, you can eather buy Claymores or Bouncing Betties. The same thing goes for the Bowie Knife and the Sickle. This map would have to have nothing to do with the story and is just for fun. Down below are wonder weapon classes for each player to have to be the ultimate zombie killing team. Everyone should have these same things, but the wonder weapons should be different for each player. The things everyone should have are:



Speed Cola

Quick Revive

PhD Flopper

Bowie Knife/Sickle

Bouncing Betties/Claymores

The wonder weapon classes are:

The Room Clearer-Wunderwaffe DG-2, Wave Gun/Zap Gun Dual Wield, Matryoshka Dolls

Up Close and Personal-Winter's Howl, Thundergun, Gersch Divice

Killing from a Distance-Scavenger, Ray Gun, Q.E.D.

The Distraction-V-R11, 31-79 JGb215, Monkey Bomb

Tell me what you guys think and give me your ideas!

Zombiehunter115 01:21, October 12, 2011 (UTC)

This is a good idea. In fact, I have an idea right now! - ItsInstant

Zombies Map: Requiem by ItsInstantEdit

"No one can survive a zombie apocolypse. Everyone just ends up dead or running until they die. Welcome to Group 935's secret base underground the Earth. Requiem." - Mission Description


Samantha/Richtofen - White,

Nikolai - Blue

Takeo - Yellow

Dempsey - Green

Spawn Room:

There are 2 doors, both 750 points. The door on the left leads to what appears to be a waste processing plant.

The right door leads to a greenhouse like center like that in Moon.

The players spawn right in the center of the spawn room. It is octagonal shaped. In the front is a Quick Revive machine.

Behind the players are two weapons on the wall. The M14 and the Olympia or in a alternative version- The M1A1 Carbine, or the Kar98k. The M1A1 is 600 points, and the Kar98k is 400 points. The Olympia and M14 are 500 points. All players will start with a M1911, and 3 grenades. Zombies will spawn from the corners of the octagonal room through windows. The room is fairly big, but not big enough to run "rape trains" in.

The mystery box does not appear in this room.

Waste Processing Plant: (Take left door of Spawn Room)

There is debris to purchase which leads to an elevator for 1200 points. That elevator will take you to an office room with a bunch of cubicles. There is an easter egg in that room- But I'll get to that at a later date. The waste processing plant is one of the places in Requiem that doesn't spawn any normal zombies. It is just a steel catwalk with rails above the waste processing plant. A mere show-off of the map. If you are playing solo, you can pick up a MPL on the floor in the center of the catwalk. The mystery box does not appear in this room.

Greenhouse Area or Flora Experimentation Center: (Take right door from Spawn Room)

Since Requiem is underground, and no true sunlight can get in, there are bright lights that flicker into the room, and also with Requiem being underground, zombies come and dig their way in. There is a radio in the room that plays various old music from the 40s to the 60s once you knife it. If you use the Bowie Knife or the Ballistic Knife on it, it'll play the following message that is not at all canon, according to the current zombie storyline:

        "Attention scientists currently working within the Flora Experimentation Center. You have been asked to cancel any current or ongoing tests as directed by Doctor Maxis and Doctor Richtofen, since our budgets are now focusing on the research of teleportation and weaponry. We apologize for the inconvenience as well as this 'heartbreaking' announcement. Also, the successful extraction of 115 from the rare plant- the Gregorian Violet Rose... has brought some concern. We have developed a weapon that appears to cause immediate decay and death, and to it's user without the immunity injection against 115 radiation, and therefore we have decided to cancel that project as well. And with the cancellation of the current and- or ongoing tests and the cancellation of the special weapon... means that also anything associated with this center... will be terminated. Also to conclude, the center will be therefore quarantined until further notice. Thank you."

There is a box spawn point here, and as well as Speed Cola. The Speed Cola appears to be wrapped in vines due to the overgrowth occuring in this center. There is a MP40 and alternatively an MP5K on the walls for purchase.

Occasionally, there are plant pods that spew out gas that slow you down every time you run/walk into it. The plant pods precisely- spew out the gas every 30 seconds for 5 seconds. The plant pods do happen to slow down the zombies as well.

Opposite of the door back to the spawn room, there is a door that leads to the Armory which possesses unusable and unobtainable weapons such as the Wave Gun / Zap Guns and the Wunderwaffe DG-2. The door to the Armory costs 1250 points.

Office Room: (Take the elevator up from the Waste Processing Plant.)

The Office Room shall be the Achille's heel of your survival, due to the narrow walking areas and the cubicles that can get you cornered in by the horde. The Office Room has 4 zombie entrances through windows, the Stamin-Up machine, and 2 doors. One leads to the Doctor's Surgical Procedure Room, and the other, being inaccessible unless you survive 25 rounds or pay 25000 points, but the price decreases for each round passing by 1000, for example at round 1, the price remains 25000 points, and at round 20, the price is 5000. But it is somewhat impossible to buy it at round one, let alone at least enter the Office Room. Then by the 25th round, the Lobby will open for free, and there will be a Pack-A-Punch machine, and as well as the new weapon purchaseable for 7000 points on the wall:

  • The Decomposer

The Decomposer, which is exactly the cancelled weapon from the Flora Experimentation Center. It acts similarly to the Wunderwaffe DG-2, but with much different effects. The zombies when shot with it, disintegrate as they take their last steps toward you in a cloud of yellow and green gas. If you shoot a player with it, they will slowly lose little amounts of health as if they were on fire, but the effects immediately dissipate after 3 seconds of the effects on the player that last 6 seconds. But if Juggernog is equipped, the perk temporarily strengthens, having the player shot with it being able to take 8 hits instead of 4 with Juggernog for 60 seconds. The duration does not stack with more shots, nor does the amount of hits the player is able to take increase with more shots. The Decomposer has 10 in the magazine, and 90 for the rest of ammunition. The maximum amount of ammo it can have due to the Max Ammo drop is 150 (including the 10 in the magazine.) It is powered by a purple meteor composed of 115. The Decomposer also has a decoration of flowers and small vines. The refill magazine appears to be a bottle of liquid 115. Like the Thundergun, you can only reload the weapon when you have used up the magazine. Also, the Decomposer can be upgraded into the EZ-Vaporizer, able to have a maximum of 200 of ammunition. The EZ Vaporizer also kills the zombies when they disintegrate at a faster pace. Plus, players shot with it will not receive any of the effects, but instead receive a temporary standard Juggernog effect if they do not have Juggernog. The temporary effects last for 60 seconds. Like the Decomposer when shot at a player with the Juggernog perk already, the effect is the same.

Also it is to note that the Mystery Box can spawn here in the Office Room.

Doctor's Surgical Procedure Room: (Enter the door from the Office Room or Chamber.)

A small room similar to the Interrogation Room in the Main Menu of Black Ops 1, there is much more blood, and it will be a key part to an Easter Egg that will be revealed when you scroll down further. Aside from which, there is Deadshot Daiquiri for purchase, and Claymores available for purchase. The Doctor's Surgical Procedure Room is absolutely not recommended for stopping to kill zombies in trains. However, it provides a blessing to those being able to kill a certain amount of zombies within the room. If one kills the certain amount, 4 Power Ups: Double Points, Insta-Kill, Fire Sale, and the Nuke will spawn in the corners of the room. This event can only happen once per game. There is a door leading to the Chamber, which leads to the Mining Facility which leads back to the Armory and back at the Flora Experimentation Center.

Chamber: (Enter door from Doctor's Surgical Procedure Room or Mining Facility.)

The Chamber is an enormous metal panel constructed room which is absolutely ideal for surviving in. There are 8 windows for zombie entrances, the Juggernog and Mule Kick machines, the M16, and frag grenades for purchase.

Mining Facility: (Enter door from Armory or the Chamber.)

The Mining Facility consists of conveyor belts that can be accessible by removing several debris, and you can use them as a good way for getting around the Mining Facility. Going on the opposite direction of the 'flow' the conveyor belts go will make you go really slow, and inevitably go the normal direction of the conveyor belt. There is the AK74u, and PhD Flopper for purchase.

The Armory: (Enter from Flora Experimentation Center or the Mining Facility.)

With weapons from past maps that cannot be touched by your FPS hands, the Armory is where the box always spawns first. There are no zombies in here, and the room is of average size. There is a button on the wall that will give you one of the more interesting new wonder weapons or very cheap and ugly weapons like the Mystery Box, except for the cost of 9500 points per roll. The new Wonder Weapons you can receive from this gamble are:

  • Royal Flusher

The Royal Flusher is one of those room-clearing / crowd control weapons like the Thundergun and Ray Gun. However, the Royal Flusher is a Wonder Weapon that cannot be Pack-A-Punched. The Royal Flush appears as a golden Ray Gun. It has 5 in the magazine and 35 in the reserve. It does a OHK per shot in a mushroom cloud like explosion similar to the appearance of after getting the Nuke power up. Unlike the effects of the Nuke that kills all of the zombies currently on the map that have spawned, it kills all of the enemies in radius of the bullet's explosion, and the player's peripheral vision. So in this case, you can back off and 'capture' many zombies while the explosion is in effect before it disappears. However, there is a risk. It's reload time is an estimate of 10 seconds, so it is best not to immediately reload after using one shot. Speed Cola is a must, for Speed Cola literally decreases the reload time to a single second. The Royal Flusher does not do any damage to other players. However, there is an even bigger problem, but this problem doesn't seem to big to some or most players who will encounter the weapon. If the Royal Flusher runs out of ammunition in both the reserve and the magazine, the Demonic Announcer will laugh and the Royal Flusher will flash in your hand and change into a normal Ray Gun with zero ammunition as it had in the Royal Flusher. So for those who feel sentimental about the Royal Flusher, it is best to save a shot or so until a Max Ammo is achieved.

  • The Crucifier

The Crucifier is essentially one OP sidearm. The chance of achieving this magnificent weapon is rare, yet tedious to get. Percentages getting this weapon due to the amount of times the player presses the button will change accordingly:

  • 0% - 5% First Try
  • 6% - 8% Second Try
  • 9% - 14% Third Try
  • 15% - 20% Fourth Try
  • 21% - 35% Fifth Try
  • 35% - 49% Sixth Try
  • 50% - 100% Seventh Try

So in terms, it will cost 66,500 Points to increase the chance to get this weapon at maximum. The Crucifier has 13 in the magazine, and 77 in the reserve. It remains a OHK until round 25, a THK until round 30, a ThrHK until round 33, and to kill a zombie using the entire magazine, it will be in effect at around round 50. Reload time is quite fast, and getting Speed Cola will not make a difference. It is recommended to aim for the head with this weapon, as it will OHK headshot'd enemies until around round 29 instead of round 25. Also, this weapon can be Pack-A-Punched. However, Pack-A-Punching this weapon will cost 10,000 points because of it's rarity and power. It becomes The Extinction Device. The Extinction Device becomes even more OP, as it's use becomes a OHK until round 35, a THK until round 40, a ThrHK until round 44, and to use the entire magazine which consists of 26 rounds to kill a zombie or so would be somewhere around round 63. It has 260 in the reserve. Reload time is the same. Like it's Non-Pack-A-Punched version, headshots kill the zombies more easier, and it is still recommended to do so. Since it's quite powerful, The Crucifier / The Extinction Device can only be possessed by one player per game. However, it is possible for all players to get it after completing the Easter Egg.

  • The Teeping POM

The Teeping Personal Organization Mechanism, is a Wonder Weapon that is somewhat like the electric shock ability from Mob of the Dead. However, in gun form. It can teleport zombies to a different area. However, it also damages them and weakens them by the means of them slowing down after they have teleported. The Teeping POM contains 8 in the magazine and 96 in the reserve. It can be Pack-A-Punched into The Teeping POM Mk. II, which has 16 in the magazine, the reserve remains the same. Damage increases and teleportation and weakening effects are enhanced. Also, the Teeping POM Mk. II allows you to use it onto other players. It will teleport them to a different location. However, these locations are specific at random. The location they will be teleported to varies from the spawn point, to perk machines, and box spawn locations. However, the downside is, that the player using it cannot teleport him/herself to persay, escape the zombies. It is more of a tactical weapon, rather than one of general offensive power. All players are able to possess one.

  • Machine of the Sun

Finally, What appears to be a light machine gun of the highest caliber this weapon is regarded to be the "Savior of the Survivors", it's capacity can mean the death of over 1,000 zombies in short amounts of time once you've got all of them in line. The Machine of the Sun will not slow you down in mobility. However, reload time is incredibly ridiculous- with the time of about 11 seconds. Speed Cola is a must, for it will down the reload time to about 3-4 seconds. The Machine of the Sun contains 100 in the magazine, and 900 in the reserve, making it a weapon with the most ammunition capacity, besides the Death Machine of having infinite ammunition (in some cases) for a limited amount of time. Damage is supreme. 1-5 bullets can kill a group of zombies until round 10. It may take 6-20 bullets to kill a group until round 20. 21-41 bullets until about round 31. And a full magazine to kill a group of about 20+ zombies would be set in around round 44. But when is upgraded, it becomes the Machine of Massacre. The MoM becomes even more unbelievable. 200 in the magazine, and 1800 in the reserve. Damage remains the same. Reload time remains the same. However, mobility decreases slightly. The Machine of the Sun / Machine of Massacre is best with Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap, and in most cases, Deadshot Daiquiri and Stamin-Up. The Machine of the Sun / Machine of Massacre is great for the higher rounds when Max Ammos become scarce. Only one player may possess it, no matter what.

"Salvation" Easter EggEdit

This is the major Easter Egg in Requiem. Completing this will result in allowing all of the players to receive The Crucifiers/The Extinction Devices from the Gamble Button in the Armory. Also, upon completion- all players receive all of the perks on the map permanently. It requires all 4 players' participation.

Step 1 - Wither the WallsEdit

With the Decomposer, use it on the red X's that appear in the Office Room. There are 8, and there is no specific order to do this. When you have done this step successfully, Fire Sale will occur for 30 seconds as a reward.

Step 2 - Mine the MeteorEdit

With explosive weapons, have the explosives blow up near the meteor in the Mining Facility. It will take 50 explosions to do so. When you have done this step successfully, the meteor will break and disintegrate, revealing a Nuke power up.

Step 3 - Teleport the Meteor FragmentsEdit

With the Teeping POM or it's Pack-A-Punch variant, use it on the meteor pieces around the map. There is one in the Waste Processing Plant, the Flora Experimentation Center, the Mining Facility, the Chamber, the Office Room, and in the Lobby. When completed, Insta-Kill will be available for 60 seconds.

Step 4 - Find the pieces to the PuzzleEdit

You will notice that the computers in the Office Room are powered up, and the screens are blue. You are required to find blue X's, and you will have to press the 'action' button on those X's. There are 16, and are placed randomly throughout the map. When that is done, return to the computers. Press and hold the action button on every single one of them. Then, the computers will shut off and you will hear this announcement:

"Attention. All systems are down. Initiate Salvation protocol. Power is required to initiate the protocol."

Step 5 - SacrificesEdit

In the Chamber, you must kill 100 zombies with non-wonder weapons or explosive weapons or the explosive use of PhD Flopper. Once that is done, you will hear an alarm go off for a few seconds. Then, go to the Doctor's Surgical Procedure Room and kill 50 zombies with only melee weapons. Then you will hear the alarm again. Finally, go to the Waste Processing Plant and kill 25 zombies with the Decomposer. And you will hear the alarm once more, and you will hear this announcement:

"Attention. Power restored. Salvation protocol initialized. Quadrant required."

Step 6 - Seperation of PowersEdit

Whoever is playing as Richtofen must stay inside the Doctor's Surgical Procedure Room until the protocol is complete. Nikolai must remain in the Office Room and/or the Lobby. Takeo must stay in the Flora Experimentation Center. And Dempsey must stay in the confines of the Armory and/or the Mining Facility. Once everyone is in place, the announcer will say the following at the following times:

     "Attention. Salvation protocol beginning. Quadrant is in effect. Sequence will be engaged." - [Once everyone is in position.]

     "Attention. Salvation protocol disrupted. Quadrant is no longer in effect. Sequence reset engaged." - [If someone gets downed or leaves their designated area.]

     "Attention. 60 seconds until Salvation is achieved."

     "Attention. 30 seconds until Salvation is achieved."

     "Attention. 10 seconds until Salvation is achieved."

If successful, you will hear this:

"Attention. Salvation achieved. Atmosphere is now customized to the Quadrant. Attention. Teleporter is now standing by. Sufficient credits are required to use it."

Once hearing that, the players receive all of the perks and are eligible to receive The Crucifiers/The Extinction Devices.

Final Step - EscapeEdit

Like Mob of the Dead, one can end the game with the completion of the Easter Egg. However, to end the game, you must purchase the teleporter while everyone is in it for 115,935 Points. And then, you will all be teleported and the screen shall fade into the Game Over screen.

That's actually everything that there is to cover for Requiem. Give me your thoughts on this and let me know! I will be glad to make another map if one requests it. Until then, farewell.      - ItsInstant [ Gamertag: CritiCalvin ]

Zombies Map: Das Eishaus By TheNotorious64Edit

"In the frozen wasteland of the Antarctic, Group 935's secret base has been preserved, even its undead inhabitants." -Mission Description


Dempsey Nikolai Takeo Richtofen

Map: While I have not completely drawn it out, the map shall have eight 2-5 story tall building seperate from one another. It's in antarctica, so its rather snowy.

Notes: Hellhound map, All perks, Each seperate building has its own power, The spawn building's power is already on if you stay outside for too long, you freeze like in CotD, only slower and you are downed once completely frozen, new perk to stop aforementioned freezing

New Wonder weapon: Pump-Action flamethrower, Looks like a cross between a Stakeout w/ grip and an underbarrel flamethrower, ammunition is underbarrel flamethrower cartridges, as in 4 are loaded in, and once the cartridge is chambered, it acts as the underbarrel flamethrower, and when the cartridge is empty, the Hot Stick is pumped and a new cartridge is chambered. Ammo: 4, 20 carried. Power: Medium. Mobility: High. Upgraded: H1130 Crisper, Ammmo: 4, 40 carried, increased power

More to come after I have sucked myself off.

Zombies Map: صحراء ملعو (Desert of the Damned) By TheNotorious64Edit

"An ancient monument, a haven for travelers, and... A casino? all await fearless explorers who dare to disturb the 115 contaminated resting place of the Pharoh. Where superstition meets science, defend you lives against the enemies both undead, and supernatural." -Mission Description

Overview: A very wide map including the in and outside of a large pyramid, a lush desert Oasis, and an abandoned casino in the sea of sand in Egypt.

Easter Egg: Through a complicated series of events, the characters open a gate to the underworld, unleashing the Demon Zombie (like a normal zombie but faster and stronger), and giving all players all perks and a unique area to run around in.

Wonder Weapon: Hoover 488, imagine a bazooka that fires gersch black holes(that only spawn if the shhot hits a zombie) with a sniper scope. Ammo: 3, 15 carried. RoF: SemiAuto. Mobility: Very Low.

Occasionally a sandstorm blows in. if not inside, visibility is worse than a CotD snowstorm. some zombies look like mummies, some like british explorers, some like american tourists, and a few very decomposed nazis.

Zombies map: Khe Sahn By BelinskiNikEdit

" Khe Sahn is attached. Defend the base as long you can from the Zombies and find the truth of this attack"


A Sgt of the Marines (like Full Metal Jacket's sgt Hartmann),a Vietcong, a Russian defector, a Scientist (or a better character, suggest you!!!)

Map: This map is located 5 year after Five. The 115 was used to attack the vietcongs bunker causing the spawn of the zombies. Map is based on the level SOG

Notes:special round monkey (Shangri La). all perks, new utilities like the Napalm , new weapon like the M60, the return of the flamethrower and a new wonder weapon: the Incinerator, Similar to the Dragon Breath but with electric effect (Dragon Breath + Zap gun DW),

Room 1: Head Quartier

a building with 4 zombie spawn, the classic M14 and olimpia, a mistery box spawn, a radio, a 115 rock for the musical easter egg (please suggest me a music) like KinodT, Quick Revive.A door Cost: 750 and a barricade removable foy 750

Warehouse: after removing the barricade there is a small trench with a napalm boost (1000 points, after activing the zombie can't spawn here for a minute) that is collegated at a warehouse with a zombie spawn and the perk Mule Kick, wall weapon here: MP5K

More to come later

Aerodynamical ConsequencesEdit

"Sunkin' Titanical ship, broken will, and hordes of zombies. Now is the test for true survival..." - Map Description

This map is based off of the Black-Ops 2 Obama Ship but with different ship schematics and is named Nixon Ship. The background story is a soldier named Atlas returned from a Siberian Outpost (Call of The Dead) with evidence of Element 115 energy. This trace of energy was found on the radar of the Nixon Ship. Atlas makes recordings of his time at the JSOC military encampment until a growling of a zombie can be heard on the final tape. They've also imprisoned the four original characters at main level of the ship.


First Barricade= 750 Points (Radio piece at far end of the Nixon Ship)

Two-Way Barricade= 1500 Points (paying one side opens the other, a crashed VTOL shows a crate containing a Thundergun)

Third Barricade= 1000 Points (Radio piece left side of the Barricade)

Fourth Barricade= 1500 Points (Takeo and Nikolai trapped under two Silo's, knife either of them to hear dialogue)

Final Barricade= 1000 Points (Final radio piece at the far right side of the Barricade)


Wooden Plank= Place this anywhere near a crashed vehicle to climb on top of it


Quick Revive= First Barricade

Juggernog= Two-Way Barricade

Speed Cola= Two-Way Barricade

Who's Who?= Third Barricade

Luck Bull= Third Barricade

Ire Wine= Fourth Barricade


4X-An-Update= Fourth Barricade (Upgrades weapons three times; If an upgraded weapon is bought with the 4X-An-Update it will increase firepower, add more ammunition, clip size, and spectatular names)

Off-Wall Weapons:Edit

Olympia= 750 Points

M14= 750 Points

B23R= 1000 Points

MP5= 1000 Points

AK 74-u= 1250 Points

AN-94= 1250 Points

Box Weapons:Edit


Chicom CQB



Five Sevens



Type 25






Barret M8A2




Ballistic Knife

Monkey Bombs

Ray Gun

The Degrader

Wunderwaffe DG-2



Max Ammo



Double Points

Fire Sale

Death Machine


Atlas - The Marine who returned from the Siberian Outpost who knows more about the Element 115.

Richard - The Engineer who studied the schematics of the Wonder-Weapons.

Andromeda - The Pilot of the Stealth Bomber.

Allen - A new recruit, can hear the voices.

BioOrganization (talk) 07:28, February 28, 2013 (UTC)

Perk-a-Cola factory map Edit

Over View:

Everytime the player buys that Juggernog Drink or Revive Soda, doesn't it come into the mind of where they came from? Thats the map I'm proposing. The whole Black Ops 2 building event also adds some difficulty to the game. As we had to build the Pack-O-Punch Machine in Die Rise, why not build the Perk-a-Cola machines? Building the perk machines would be kinda cool but I could see it being a pain in the ass at some points (no disresspect on your idea).  I thought that you could maybe collect parts to build a new perk machine that costs 4,000 points.  The new perk would combine 2 of your current perks to make one so you can have more space for more perks!  (Combining the perks will have no other effect other than making space) The Thing I personally like about the Shangri-La map was the various types of Zombies, and their own perks. A juggernaut zombie or (re)-reressuerecting Zombie would be pretty sweet, not to mention, a good twist.


The original zombie slaying team of Takeo, the doctor, Tank, and the Soviet Sniper Nikolai would be my choice, However the new team wouldn't be that bad either. 

Background Information:

The scientific explanation or furthering of the Z- Story would be pretty fitting. Just like Ascension map explained further the interesting ideas of the Gersch device and other scientific phenomenon. Tranzit was a poor start to the background stuff, it was nothing like Kino Der Untoten's story start. All I'm really saying is explain something like the creation of the perks and their origins.

I like the idea about the different types of zombies!  It would be cool if there was a room where only after you open it zombie spawned inside that wore hazmat suites.  The suites would have different colors to represent there perks.  

Red= Juggernog

Green= Speed cola (attacks faster)

Yellow= Stamin-up

Maybe these zombies could spawn only in this room and the room contains a big hole in the middle filled with liquid.  The zombies could spawn in this liquid.  The hole is surrounded by metal gates and you can open the gate for 1,250 points.  It acts like the perk machine in orgins were you can get random perks but you go inside the liquide and you also have a chance that you will get a perk upgrade.  A perk upgrade will upgrade one of your current perks.  You will know if you have a perk upgrade because your perk at the bottom left corner will glow.  

I thought another good idea would be that you can collect empty bottles around the map (they are sorta rare) and you can take them to a perk machine and get it for free.

Thanks for reading! If you want to add something to my idea go ahead! Remember to give yourself credit! 


Die Glocke...Edit

Map Description: Sie wussten, dass Sie da waren... Sie wollte, dass du hier. Jetzt bringen sie nach Hause. Beenden Die Glocke."

  • The supposed Solution to the Element 115, this is the Final Frontier of Zombies. Set inside the famous Osówka Complex, close to the Czech Border, the Map features many hidden Secrets and Puzzles, as well as mysterious consequences for those who solve The Bell, the Level's Main Easter Egg.

Starting RoomEdit

  • Die Glocke's Starting Room is at the bottom of 48 Meter long Shaft leading to the Surface. All Players start with a Colt. M1911, with the exception of Edward Richtofen, who starts with a Luger P08. As for Wall Weapons, there is an Un-Scope Kar98k at one end of the Room, and a Winchester 1873 Rifle at the other. Also located in the Starting Room is a Desk with a Small Radio on top of it. When the Action Button is used on the Radio, it plays out the following Message. "Wir haben es gefunden! Wir haben The Henge gefunden! Maxis zufrieden sein werden. Bereiten Die Glocke, und lassen Sie uns dies 'hinter sich bringen'." After this, the Radio cuts into Static. This can be translated to; "We have found it! We have found The Henge! Maxis will be pleased. Prepare The Bell, and let's get this over with." Above this Desk is a small Cork Board, with a Calender with the Date September 1st, 1943, circled on it. Also, there are numerous scribbles on the walls, including; "Warum? Warum?" and "Es ist hier." In this room, there is one Door, as one side of the Corridor is completely inaccessible due to a large Fault in the Tunnel.

Player CharactersEdit

  • Whilst playing Die Glocke, Players are put into the roles of four Characters. Samuel J. Stuhlinger, from Green Run and Die Rise, who was suddenly transported back to 1946, to the Osówka Complex. He seems the most terrified out of the Group, as he seems to be aware as to what has happened at the Facility. Whilst playing as Stuhlinger, strange voices and distorted sounds can be heard, hinting at his degrading Sanity. The Second Character, Tank Dempsey, from Der Riese and Shi No Numa, has no idea why or how he got to the Complex in the first place, though it's possible that he was taken at some time during Moon. The third Character in Die Glocke is an unknown German Scientist that seemingly worked in Der Riese at the time of the Infestation. He is not surprised by anything that happens during the Level, and distances himself from the other Characters quite alot. Finally, the fourth Character is Edward Richtofen, who is supposedly still under the control of Samantha Maxis.

Guard RoomEdit

  • This Room is located at one end of the Starting Corridor, and is opened for 250 Points. Inside, two small adjoined Chambers can be found. In the left Room, an MP40 Sub Machine Gun can be bought from the Wall for 1250 Points. There are also a couple of Tables and Chairs scattered about. In the other Room, a large Blackboard is seen at one end, with lots of Chairs at the back of the Chamber. By closely inspecting the Board, Players can find a Diagram of the Fly Trap. Also, a small Transmitting Device can be found under one Chair, which conveys the following in Morse Code. "[.--....-.-- -..--- .--. ....-.-. -.-.-.--]" Outside of the two Rooms is a small Hallway which leads to some Debris and another Corridor.

Corridor 553Edit

  • This small Corridor can be entered by removing the Debris from the end of the Dual Room Passage, for 750 Points. Inside, there is nothing in particular apart from a small Work Bench at the end of the Hall. This Bench, when used, places a Prototype "DrillBot" into the Player's Inventory. This Item is used to break through the large Rock Pile in the Starting Room. Whilst the DrillBot does work on it's own, it usually takes about a Round to demolish the Rocks.

Cross Corridor/Main RoomEdit

  • Seperated from the Starting Room by a long Corridor, the Main Room is a Rectangular Chamber located in the very center of the Map. This room is the only Mystery Box Spawn Point on the Map, and so it's a good location to control. There is also a Tommy Gun Spawn Point on a Table, which can be bought for 1250 Points.

Long RoomEdit

  • Located just next to the Main Room, the Long Room is a Medium-Sized Passageway that cuts through some of the Outer Corridors. In the Chamber, there is a large Fire Trap in the center, and many boxes and other Items scattered around the room's edges. On top of one of the filing cabinets in the room, Players can find another small Radio, which plays the following Conversation when activated. "Doktor Maxis, nehme ich an? Ja, geht Ihr Ruf Ihnen." After a short pause, another voice enters. "Was zum Teufel willst du? Was? Die Glocke? Mein Gott ..." The Radio is then silent once again.


  • 'The next room past the Center, this area is a large, rectangular Maze. Inside are a couple of Debris Piles and Weapons, as well as another blocked Tunnel that can be cleared with the DrillBot. Also, in the left wing of the Complex, there is a small hole in the wall, with a Radio inside. When played, the Radio emits the following. "Warum wollen Sie Samantha? Warum ist mein Mädchen wichtig das? Nein .. Nein, bitte. Bitte! Nicht das!" A warbled Voice is then heard, and screams begin to echo through the Tunnel the Player is in, before everything abruptly stops.

Main Guard StationEdit

  • This Room is found almost opposite to the Radio, and is farther away from the Starting Room than any other area in the Level. The Door to it can be bought for 1750 Points. Inside, a long Hallway leads down to the main Room, where the Pack-a-Punch Machine is located. This can be opened by activating two Levers, one in this Room, the other in the Long Room. It can then be used for 5000 Points. Also located in this room is a Double Barrelled Shotgun, as well as the final Radio. The Radio gives out the following conversation.

Richtofen: "Was in Gottes Namen ist das?"

Maxis: "Die Glocke. The Bell. Unsere Ultimate Weapon."

Richtofen: "Dann ist unsere Arbeit getan?"

Maxis: "Yes. Come now, Edward. We must get this to the Führer."

(Screams and gun-fire is heard.)

Scientist: "Nein! Nein! Lassen Sie uns!"

(Another garbling Sound is heard.)

Maxis: (Grunts.) "Edward... Edward? Richtofen, Was machst du?"

Richtofen: "You. You messed this up, you little swine!"

Maxis: "What are you talking about?!"

Richtofen: "I'm sorry, Ludvig. Es tut mir leid."

Maxis: "Edward, No!"

(An Axe is heard slicing through Flesh.)

Richtofen: "It's all your fault."

  • After this, a large rumbling is heard throughout the Facility, and a small Cave opens up next to the Starting Room. (This only happens if all Radios are listened to in order.)


  • Inside of this new Area is nothing but a Desk and a Noose hanging from the ceiling. However, upon further inspection, Players can find a Binary Code reading "01001001 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01000001 01001100 01010111 01000001 01011001 01010011 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00101110." The Player is then expected to translate the Code, (With no help from the Game,) and type it on the Typewriter that appears on the Desk. Whilst this is being done, Zombies do not enter the Cave. Once the correct phrase is entered, a very loud rumbling is heard, as well as some Mechanical Noises. Outside, an Elevator is waiting for the Players.

The Final Steps (Easter Egg.)Edit

  • Once the Lift is in position, Players can simply activate it by pressing the Action Button. When this is done, the Characters begin to move up the large shaft to the surface, and many pieces of text can be seen written on the walls. At the surface, the Characters see that the Earth is in ruins, and the sky now has a red tint. A Horde of Zombies begin to run up the slope towards the Players, but they are quickly teleported to an Underground Room with the Henge, or rather, the Fly Trap, located in the center. After an Explosion erupts in the center of the Structure, the Players are once again teleported, this time into the Corridor with Richtofen and Maxis. Richtofen is seen picking up an Axe and moving towards Maxis, but just as he is about to strike, the Characters are given a choice; Shoot Edward, and save Maxis for the greater good, but have Richtofen replaced by Maxis during the rest of the match, or allow him to kill Ludvig, causing an apocalypse. Either way, the Game then continues, with added features such as Weapons from the 1960's and 80's, Future Weapons and an Extra Location, in the form of the destroyed Fly Trap Chamber.

/* Roman Forum 100 AD*/ Edit

No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected (Julius Caesar)  -Map Description

Roman Forum 100 AD ouccurs in historic Rome. The fight against zombies takes place at Roman Forum and its surroundings. The map features new buildable Wonder Weapons. The Neptunus Trident & Juppiter Quake Releaser. A new buildable devices. The Perpetual Motion Device whis acts like the bus in Tranzit. Only diffrence is that it moves without stopping after building it. There are two Perpetual Motion Devices. The first one can be builded in the streets of Roman Forum Plaza. Other one can be builded in the clear area from fog near Element 115 meteor crash side. The Zombies of the Roman Forum 100 AD are the citizens of Rome 100 AD. They have been affected by Element 115 meteor crashed to that time. Roman Forum also features new enemies. The Phoenix, which acts similarly to Zombie Monkeys. These birds fly to catch power-ups. After they are killed and new power-up appears, They will reborn from the ashes and they will come after the power-up again. They stay on the inaccessible rooftops and trees waiting for power-ups. They have very low health just like zombie monkeys in Shangri-La. Hellhounds will return. They come every five or seven waves, After round 15 along with theyre own hellhound wave, they start to appear in normal rounds just like in Der Riese. There are also legion zombie with health of 2 zombie, indentifiable by their legion armor. Legion zombies begin to appear after round 7. Denizens will also return. They will spawn only on the fog. Also Cyclops will appear. They will be in the fog area just like the Denizens, But instead of coming underground they sleep tightly on the ground or some of them wander across the fog places.  If player walks too close or shoot at them they will wake up and chase you. Once woken up they will chase you even to places where fog doesnt exist. So those who are woken up must be killed. Those who walk in the fog do the same thing once they have spotten you. There are total 27 cyclops in the fog. After all of them are killed they will respawn 3 rounds later. If you kill all cyclops you will get a Thundergun power-up. It grants the player Thundergun with full ammunition, but goes away when all ammunition has been depleted. Also this Thundergun can be upgrated. Max Ammo works to this Thundergun. One hit from Cyclop will kill you, but if you have Jugger Nog you will survive two hits. Cyclops have health of 10 zombies. Just like Denizen killing cyclops wont make any points. Another new zombie is Scylla. They start coming in normal rounds after Pack-A-Punching the first weapon in slo & multiplayer. They have health of 3 zombie. Theyre pretty slow but theyre neck can grow twice long to bite you. 2 Bites will kill you and if you have Jugger Nog 4 bites will kill you. The furiest zombie is Julius Caesar, which act as a boss zombie. He will appear after first Hellhound Wave. He chases the players as long as 10 % of hes health has been taken by shooting him. Then he will retreat and will reappear every 3-6 rounds. Caesar has health of 1000 zombies. After Caesar has been killed he will drop a Boots power-up which lasts as long as you are alive. You will lose this power-up after being taken down by zombies and revived by player or quick revive (solo). Golden Spork and Hell's Retriever can be obtained too by making tough easter eggs.  A new weapons will appear too. Carcano,Scoped Carcano,Beretta Modello 38 & Breda 30. A new perk machines will appear too. Cliffhangers Hip Flask which allows the player to climb accesible edges,ropes,trees,rooftops and other. Some places arent accesible without this perk, so this perk must be needed then. It will cost 2500 points. Another  one is Frog Energy which allows the player to jump higher and longer distances. Usually it is needed to catch a rope. It will cost 2500 points. The last Perk-A-Cola is Security Soft Drink 2500 points which make those power-ups you get droppen by killing zombies safe. The Phoenixes will not come for those power-ups you have gained. Power-Ups also last twice longer time in ground before taking them. The Map is splitted into four major locations. Roman Forum Plaza,Colosseum,Legion Headquarters & Ruins. Each one of them is compared to be as large as one Kino Der Toten. They can be played seperated. In Survival,Grief Or Turned. Turned appears only in Ruins. Other three can be played by Survival or Grief. With Survival & Grief you can decide all same things as before expect this time you can decide are Hellhounds in the map,Phoenixes in the map,Scyllas in the map & are Legion Zombies In the Map. Also you can decide is the game headshots only,are there magic,difficulty easy or normal & the starting round 1,5,10,15 or 20. When played seperated all of the perk-a-colas will be in every single map. Random Perk Bottle can be obtained by killing 30 Denizen with M1911.

Roman Forum Plaza (Survival or Grief) (Only Mystery Box)


-Two Frag Grenades

Off-Wall Weapons

-Carcano 200 points

-Olympia 500 points

-Vector K10 1000 points

-AN-94 1200 points

-Remington 870 MCS 1500 points

(+ All the same Mystery Box weapons without Neptunus Trident & Juppiter Quake Releaser.)

Colosseum (Survival or Grief) (Perk-A-Colas & Mystery Box)

-Carcano 200 points

-M14 500 points

-MP5 1000 points

-Peacekeeper 1200 points

-M1927 1500 points 

(+ All the same Mystery Box weapons without Juppiter Quake Releaser)

Legion Headquarters (Survival or Grief) (Pack-A-Punch Machine,Perk-Colas & Mystery Box)

-Carcano 200 points

-Olympia 500 points

-M14 500 points

-Vector K10 1000 points

-MP5 1000 points

-AN-94 1200 points

-Peacekeeper 1200 points

-Remington 870 MCS 1500 points

-M1927 1500 points

(+ All Mystery Box Weapons)

Roman Forum 100 AD 

Starting WeaponsEdit


-Two Frag Grenades

Off-Wall WeaponsEdit

-Carcano 200 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-Olympia 500 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-M14 500 points  (Roman Forum Plaza)

-MP5 1000 points (Ruins)

-PDW-57 1000 points (Ruins)

-Vector K10 1000 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-B23R 1000 points (Legion Headquarters)

-Scoped Carcano 1000 points (Colosseum)

-SVU-AS 1000 points  (Survivalist Tower)

-AK-74u 1200 points (Legion Headquarters)

-Peacekeeper 1200 points (Perpetual Motion Device 1) (Appears After Bulding It)

-M16A1 1200 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-SWAT-556 1200 points (Undergound Chamber)

-AN-94 1200 points (Perpetual Motion Device 2) (Appears After Building It)

-Beretta Modello 38 1500 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-M1927 1500 points (Colosseum)

-Uzi 1500 points (Element 115 Crash Side)

-SCAR-H 1500 points (Survivalists Tower)

-Remington 870 MCS 1500 points (Ruins)

-Breda 30 2000 points (Ruins)

-Claymore 1000 points (Colosseum)

-Bowie Knife 3000 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-Galvaknuckles 6000 points (Pack-A-Punch Labyrinth)

-Semtex 250 points (Pack-A-Punch Labyrinth)

Mystery Box WeaponsEdit



-Mauser C96



-Tac-45 (single or dual wield)

-Five Seven (single or dual wiel)



-Chicom CQB



-Ballistic Knife



-M1 Garand

-Gewehr 43


-Type 25







-Barrett M82A1


-Death Machine



-War Machine

-Titus-6 (can be getted from mystery box after one of the players have Ray Gun)

-MM1 Grenade Launcher (can be getted from mystery box after one of the players have Titus-6)

-Storm PSR (can be getted from mystery box after one of the players have MM1 Grenade Launcher)

-Neptunus Trident (only avaible after being constructed manually)

-Juppiter Quake Releaser (only avaible after being constructed manually)

-Monkey Bombs

-Ray Gun Mark 2

-Ray Gun

-Wawe Gun (can be getted from the mystery box after one of the players have Storm PSR)

Perk MachinesEdit

-Deadshot Daiquiri 1500 points (Ruins)

-Quick Revive 1500 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-Double Tap Root Beer 2000 points (Colosseum)

-Stamin-Up 2000 points (Legion Headquarters)

-Electric Cherry 2000 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-Tombstone Soda 2000 points (Ruins)

-Jugger Nog 2500 points (Colosseum)

-Cliffhangers Hip Flask 2500 points (Legion Headquarters)

-Frog Energy 2500 points (Legion Headquarters)

-Security Soft Drink 2500 points (Colosseum)

-Speed Cola 3000 points (Roman Forum Plaza)

-Vulture Aid 3000 points (Perpetual Motion Device 1)

-Mule Kick 4000 points (Ruins)


-Neptunus Trident

-Juppiter Quake Releaser

-Perpetual Motion Device

-Mounted Scorpio (Defends Perpetual Motion Device) (can be upgrated to Cheiroballistra)

-Flaming Oil Spreader (Defends Perpetual Motion Device)  (can be upgrated)

-Counter Spikes (Defends Perpetual Motion Device) (can be upgrated)

-Barbed Wire Wall (Defends Perpetual Motion Device) (can be upgrated to Flaming Barbed Wire Wall)

-Air Booster (Boosts Perpetual Motion Device when activated. Reloading tim 1 minute, drops

the zombies off from the Perpetuaö Motion Device.)

-Alpha Labyrinth Key (Buildable key to Pack-A-Punch Room)

-Ladder (multiple places)

-Rope (multiple places)

-Rope Of Clothes (To top of the colosseum)

-Trample Steam (Ancient Style)

-Navcard Table (Ancient Style)

-Turbine (Ancient Style)

-Zombie Shield (Ancient Style)

-Gun Trade Machine (You can change weapons with other players)



-Double Points

-Max Ammo



-Fire Sale

-Zombie Blood

-Punisher (It lasts for 30 seconds and enables every player to shoot infinity without reloading) (rare)

-Bonfire Sale (After Pack-A-Punch Room is open)

-Random Perk Bottle (if the players kills 30 Denizen with M1911)

-Bonus Points




-Samuel Stuhlinger

-Marlton Johnson

-Abigail Misty Briarton


Uncle John's Fantastic Mega-omtipotent Finale Map by YazbeckistanmanEdit


Ivan Matroshka- Russian man from Pripyat, Ukraine. Last survivor of Chernobyl.

Ralphy Walsh- Dorky teenager from Ohio. A mixture of Beavis and Marlton Johnson

John E. Blue- typical squeaker.

Tyrese Wallace- kool guy


Start: Fragsx2, Ivan gets a Tokarev-TT3, Ralph gets a M1911, John gets a P99, Tyrese gets a TAC45

Wall: M14, Olympia, KAR98K, Bowie Knife, Ghwer43, MPL, MP5, M16A1, Thompson, Mosin Nagant Scoped, Remington870MCS, STG44, AK74U, PDW57, Semtex, claymore, SVUAS, AN94, B23R, GalvaKnuckles







Fiveseven (duel or 1)

Ray Gun











Type 25













Crossbow(BO2 version)

Ballistic Knife


Monkey bombs


quick revive








Pack a Punch

Rooms coming soon

Zombies Map: Die Mauer (by Darth Ultimatum) Edit

Map Description: Fight your way through the twisty passages of this complex map as the zombies try to cut you off at every corner...

  • This map takes place in late '80s England, after the events of Moon*

Playable Characters Edit

The original characters return in this map (Takeo, Tank, Ricktofen, Nicolai).

Starting Room: The House Edit

The group starts in what appears to be a bathroom of a typical suburban English home. There's blood everywhere, of course. The entire house (three rooms per floor, two floors) is unlocked to start with, with the Olympia on the bottom floor and the M14 on the top. There are two zombies spawns on each floor, although both top floor windows come from the same spawn (similar to Der Riese, but not exactly). There are two doors, one leading to the backward (which contains a box spawn and the MPL [750 points]), and one leading out the front door.

The Thin Ice Edit

The second room (unlocked after opening the front door to the house) is not at all what you'd expect the front lawn to look like. The area is actually rather large, but there are six zombie spawns which makes staying here hard past round 6-7. The floor is completely ice, and, if shot or blown up, will break (if a player falls into the frozen water, they just die, similar to falling off the rocks on Moon [this also applies to zombies]). Mule Kick and Quick Revive are here, as well as the Lee-Enfield for 200 points. The far side (opposite from the house) is entirely a large, white brick wall, which has no visible end. Walking up to the Wall will yeild the message: "Hold {action} to Enter the Wall for 1000 points". Doing so will force some bricks aside, and allow the player to enter. The bricks will rebuild themselves after ten seconds, so it is wise to alert everyone to the passage beforehand.

The Wall: Stage One Edit

The first section of the Wall has no visible zombie spawns or windows, however the zombies will brake down some wall sections (similar to the Help Room in NdU, and various places in Verruckt, etc.) for a total of three zombie entry points. The room is roughly the size of the MPL room in Moon. Speed Cola is here. On the side of the room that you did not enter, you can purchase (for 1000 points) another "brick reveal", although the room is completely symmetric so it's easy to spend the 1000 points on the wrong side. The Sten is here for 1000 points. Leaving the area through the second entry has the same effect as the first (bricks close after ten seconds).

The Cradle Edit

This room appears to be a giant cradle, or crib. The Mystery Box's initial spawn point is in this room. Zombies will fall from the sky, so it is imperative to watch your back. This room is roughly the size of the Dressing Room in Kino, and contains nothing other than the Box Spawn, so staying in the room after the box leaves is not advised. There is a door, unlockable for 750 points.

The Battlefield Edit

The Battlefield is one of the single largest rooms in CoD history. The one room is roughly the size of the WaW level Their Land, Their Blood and borrows many design elements from that level. It is the aftermath of a WWII battle. The M16 is here, as well as Claymores, and Juggernog, and the Bowie Knife, and the first Teleporter. The easter egg is activated by jumping on top of (and pressing "use" on) all seventeen tanks in this room (the easter egg is actually "Damned", just for the lulz). Also, Double Tap Root Beer is in this room. There are nine Box Spawns and a section of barbed wires that can be cut away, which leads to the

War Room Edit

The War Room is very small, about the size of the starting room on Ascension. It contains PhD Flopper, as well as the M1 Garand, BAR + Bipod, Springfield, Thompson, and Stakeout. There is a conspicuous door that is buyable for 1000 points.

The Classroom Edit

This is a small classroom that contains nothing of importance, other than another Claymore spawn and another box spawn. Yet another door leads to

The School Edit

That one door unlocks the entire school, which consists of eighteen classrooms and the cafeteria. Each room contains a box spawn and zombie spawn, and the cafeteria has purchasable Molotov Cocktails and the Power Switch, as well as the second Teleporter (they go in order, but this one [and this one only] costs 1000 points to use). There are two doors in the cafeteria: one, for 750, goes back to the Battlefield (the path was not there before turning on the power), the other goes to the next section:

The Wall: Stage Two Edit

Stage Two is functionally the same as Stage One, but it is slightly bigger and has four zombie spawns instead of three. Stamin-Up is here, as well as Frag Grenades and Semtex. There is a secret box spawn here that only exists when a Fire Sale is active, although the "box light" (which is only visible on the Battlefield or by noclipping) is always over this room. Once again, the entry and exist only open for ten seconds. Exiting the room brings you to

The Strip Club Edit

There's literally nothing here exepct a 750 point door and electro-static shock trap. Going through the door brings you to:

The Hotel Room Edit

The Hotel Room is the "main" room of the map (just like the Stage is the "main" room of Kino). It contains Frag Grenades, Who's Who, three box spawns, one zombie window, Deadshot Daquiri, and the White Brick (which is found by shooting the piano in the room). There's also a purchasable FG42 here. All the walls here are the bricks that make up "The Wall" stages, although a door is purchasable for 1000 leads to

The Wall: Stage Three Edit

This stage is unlike the others. The M14 EBR is purchasable for 1200 points. There are eight zombie spawns, and there is blood all over the place. There is a broken TV where the perk is in the other rooms. In this room (and this room only), the Death Machine and Lightning Bolt power-ups can spawn, and the Carpenter power-up cannot spawn. Also, Nukes will give the player 600 points instead of the normal 400. On the opposite side of this room there is a missing brick in the Wall. The White Brick from the Hotel Room must be placed in this spot in order to open the door. This door leads to

The Blood Room Edit

This room is an abandoned and blood-covered doctors office. The ASP is purchasable here for 100 points (ammo 25; upgraded 1000), and there is a box spawn. The room itself is very similar to the "torture chair room" in Verruckt, and the "Torture Chair" in Kino der Toten (featuring a bloody chair in the middle of the room). There are four zombie windows, and a door purchasable for 750 points.

The Stage Edit

This room is a typical rock band stadium. The room is rather large, roughly twice the size of the Theatre in KdT, and consists of two major parts: The Stage, and The Audience. There are a total of nineteen zombie spawns and windows in this room. The Stage is similar to the stage on KdT, but is there is no debris/walls, so circling around it is pretty much useless. There is a box spawn on the stage. The Audience consists of about fifty rows of chairs, which can be circled around. On the stage is an elevator that leads back to the Hotel Room, and in the back of the Audience (opposite of the Stage) is a door for 1000 points.

The Grass Edit

This is a simple grass path. There is a box spawn here, and the AK74u. There is a door for 1000 points.

The Foyer Edit

There is another box spawn and another door for 1000 points here.

The Courtroom Edit

This is another massive room, although not as big as the Stage. There aren't any zombie spawns here, and there aren't any other doors, meaning that it is a good place to camp because all of the zombies will come from very far away (the nearest spawn is back in the Stage, and there is a very long straight line from there to the Courtroom). However, the room is indeed a dead end so if players don't want to get completely overwhelmed they will have to leave eventually. The layout is a typical (but greatly scaled up) courtroom, with rows of seats and a MASSIVE judge's pedestal (about two hundred feet tall). There are very small ledges on the walls that lead up to the top of the pedestal. On top of it, there is a button that turns the TV in The Wall: Stage Three into the PaP machine, and also spawns teleporters that link between the three Wall stages. HOWEVER, if a player was to fall from the pedestal or the vast majority of the small ledges leading up to it, they would instantly be downed if they don't have PhD Flopper (due to the extreme height of it all). Zombies cannot climb the pedestal, so Dive to Prone-ing with PhD Flopper from the top of the pedestal is very effective, because in the time it takes you to get to the bottom the zombies will have crowded to where you will land.

Miscellaneous Information Edit

Die Mauer is German for "The Wall".

The Pack-A-Punch machine can only be used once, because it is sucked back into the wall and replaced by the Television again. The button, however, does not need to be pressed a second time; completing the Easter egg will permanently unlock the Machine.

There is a new WonderWeapon in this map, known as the Scepter-42. Is is similar to a steampunk FG42, but with no magazine (instead, the stock is removed and replaced every time you go dry). It has a one round magazine with a 10 second long reload. It is very similar to the Thundergun, but has a smaller radius, triple the range, and the mobility of a machine gun. When pack a punched, it becomes the Stinger-89 Buzzkill, which has an eight round capacity, double the radius, twice the reserve ammunition, the mobility of an assault rifle, the ability to ADS, and a reload time of 2s (8s empty magazine). Also, the PaP version can be reloaded when ADS, but this increases reload speed to 3.25s.


Die Nation Edit

 Zombies map:DIE NATION
 Date:December 24, 2017
 Game:Black Ops 2
 Characters:Sarah Michelle Gellar,Robert Englund,Danny Trejo,and Michael Rooker
 Team:Call of the Dead Group
 Weapons:M1911,Grenades,any weapon bought
 Enemy Weapons:BRAAAINS...,Producer's stage light
 Objective:Survive for as long as possible against limitless waves of the undead
 Enemies:Zombies,Minions, and Producers
 Console codename:zm_damnation

Die Nation takes place in Paris,France and is featured in the 3rd Black Ops 2 dlc map pack, Salvation.This map is so far Treyarch's darkest zombies map.With religious topics such as damnation and hell, this map is slightly more inapproiate than previous zombie maps.This map also features narrower spots in the map similar to Die Rise.The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame also play roles in this map.Notre Dame serves as the place where the Pack-A-Punch is located and the Eiffel Tower is featured in this map's major easter egg.This map features a new perk called Last Man Standing.The perk decreases the possibility of falling to your death as it creates a barrier below your body that allows you to walk above air for about 5 seconds.PHD Flopper also makes a return in this map.Last appearing in Moon.The map also features a new buildable wonder weapon called Dragon's Breath.The weapon is basically a modified SPAS-12 that shoots molten copper.It also features a radius similar to the Sliquifier.The weapon un Pack-A-Punched can kill every zombie in the map up until round 100.When Pack-A-Punched the weapon becomes the Devil's Spit.The weapon also has a blue camo and the molten copper that it fires also becomes purple instead of red.The Devil's Spit also has infinite damage.The Trample Steam also makes a return in this map, having only appeared in Die Rise.Also returning from Die Rise are the Minion zombies.Aside from the Minions, this map features a new zombie called the Producer, which is a zombified church priest that acts similar to Brutus from Mob of the Dead.The zombies weapon is a stage light which is the same as George Romero's weapon.The playable characters are Sarah Michelle Gellar,Robert Englund,Danny Trejo,and Michael Rooker from Call of the Dead.The musical easter egg for this map is called "Lord, Preserve Me" by Avenged Sevenfold.

Weapons: Every weapon in every Black Ops 2 zombie map excluding the Sliquifier,the Hell's Retriever, and the Blundergat.The Dragon's Breath is also in the Mystery Box but only after someone builds it and then loses it by either swapping it out or getting down and dying.

Perks: Juggernog Quick Revive Who's Who Last Man Standing PHD Flopper Mule Kick Speed Cola and Double Tap

Buildables: Trample Steam Shield Dragon's Breath Wooden Branch to break into Notre Dame the Navcard Table

Achievements/Trophies: Indulgence Collector(75 G/Silver Trophy)- In Die Nation, free yourself from damnation.NOTE:This is received after completing the map's major easter egg. Where are your Producers now?(10 G/Bronze Trophy)- In Die Nation, kill the Producer before he can deactivate anything. Straight Edge Survivor(30 G/Bronze Trophy)- In Die Nation, survive until Round 20 without getting down Electronic Specialist(35 G/Bronze Trophy)- In Die Nation, use every electronic and buy from every single perk machine in one game. And He Shall Smite the Wicked(15 G/Bronze Trophy)- In Die Nation, kill at least 24 zombies with a single shot with the Dragon's Breath/Devil's Spit. Saying Your Prayers(10 G/Bronze Trophy)- In Die Nation, enter Notre Dame and Pack-A-Punch a weapon before Round 15 An Act of Great Levitation(10 G/Bronze Trophy)- In Die Nation, walk above air and prevent yourself from falling to your death.

Trivia: -"Die Nation" is a pun on "damnation". -The main heading of Die Nation, The City of Bells, is a reference to the bells that the bell ringer rings in Notre Dame. -Some rooms in this map are upside down, such as the Mystery Box spawn location -This is the third map to feature elevators.The first being "Five" and the second being "Die Rise". -This map features the highest amount of weapons available in the map. -This map is so far the largest zombies map. -This map was hinted from the bells that were ringing during the game over screen of Mob of the Dead

Titanic Zombie Map                                 (By BAM) Edit

My idea that came up is a Titanic zombie map either when it sinks or while it is still afloat. The start might be like two pairs of couples that were retired army vetrians that are celibrating there return home with a cruise on the biggest ship in the world. While they are on the ship they is a zombie abocolips and they are forced in to combate by the captians orders, that might be the theme. And that would be the map but like there is a boss the boss in this map could be the captian getting infected. Same characters or guns unless the public would like to decide. 19:54, May 11, 2013 (UTC)BAM

Firing range(not anything like black ops), Greek Coloseeum Edit

FIRING RANGE(can do survival only with up to 6 players)

'Charecters:  'Marines

You are at a firing range at a marine base when zombies start running at you.  all you need to do is to survive till you DIE.

Starting weapons:



4 Semtex

Knife that kills till 2 minutes

Wall weapons:




Remington 700


Box Weapons: 

All guns from every game from mw2 to bo2(excluding assault sheild and lock on launchers)

Perks:  (all perks are against the back wall of the fring range along with pack a punch)

Steady Lemonaid, 1200(  Iron sights are 50% narrower and no hip sway)

Deadshot dauquiri, 1500

Flaka Jacka, 1500(no explosive damage and their is a 2% chance that one of your bullets will be explosive)

Speed Cola, 3000

Double Tap(B02 version), 2000

Mule Kick, 3000

Quick Revive, 1500

the point of this map is to survive in the fring range for as long as possible.

GREEK COLOSEEUM(survival and grief)

Charecters:  Adventurers

Starting weaons:



2 Frag Grenades

Wall weapons: 

Olympus(stronger version of olympia), 600

M14, 400

MP5K, 900

MPL, 900

PM63, 800

MP40, 1000



Box weapons: (Mag,max ammo)

Zues's Tornado( shoots a big wind that kills zombies from mid range)2,20

Posieden's Riptide( Shoots a blast of water that destroys a zombie)5,50

Hades Reviver( Turns the zombies back to humans)3,30

Helios's Flame( shoots fire that burns zombies on any round after being touched by the fire for 4 seconds)*1,10

Athena's Brain Breaker( shoots a mind wave that blows up the zombies brains)1,15

Artemis Bow( a bow and arrow that makes a zombie go flying back when shot and kills any zombies it hits)1,80

Dionysus's Vines( shoots vines out that can tangle up groups of zombies and pulls them underground)3,15

Aphrodites Love( shoots out a heart that the zombies follow for 10 seconds)1,5

Ares Boar( shoots out a little pellet that make a boar come and kill zombies)1,5

Hepheustes Hammer( a hammer that you can carry and will kill zombies on one hit)infinte,infinte

Hermes Serpents( shoots a serpent out that tangles all zombies alive and kills when bites)2,0

Cratos Fury( two swords that look like dragon claws and is always 2 hit kills)infinite,infinite

Janus "doorway"(shoots out a black hole that zombies are attracted to and are killed)1,5

Kronos's Time Stopper(freezes zombies for 5 seconds)1,3

  • shoots continulously for up to 20 seconds

these are all greek gods for everyones information(upsept for Kronos who is a titan.  Janus, Cratos, and Helio's are minor gods.  Hades is not an olmpian because he lives in the underworld)


Achilles Beverage(juggernog)

Hermes energy drink( Speed cola)

Quick revive

Double tap

Stamin up

Artemises soda( deadshot dauqiri)

Mule Kick

Downers delight(can use primary weapons when down,switch weapons when down,get points when down,throw grenades when down)

Pack a punched weapons

Olympus:  12 Olympians(12 bullets in each mag,120 ammo,shoots an element of each olympian(Zues,Posiden,Hermes,Hera,Hephaestus,Dionysus,Demeter,Athena,Artemis,Ares,Apollo,Aphrodite)

M14: Mniesa

MP5K: MP5K Kollider

MPL: Pack a punched MPL

PM63: Tokyo & Rose

MP40: Afterburner

M16: Skull Crusher

AK74U: AK74fu2

M1911: Mustang & Sally

Well this is it. the box weapons can be pack a punched but they only get more ammo and more damage.  hope you like my ideas

Zombie High Edit

" This disease is quite remarkable.  Its turned some of my students into monster that will rip you apart with their bare hands.  They can also take many bullets to places that should kill with one.  Ive seen them jump to the top of the building to get to their "prey".  I need a sample so i could test on this more..."

                                                                                                 -- Professer Andrew Johnsons last recording

This map introduces choosing which charecter you want to play as and watching the into when you play online.  each charecter has their own intro.  Each intro is listed with each charecter below

Mason "Hollywood" Miracle:  " this all started at football practice when we started a play.  The center snapped the ball and I dropped back.  I saw Billy-Bob running at me, but their was something wrong with him.  his skin was green and their was wound marks all over his body. He tackled me but it seemed like he hit harder.  He started trying to bite me.  I remember something the nerds always talk about called zombies.  Everyone was trying to pry him off me but the more they pulled the more it ripped my skin.  I head butt him and he backed off.  I started beating him on the face till the coach broke us up.  Billy-Bob jumped on the coach and started ripping him up.  everyones instinct was to run.  I ran into the cafeteria with 3 other people and started bording up windows."

Chloe "Hottie" Buhcannon:  " this all started at cheerleading practice when we were doing a cheer.  we were doing a pyramid.  When i was going to jump at the top the whole pyramid fell.  I saw Madison biting Destiny.  I had no idea what was hapening.  i just decided to run to the football field.  When i got there everyone looked just like Madison.  They had wound marks all over their body and their eyes were glowing orange/blue(depennds on what easter egg you did on buried).  They were all running at me.  I ran away back into the cheer room and locked the door.  Everyone there was infected also.  I ran to the cafeteria and joined up with three other people and started bording everything up.

James "Geek" Miller:  "This all started when i was playing video games with my friend.  When i was in the middle of the match he said he was sick.  He puked all over the floor and just passed out.  I dont know whats wrong with him.  I went to the nurses office and she was weird looking.  Like a zombie.  She was green and had cuts and she had glowing eyes.  I ran back to my room.  When i got back my friend was just standing there.  He started running at me and i jumped out of the way

Alright guys this is it for right now i will continue later

my zombie ideas by ownerofthiswiki Edit

my ideas for zombie maps by ownerofthiswiki

der toten wacht - takes place in an abondoned house see my upcoming page for details

schule des todes - takes place in a school that was turned into a Nazi boot camp

mansion - takes place in a base ( the base is a base for group 163, you would find out about that in my zombies story)

nuketown 2025 zombies - takes place at nuketown 2025 after the explosion

nazi base 1,2,3 - they obviously takes place a Nazi bases

remains - takes place on a destroyed mountain after a nuke

hideout - takes place at a base

nazi base 4 -  nazi base

hospital - takes place at a hospital

der reise - takes place in virginia, it is like tranzit, but my own little version of it

deadly reaction - takes place at a 163 base

the maxis house - takes place at samanthas house

after the strike - takes place on the other side of the crater in nevada near nuketown

dark side of the moon - takes place on the porter station

the return - takes place at hitlers house

apocalypse - takes place on a plateau in asia

d-day - takes place the day after d-day and all the  men that died come back from the dead to get revenge

return to the moon - takes place on the Nazi moon base

the apocalypse 2 - takes place in brazil and is the true apocalypse

burned - takes place in the buried city of pompeii

technological difficulties - takes place at an oil refinary

final hour - takes place in the crumbling continent of austrailia

on the run - takes place in texas,great britain,china,mali,mexico

rebellion - takes place at a survival camp

paradise - takes place in north carolina at a beach house

zombies of the carribean - takes place on a cruise ship

flight 115 - takes place at an airport

healing the wounds - takes place at a 163 base

back to the past - takes place in the trenches of france

rezurrection - takes place at a 163 base

agartha - takes place in agartha

those are my ideas for call of duty zombies :) i have a story to go along with it


Barspin takes place in an indoor skate park, which has lots of obstacles to maneuver around. When you spawn, you won't spawn inside the main skate park. This map takes place in the future, around the same time as Black Ops II is set. Barspin is a hard map, but once you get a grip on the spawns and obstacles, it becomes a little easier.

When you spawn, you are equipped with the M1911 and no points. You will not spawn in the skate park, but in the first aid room. There will be no wall weapons, and there will be one door to open, and one cabinet to open. Upon approaching the cabinet, you will be asked for a crowbar. I will discuss the location of the crowbar later in this post. There are no barriers in this room, yet the door costs 500 points. There is a jacket lying next to a pile of blood on the floor. You will be prompted to press X, and when you do so, you will recieve 500 points. It is good to do this first thing, because the zombies will pile up outside of the door. When you open the door...

You are met with half of an indoor skate park. The other half of the skate room is blocked off by a huge wall that has fallen through the ceiling. The ceiling will be accesible later on in the game. As you walk through the door, you are approached by a zombie running frantically towards you. This zombie only takes one bullet / knife to kill, but when he dies, you have to inspect the zombie. You will be prompted to press X, much like the jacket which you obtain points out of. Once you have pressed X, you recieve a crowbar. Once you have recieved the crowbar, the zombie will grab onto you and you are prompted to press X. You have to press X within 5 seconds or the zombie will gauge your eyeballs out! If you press X in time, you will elbow his head and then brutally stick your crowbar through the zombies skull. This crowbar can be used to open the...

Cabinet in the first aid room. When you approach the cabinet, you guessed it. Press X! When you do so, you are met with a new wall weapon. The:
1000 (100) - Glock 26!

The Glock 26 is the first aquirable new weapon in this map, and has some attatchments! When you walk back in to the first half of the indoor skate park, there are 3 buyable weapons. These are:
500 (50) - M14!
1000 (100) - Ithaca 37!
3000 ( - ) - Bowie Knife!

You are all familiar with the M14, but another new weapon is the Ithaca 37! The Ithica 37 is a 7 round shotgun that was used in World War II and the Vietnam War. To buy the Bowie Knife, you have to shoot / knife every skateboard in the first half of the indoor skate park. When you shoot a skateboard, it will flip over. When you flip over the last skateboard, the Bowie Knife will appear on the bottom. As on all zombies map containing the Bowie Knife, it costs 3000 points, and is a one knife kill up until Round 10. There will be three exits out of this half of the indoor skate park. The first is a door that leads to the...

Reception area. From the reception, you can only open one more room. Upon approaching the door to the last room, you are prompted to use a key. I will explain where to find the key later. There are two weapons in this room that you are able to use. These are:
1000 (100) - MP5!
0 ( - ) - Parabellum 1908!

Like with the M14, we are all familiar with the MP5. The Parabellum 1908 is a new weapon in this map that was used in World War I. The way you obtain the Parabellum 1908 is the same as getting the free 500 points at the beginning of the map. There will be a shelf that has fallen, and at the bottom of the shelf, there is a drawer. You have to bust a cap into the lock on it. When you approach the drawer, you will be prompted to press X. When you have completed this step, the drawer will fall open, and a Parabellum 1908 will fall onto the floor. You can obtain this weapon at any time by pressing X.

Downfall Edit


Demonic announcer: Edward Richtofen

"The zombies have nearly taken over a American military base. Fight for survival and try to find a cure for the zombie apocalypse."                                              Map description

Date: 2025




Quick Revive


Speed Cola

Double Tap Root Beer 2

Mule Kick

PhD Flopper

Electric Cherry

Deadshot Daiquiri

No Power switch needed

Pack a Punch Machine

Starting weapons: M1911 w/ Tactical Knife, M67 frag grenades

Off wall weapons:

M14- 500 points

Olympia/Ray Gun- 500 points

STG-44- 1400 points

MP40- 1000 points

Vector K10- 1200 points

AK74u- 1200 points

Colt M16A1- 1200 points

AK-47- 1300 points

R870 MCS- 950 points

B23R- 900 points

M1927 (Tommy gun)- 1500 points

Mini-Uzi- 1000 points

Semtex grenades- 250 points

Spikemores- 1000 points

Mystery box weapons

. 357 Magnum/Python

. Remington New Model Army

. M9 (with or without Dual Wield)

. MP7

. P90

. STG-44 w/ Stock

. MP40 w/ Quickdraw


. M27 IAR (Assault rifle)

. M4A1

. Galil

. TAR-21

. KSG 12

. SPAS 12

. M60


. Dragunov

. Barrett M82A1

. DSR 50

. Ray Gun

. Ray Gun Mark II

. Thundergun

. Wunderwaffe DG-2

. Monkey Bomb


Zombie Shield, Ultimate Staff, Cure Gun (Easter egg only)

Easter egg:

Step 1: Teleport to Nuketown

Use the teleporter to teleport to Nuketown Zombies. Nuketown is more ruined than ever, being that it takes place after Richtofen's Grand Scheme. The missiles have wrecked Nuketown so you can only go on one side of the map. Go inside the yellow house and the Remington 870 MCS will be available for purchase above the fireplace. In the corner, there is some Element 115. Take it and teleport back to the main map.

Step 2: Find the emergency room

After step 1, you will teleport to an emergency room with glass bottles. Take the medicine from the table and walk to the workbench. Combine the Element 115 and the ingredients and you will need to add extra parts to build the Cure Gun. Once again you have to teleport back to Nuketown. The rest of the parts for the Cure Gun are scattered across the house and in the backyard.

Step 3: Build the Cure Gun

Teleport back to the emergency room and add the parts to the workbench. Now take the Cure Gun

After completing this step, the chance of getting a better weapon from the Box goes up by 50%.

Step 4: Go the main map

Teleport back to the main map. Make sure there are a group of zombies to make a rape train. This is the hardest part. It is very hard to make rape trains in the map because there are no camping spots or large rooms except for outside.

Step 5: Shoot zombies with the Cure Gun

Shoot the zombies with the Cure Gun and they will turn back to humans. At this point, mankind will return to normal and there will be no more zombies. All of the players in the game have to walk to the teleporter and have the option to teleport to Nuketown to Pack-a-Punch (Y/Triangle) or end the game (X/Square).

Richtofen can be heard screaming and saying "No! The power! Gone! Gone!"

Step 6: End the game

After you end the game, the song "115" will start to play and a cutscene is played to show that people are repopulating and people are working on fixing Nuketown to become Nuketown 2025.

+der toten wacht (the dead awake) Edit

der toten wacht~ the dead awake  by ownerofthiswiki

description: everyone feels safe at home right? wrong. step through time and face the might of the undead in this virginia house where survival is not reality...

part 1, the map

first of all this map is an oversized house supposed to be Dr. Maxis' secret home in virginia. how you get to der toten wacht is a whole other story. anyway, this is one of my ideas (i have like 40 ideas) this is zombie map 1

starting room:

this room is the playroom, it consists of 3 zombie entrances, the mainframe, and the first teddy bear (for easter egg song). it also has the m14 and the olympia on the wall. it has one door

the hallway:

the door in the starting room opens to this area, consisting of a loft, and a hallway. the b23r is on the wall. the

re are 2 doors to open and debris to clear. each one is 1000 points. there are 3 zombie entrances.

spare bedroom:

this is one of the rooms that doesn't need to be opened. it is very small and it is very easy to get cornered and get killed. there are 3 zombie entrances.

the baby bedroom: 

again, doesn't need to be opened. this room has 2 zombie entrances. and again its easy to get killed

the dining room:

the debris needs to be cleared to get to the power it has a door that leads to the outside but it needs power to be opened. it also has two doors that lead to the same area but are separated by a couch. (750 $) it also includes the bowie knife and the ak74u on the wall. 1 zombie entrance.

the hallway #2:

nothing special, just a hallway split in half with a couch. 1 zombie entrance on the left side


the way to get to it is to go through the right door in the dining room and buy the door to the right of it. it has the second teddy bear. it has one door and that leads to the living room. it has 4 zombie entrances.

living room:

2 zombie entrances. and a table for building a wonder weapon that isnt really a weapon.

power room:

small, but consists of another door that will be opened when the power is on. 3 zombie entrances. 

outside: has a new thing, the secret nuke. its very valuable, and very powerful. it has the last teddy bear, and a teleporter. there are obviously zombies that come out of the ground, however, there are still barriers, and they are on each side of the house. in the middle of the outside (front yard) there is a car that gets hit by a meoterite at round 30.

part 2, the perks

quick revive (start room)

double tap (spare bedroom)

speed cola (kitchen)

juggernog ( living room

deadshot daquiri (power room)

stamin up ( baby bedroom)

pack a punch (outside) and i know its not a perk a cola

part 3 the mystery box locations

baby bedroom, hallway, outside, kitchen, living room, power room, start room (rare), dining room

part 4: power ups

insta kill, carpenter, nuke, double points, max ammo, teleporter (new)


- this is the first zombie map to have red eyed zombies since mob of the dead

- there were supposed to be 2 teleporters and a trap that traps you outside the minute you step outside, but never made it on the map

- this is the first map since buried where you can change the zombies' eye color in the easter egg

- this is the first map to feature franklin thompson and Adolf Hitler

- this is the first map to include 2 starter weapons ( mauser c96 and m1911 )

the easter egg steps: (karmas a b****)

required objects: ray guns, de-cloner, 115-container-inator, key, samanthas picture, at least two people must be past round 30, power must be on

step 1, triggering the clone

when near the meoterite, have one of the players shoot the ray gun at it until they die of splash damage. when you are revived, you will have a ray gun that shoots 115 instead of rays. (NOTE: the ray gun that shoots 115 will not have an effect on zombies) then have both players shoot at the moon with their ray guns until samantha speaks to them. when she is done, a clone of samantha will appear in the teleporter and will try to kill you. she has remarkable speed and has high health. (it is recommended that you have juggernog and stamin up) kill her ASAP

step 2, sending it back

once the clone is killed, it will remain on the ground, go find samanthas picture, hook it to the wall, use the decloner on it, then go use the decloner on samanthas clone. within 5 minutes, samanthas clone will come back to life, it will walk slowly but if hit once, you will die even if you have juggernog. use the 115-container-inator on a zombie and then get far away from the clone. if all goes well, the clone will follow the human into the teleporter and they both will disappear.

step 3, opening the aether

finish the round you are on, within the next round a designed circle will appear in the teleporter, put the key in it. then a door will close on the teleporter and samantha can be heard laughing all zombies remaining in the round will suddenly stop and no color will be in the eyes. then they will all of a sudden freak out and their eyes will turn yellow. and the achievement will be unlocked. (note: the next time the player with the 115 ray gun uses the mystery box, they will get the ray gun to replace the 115 ray gun) 


rather take a tug        25G bronze trophy     survive to round 15 without juggernog

childs play                  25G bronze trophy     stay in the starting room for an entire round on round 20 or                                                                              higher

houses are always small    10G bronze trophy  open all doors in der toten wacht

dinner time                      30G bronze trophy  drink all perk a colas in one game

puzzle game                5G bronze trophy        find the missing peice to the tree nuke

illegal actions               10G bronze trophy     kill samanthas clone

karmas a b****             75G silver trophy      "defeat" samantha


date: 1985

location: mechanicsville virginia

zombies eye color: red (yellow after easter egg)

characters: edward richtofen, tank dempsey, adolf hitler, franklin thompson

opening script:

(teleporter sound is heard)

Edward Richtofen - ughh, where are we?

Tank Dempsey - oh s***, ive seen this place before.

hitler- really? well how do we get out?

tank- its a house you moron. its not that hard to find your way out of it.

franklin- uh guys?!

(zombies can be heard)

all of a sudden a zombie breaks in through a window and jumps on hitler

the three start shooting the zombie.

when its killed, hitler tells tank to get us out

tank- follow me

zombies block the door and slowly walk towards them

zombies block the window and break through a hole in the wall

richtofen- oh s*** what do we do?

tank - we pray...

all of a sudden richtofen shrieks and collapses on the ground

tank - what the hell?

franklin - samantha somehow communicates with him and she drove him insane

hitler - can we talk about this later? we kind of have a problem to deal with now

tank - we are screwed. we might as well put our guns down.

hitler - hell no! im not going down without a fight!

hitler starts shooting at the zombies at the door and push them out of the way

the surrounding zombies start to jog torwards tank and franklin

hitler - get richtofen and come on!

franklin and tank grab richtofen and go with hitler 

richtofen starts to wake up 

richtofen - let me go. i can handle this myself

hitler - well, come on! 

the 4 run out side  and find more zombies 

they all get cornered and die

a blue lightning bolt is seen and the 4 appear again

franklin - something isn't right

richtofen - NO! i hate you i would never!

richtofen covers his ears and gets on his knees

richtofen - leave me alone! damn you Samantha Maxis!

richtofen - no im not. yeah well what are you going to do about it?

franklin - zombies at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 o'clock!

richtofen - well what are we waiting for? start shooting

zombies go down left and right 

more and more zombies appear

what are we going to do?

screen goes black

we fight til we die.

[the end] alternative: comic page,

4 pictures

picture 1: a picture of a tv saying HOUR 3 OF GREAT BRITAINS ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

picture 2: unknown but a picture is taped on it and the picture looks like a zombie is about to attack a scientist

picture 3: group 163's logo (a brain with the numbers 163 on it and outside of it is a a rocket, a lightbulb, and a 115 meteor

picture 4: a world map with an arrow starting at germany and going to virginia on the line is the number 1945 on the germany side, and on the virginia side is 1985

a rip in the page shows half a picture of a broken teleporter

this is it... i will do schule des todes soon i guess...


schule des todes by ownerofthiswiki Edit

schule des todes by ownerofthiswiki

first of all this map takes place in a school, and the translation for schule des todes is school of death, there is a new perk a cola for this map x-ray, but there is 2 new power ups and this time they are chicken leg and skull crusher, there is no power for this map and im going to list the off-wall weapons and the mystery box weapons...

shall we get started on the layout...

start room

the start room has 18 barriers, a broken teleporter, (you have to fix it for the easter egg) it has 4 different paths to choose from (all are debris to clear) quick revive and x-ray are in this area.

stairway 1 (left)

8 barriers, deadshot daquiri is here. 2 paths to choose from (they lead to the same area) 

2nd floor clearing

5 barriers, double tap is here, 2 paths that lead to the same area (stairway 2)

stairway 2 (right)

4 barriers, random perk is here  2 paths which lead to the same area

left debris clearing  (from the first room)

6 barriers, stamin-up is here 3 paths 2 of which lead to the same area

path 1/2 (after the left debris)

7 barriers, 1 door that leads to the gym

path 3 = right debris clearing

3 barriers, 2 or 1 debris areas,(depends on which way you came from)


4 barriers, 3 doors 2 of which lead to the same place (stage) the other leads to path 4 (cleared debris of path 3/right debris clearing, speed cola is here so is pack a punch


2 barriers, juggernog is here 

power ups

instakill, double points, carpenter, nuke, death machine, skull crusher, zombie blood, chicken leg

perk a colas 

quick revive, juggernog, speed cola, double tap, deadshot daquiri, x-ray, pack a punch, stamin up, random perk

location    mechanicsville va

date   1987

previous level, der toten wacht

next level, mansion

eye color, yellow

easter egg song, demons by imagine dragons

characters, adolf hitler, franklin thompson, edward richtofen, tank dempsey

off wall weapons


five seven







mystery box weapons

ray gun


balistic knife

remington new model army


ray gun mark 2

stun gun


monkey bomb

death orb (new, i made it up)

mauser c96

mac 10





ak 47


schools out   30G    build the teleporter and activate it

straight H student  25G   get 15 headshots in a row

sharp edge 5G  sharpen the new melee weapon

lil rebel  25G  use every weapon in the mystery box

gym exercise 10G run a mile

long distance rivalry 75G  attack Samantha Maxis

easter egg

step 1 connecting to the moon

build the teleporter the parts are randomized all throughout the map and the parts are: the ground peice (looks like a mainframe), the weird looking thing inside the top of the teleporter, the outside of the teleporter, and a switch. once the teleporter is built, flip the switch and use the ray gun on the teleporter until it powers up. as soon as the teleporter is powered up, have a player teleport. they will be sent to the moon and once you get there throw a full pack of grenades at the MPD until samantha speaks to you. while she is talking, put a bomb next to the MPD and have another player bring you back to earth. you must do this quickly, because in 3 minutes of acivation, the teleporter will die out and you will be sent back to earth

step 2   bomb samantha

activate the teleporter again and have all players throw grenades in the teleporter. samantha will speak again and alot of zombies will come no matter if its near the end of round or not.

step 3   zombiefication

obtain the 115-container-inator and have 2 others shoot the Ray Gun in the teleporter while you shoot 115 out of the 115-container-inator. keep this going until samantha makes zombies noises while she speaks to you and you will get the achievement

comic page

3 pictures

picture 1 shows a nazi army heading torwards the school and you can see zombies in the windows of the school

picture 2  shows a blue lightning in the shape of a circle while zombies surround it

picture 3  is cut into 2 parts the top shows a teleporter exploding into lots of peices while the bottom one shows a broken teleporter

My Zombies Map - Apollo 13

This is a map where the four new characters, Misty and co., have escaped the clutches of the zombies yet again and have found an abandoned rocket to escape in. The map includes the secret weapons of the mysterious 'porter' and some intense zombie gameplay. This map is relatively moderate for training there are few slightly complex routes.

1. The spawn room.

A rectangular room with a metal box in the middle and on it the olympia chalk. On the left wall is the M14 and on the front wall is quick revives. At the back is a power switch which will cost you 500 points to turn on if you are on multiplayer, for single it is free.This will provide power to get perks etc. in the surrounding rooms. You spawn with the standard is m1911. On your right is a door costing 1000 points. On your left is a door costing 750 points. Watch out here because there is a few zombies spawns underneath you aswell as on the walls. There is a gravity mode switch. 

Gravity Mode - Gravity mode will be very useful to your survival as it allows you to jump high a few seconds and get to things you wouldn't normally get to. You must press a gravity switch to go into gravity mode. You can do this until your gravity meter runs out and then you will need to run around until it refreshes a bit.

With this you can jump onto the metal box and claim your first blueprint piece, this will be important later on. In the back right corner of the room is yet another of these blueprints pieces.

2. The living room.

Taking the left room from spawn. This is a wierd shaped room and on one wall is a box spawn - the box will spawn here 20% of the time. This is quite big room and is decent to stay in for early rounds but there is lots of zombie spawns. On 1 wall is a PDW-57 for 1200 points. That is pretty much all there is in this room apart from an elevator for 1500 pts and a part for the zombie shield under the food storage.

3. The workshop.

In this room you find three work benches, it is a small room that is a square. The left bench makes the well known zombie shield. The right makes the first aid kit.

The First Aid Kit - This allows you to heal quickly so if you are scratched by a zombie and go 'onto red' you can simply press and arrow key and instantly heal. However after the use it will go away and you have to grab another one. Be sparing though because after 3-6 uses of the first aid kit the demonic announcer will laugh at you and the work bench will dissappear.

And the workbench right in front of you will make the jet pack. Notice this bench has no blueprint. You will have to stick your blueprints parts onto the bench to start building the jet pack.The 3rd and final blueprint part is right to your left as you enter this room.

The Jetpack - The jetpack is vital for pretty much anything important on this map so get building it quick. I will go into more detail later.

Just to your right is a gravity switch which you will need to use to jump up onto a platform above your head. Here there is a door costing 1500.

4. The Main Room.

This is the biggest room in the map in here is 2nd mystery box spawn point.

zombie map mansion by ownerofthiswiki Edit


this map is pretty big. it has 27 rooms. 2 stories.

im going to explain the rooms differently this time

the starting room

its in a big square shape and the middle is unaccessable due to there being zombie entrances. there are 6 zombie entrances and 3 doors it looks like a basic room with old messed up walls. it also has a couch wedged in the corner. one leads to a room with no zombie entrances, and a teleporter mainframe (teleporter room). the door on the right leads to a room with 5 barriers and 1 door (right door 1) there are pictures of wonder weapons and men that are most likely part of group 163, while the front door leads to a room with 2 barriers and 1 door (front door) and there is a table with a broken Gersh Device on it. it may be possible that people worked on it before it was an abandoned area.

right door 1 

right door 1 leads to a room with 1 door. right door 1 has a vent on top of the ceiling that has a teddy bear in it. there is a hole in the wall and you can see outside the map. unfortunatly zombies out from here. there are a bunch of toys and models of buildings on the ground. the room it leads to has 4 barriers and a corpse on the ground. there are blood stains everywhere. (death room)

death room

it leads to either front door 2, or front door 3. front door 2 has 1 door and 1 barrier. there is german writing on the wall that reads: this place is damned by the forces of hell... front door 3 leads to a room with 2 doors, 3 barriers and an unaccessable shelf that contains a power up that you cant get.

i will finish this later i dont feel like finishing now. i have a long ways to go.


"Fight through wave after wave of the undead as you try to escape the streets of New York" -Map Description

This map looks somewhat similar to DownTurn in Modern Warfare 3, only darker and with zombies.

Characters: Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Marlton Johnson, Samuel Stuhlinger, Russman


The perks available are 

  • Juggernog Soda
  • Quick Revive
  • Speed Cola
  • Doule Tap Root Beer 2
  • PhD Flopper
  • Stamin-Up Soda
  • DeadShot Daiquiri
  • Mule Kick
  • Tombstone Soda
  • Electric Cherry

Starting Loadout:Edit



2 Frag Grenades

Wall WeaponsEdit

M14 - 500

Olympia - 500

MP5 - 1000

Remington 870 MCS - 1500

Vector K10 (Vanquisher K1000) - 1200

Colt M16A1 - 1200

LSAT - 2500

AN-94 - 1500

AK74u - 1000

Skorpion EVO - 1500

Semtex - 250

Claymores - 1000

Mystery Box WeaponsEdit

Ray Gun

Ray Gun Mark 2


M60 (The Decimator) Icreased Damage, Red Dot Sight

Stoner63 (The Punisher) Increased Damage, 150 Round Mag

M40A3 (Silent Assassin) Increased Damage, 10 Round Mag, Explosive Rounds, Suppressor

G18 Akimbo (Tick and Tock) Inceased Damage, Smaller Spread, Explosive Rounds





MP7 (MP700 Annihilator)

Desert Eagle ( War Hawk ) Increased Damage, Tactical Knife, 12 Round Mag



Ballista (Scoped; Stronger than Origins)

Monkey Bombs




Five Seven

Five Seven Akimbo




G36c (G115 Gore Machine) 48 Round Mag, Underbarrel Masterkey, Reflex Sight

The C-24 915 (The Berzerker)Edit

The C-24 915 is the wonder weapon introduced in Downfall. It fires a beam which causes zombies to attack each other, and the user can escape for several seconds. The C-24 915 looks similar to the Ray Gun Mark 2, but with a black and white color scheme, and it fire a red beam. The C-24 has 10 Beams in each clip, and it holds 50 rounds in reserve. Once the C-24 is upgraded, it becomes The Berserker, which has an increased effect time on the zombies, as well as making the zombies shake their heads violently before exploding. The Berserker get 15 Rounds to a clip, as well as 60 rounds in reserve, so ammo is limited. and Any zombie that is hit by the beam of the C-24 itself will instantly become hostile to other zombies, and this effect will last for about 5 seconds before it will explode. Any zombie that is attacked by the initial zombies touched by the beam will have the effect spread to them, resulting in a massive chain reaction. Zombies that explode from the C-24 will give the user 50 points per kill, as well as 10 points for every zombies which gets the effect spread to them. Zombies killed by the beams will not drop Any normal drops, so it is wise to keep a strong weapon if one wishes for a max ammo.

The Main Easter Egg: ESCAPEEdit

Step 1: Preparation

In order to begin the easter egg, one player must have aqcuired the C-24 915, one player must have the Ray Gun (Standard or Mark 2), and one other player must have at least one explosive. This is possible to do in solo, but it is rather difficult to do. You must also have the power turned on.

Step 2: Shoot the Orbs

Using the Ray Gun, Shoot Four Orbs around the map. If done correctly, the orbs will glow blue. The Four Orb locations are:

  • Above the 115th Avenue Sign Behind Spawn
  • Under the Green Truck in front of the Pizza Shop
  • Inside of the Gas Sation, behind a barricade
  • In the bar, Above the door

Step 3: Unlock the Roof

After shooting the Four Orbs, go to the top of the hospital and you can unlock the roof. The door does not cost any points to unlock. One should be aware of the fact that the roof has cracks and openings in it, and players are able to fall through and kill themselves. It is also possible to fall off the roof, and the players will fall from a height where PhD Flopper will not help them. 

Step 4: Power up the orbs

For this step, each player will need to stay near the orbs and kill approximately 50 Zombies. After completeing this, the orbs will begin to shine yellow, and the orbs will float up to the hospital roof. 

Step 5: The portal

Upon returning to the top of the hospital, A portal glowing blue and purple will have appeared, with the orbs surrounding it. Throw explosives at the orbs until each go into the portal.I one explosive makes all four orbs go in, players will get a free perk, a max ammo, as well as the 


  • Why You Hittin' Yourself? 20G; Bronze Trophy: Turn a Zombie Hostile
  • Sacrifice 75G; Gold Trophy: Escape New York
  • Roadkill 10G; Bronze Trophy: Blow Up 10 Zombies with a single car explosion
  • Alternate Future: 25G; Silver Trophy: Everyone Escapes New York

Undone Edit

Undone is a Four-Part Zombies story.

Map 1: Uno Dos Cinco Uno (1251) "A small house, a giant catastrophe. Survive the works of Samantha, and cure the beginnings of the Rift."

Area 1: Downstairs Living Room

Wall Weapons: M14 (on wall next to stairs), Olympia (on couch next to spawn [Player 2 spawns within buy-range])

Perk-a-Colas: Quick Revive (located next to the desk), Drop Up (located in the corner to the left of Quick Revive)

Area 2: Upstairs Hall/Kitchen

Wall Weapons: MP5 (located on the wall up the stairs), B23R (Located next to Juggernog)

Perk-a-Colas: Juggernog (located under a cabinet next to the door to the garage)

Area 3: Garage

Wall Weapons: AK74U (located next to the barricade)

Perk-a-Colas: Speed Cola (located to the left of the AK74U), Double Tap II Root Beer (located across from Speed Cola)

Area 4: Outside

Wall Weapons: M16 (located on wall right of doorway)

Perk-a-Colas: Who's Who (located on the Roof), Pack-a-Punch (located in the far corner from the doorway)

Power Switch: (Located to the left of the Doorway, appears like a circuit breaker)

Special Zombie: George A. Romero (appears after power is activated)

Characters: Tank Dempsey, Albert "Weasel" Arlington, Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Marlton Johnson

Demonic Announcer: Eddie

Just a few Quotes:

Tank Dempsey (after activating power): Oh, THAT'S the switch. I was looking for the WRONG THING.

Albert Arlington (upon George's spawn): That looks vaguely familiar...

Easter Egg: Escapade

Find the parts to the Malibu, randomly throughout the whole map.

Hells Bells "After Escaping, the Rift continues as a school falls..."

Area 1: Classroom

Wall Weapons: M14 (located on the wall next to the crashed malibu, on a chalkboard)

Perks-a-Cola: Quick Revive (located directly across form M14)

Area 2: Outside North Campus

Wall Weapons: Olympia (located on a duct-taped board on one of the fences)

Perk-a-Colas: Drop Up (located by a tree to the far left of the Olympia

From Here there are 3 directions . One is to go around to the right of the Olympia to another classroom, or straight back to a different one connecting on and a larger, 3-part room to your right as you approach. The third requires clearing a debris blocking a gap in the fence surrounding you.

Area 3-1: Science Room A

Wall Weapons: MP5 (located in blue marker on a whiteboard)

Perk-a-Colas: Double-Tap Root Beer (located across from the MP5, next to the doorway to 3-2)

Crossbow Ex-Tip w/ Tribolt lies at the feet of the Double Tap, but only one person can use it.

Area 3-2: Science Room B

Wall Weapons: Uzi (located in blue marker on a whiteboard)

Perk-a-Colas: Vulture Aid (located across from the Uzi, between two tables.

Area 3-3: South Campus Exterior

From Here the map spreads out extensively, this area being almost as longas the entirety of Town, and much wider. 3 buildings are clearly visible, but sections cut the extensive outside into parts. The rocket for the Easter Egg "Defuse" is seen in the wreckage of a building next to the North Campus area. The pylon 'is located at the far end of South Campus

Wall Weapons: FAL (located on a duct taped board exactly opposite the Olympia), MP40 (located on the side of a red truck)

Area 3-3-1: Cafeteria

Wall Weapons: Remington 870 MCS (located under the stage)

Perk-a-Cola: Juggernog (located on the stage, almost directly above the Remington)

Area 3-3-2: Gym

Here a large, bulky version of the Physicism Array can be seen, with ODIN scratched in and faded to say O IN

Wall Weapons: Physicism Ray (located on a post jammed out of the Physicism Array), Claymore (located on the stage, behind the Physicism Ray)

Perk-a-Cola: Who's Who (located next to the Physicism Array, powered from the Array before power is activated.)

3-3-3: Outside Main Building

Power Switch (located on a wall of the building, similar to Uno-Dos-Cinco-Uno)

Here the main building is visible to be opened by the front door




Schule der Toten (school of the dead)Edit

Schule der Toten is a school located in Germany, around 5 miles from Verruckt.

Starting weapons:Edit

Tac 45


2 Grenades


Quick Revive


Speed Cola

Double Tap Root Beer (Black Ops 2 version)


Mule Kick

PhD Flopper

Pack A Punch

Characters: Tank Dempsey (Wooo!), Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, Samantha Maxis (her own body)

Announcer: Richtofen (zombies have blue eyes)

The Wonder Guns are: Ray Gun Mk 2, Thundergun, Wave Gun, Ray Gun, Matryskoa Dolls, and the Gersch Device. Only one player can have the Ray Gun Mk 2, only one player can have the Wave Gun, and only one player can have the Thundergun. Also, one player cannot have all three. 


Ray Gun

Ray Gun Mk 2

Wave Gun


Matryskoa Dolls 

Gersch Device






M1A1 Carbine


Gewehr 43


M1911 (this is in the box bcuz its not the starting gun) (rare)


AUG w/ Swarovski scope

Crossbow (BO2 version)


CZ75 (single or dual)

G11 w/ Low power scope

Galil (BO2 version)






SPAS-12 w/ ACOG 





ASP (single or dual)


Mosin Nagant (same damage as kar98k)

Death Machine (BO2 version)

RPG (BO2 version)

RPD (BO2 version)

Mauser C96

DSR 50



Type 25


LSAT (BO2 version)




rooms coming soon

Child's Play Edit

Child's Play: Zombie MapEdit

This map has the same concept as Mob of The Dead in the way that it does not have anything to do with the main Samantha story.  

"He is only 4 years old.  What harm could this little angle achieve?"

I only have bits and pieces of what this map could contain.  Main people are still unknown.  You are shrunk in size in a 4 year old "child's" bedroom.  He acts like the robot in Orgins in the sense that he is massive in size and and can be stepped on by, but he has a lot of unique things he does.  This isn't a normal child either.  This child is in a blue onesy pajamas with stars printed all over.  He looks completly normal (other then the fact that he is hundreds of feet tall) until you see his eyes.  Where white eyes should be, is filled with a dark, demonic black as if he had shark eyes.  He laughs frequently but it gets distorted at times.


I don't know where things will start like I said, I only know bits and pieces, but I do know some areas that can be accesed.  One area is a toy box.  This area has a bright, colorful feeling to it.  They box could contain the following:

  • Colored letter/number blocks
  • Toy cars
  • Plain shaped blocks

They box is mainly made up of blocks.  You go high and low, manuvering your way through all of this.

New features:

I have a couple of unique features in this map.  The child moves the Pack-a-punch every 3 times you use it.  He simply picks it up like a toy and carries it away to another location.  This is the same deal with the perks.  Perks stay in the same spot every new game, but they move every 6 times it is used.  

I would deeply appreciate if treyarch made a zombies map based on the haunted goldfield hotel and call it gold rush. I was thinking that you should spawn in the hotel at the entrance. Since so many people have thought about having a casino as a map, I took the liberty of the owner Goldfield having a built in Casino because he made so much money from them. I was also thinking the zombie boss should be Goldfield himself. When you access his office he will be sitting in his office chair and dissapear. The power swith should also be accessible in his office on the wall. Then on every five rounds he will attack you by peeking around corners smiling grimly and sprint towards you with a knife when you catch a glimpse of him because the Goldfield story is he sneaks behind people with a large kitchen knife. The pack- a- punch should be accessable in the mine shaft and the easter egg achievment should be finding the lost which you help the women find her child by encountering her multiple times after releasing her from the chains. The perks available should be juggernog, quick revive, double tap rootbeer, speed-cola, mule kick, and a new perk someone thought about called overload , but instead in gives your weapon an increased ammo capacity and extra reserve ammo. I also thought the box should look ghostly, like a translucent grey with bright yellow question marks. When you pack- a- punch the weapon you pack- a- punched will be translucent to see your players hand and you can still see the weapon quite clearly. The wonder weapon should be a box weapon only one player can have such as the paralyzer. This weapon will be black and growl to the other players to show you accessed the weapon. The weapon will be a black color with gold trims to describe the map being about gold. The zombies should also come through windows of the building and in the mineshaft they will rise from the ground. When you shoot the wonder weapon it will give an eerie scream to make ghost zombies which will try to attack the player and disolve up to round 15 once above that round it will do little less damage and the zombie will appear white and attack you until shot again. Please add these ideas if possible

The Reichstage: zombie map Takes place in the Reichstage in Berlin Germany.

Suggestion's For A Zombie Map On Call Of DutyEdit

If I could make a zombie's map for Call Of Duty it would probably a map where you can create a map, or a customize a map, there could be a way to search other map's made by different user's, if it was made I think that more people would spend money on Call Of Duty because it would give player's the opputunity to make the perfect map, people would play Call Of Duty more often, im not saying that Call Of Duty is'nt already great but what I am saying is that it would make the game better. But people think that it would be worse for the game beacuse maybe people can mod there game and bring it into online multiplayer server's and the server might go down for a while.Edit

 Another Idea is a gaming themed world, like minecraft, or maybe it doesn't have to be a game it could be SpongeBob, or something close to the topic, and with this kind of thing players on PC, or mac don't have to wast their time on looking through the forum's for a "different" kind of map.

Deep Freeze - Wrath of the Dead - Overrun Edit

DEEP FREEZE – WRATH OF THE DEAD – OVERRUN Characters: • Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) • Sylvester Stallone (The Expendables) • Mila Kunis (Jupiter Ascending) • Dwayne Johnson (Fast & Furious) • Will Arnett (Jonah Hex) • T.J Rotolo (Dead Rising) • Roger Craig Smith (Dying Light) • Patricia Ja Lee (Resident Evil) Perk-Cola’s: 1. Quick Revive [500 SOLO, 1500 CO-OP] 2. Juggernog [2500] 3. Speed Cola [3000] 4. Double Tap II Root Beer [2000] 5. PhD Flopper [2000] 6. Stamin Up [2000] 7. Electric Cherry [2000] 8. Vulture Aid Elixir [3000] 9. Hardline PRO [4000] 10. Tombstone Soda [2000] Wall Weapons: • SMR (500) [SMIL3R] • Ballista (500) [Infused Arbalest] • MSMC (1000) [Micro Scope Microwave Cooler] • B23R (900) [B34R] • MP7 (1000) [MP07/115 Kollider] • SVU-AS (1000) [Shadowy Veil Utilizer] • PDW-57 (1000) [Predictive Death Wish 57000] • Five-Seven (1100) [Ultra] • Type 25 (1300) [Strain 25] • KSG (1500) [Mist Maker] • FAL OSW (1500) [Finishing Atom Licker OSW/935] • PPSh-41 (3000) [The Reaper] • Semtex (250) • Claymores (1000)

Starting Weapons: • USP 45. [Underutilized Sequencing Power Gun 45000] • x2 Frag Grenades • Combat Knife “In the coldest place on Earth, where few have the will and wits to survive, Group 935’s Lair holds the key to many secrets not known to the average human. And on the quest to uncover the truth, you might end up so deep in ice that you reach Atlantis itself…” –Map Description

-World Icon

Utilities: • Pack-A-Punch • Perk-A-Cola’s • Power-Up Dispensers • Power Switch • Perk-Up Machine • Teleporter • Workbenches • Traps • Weapon Locker • Bank • Clothes Lockers • Ice Slide • Mystery Box Buildables: • Zombie Shield • Trample Steam • Exploda-Car  Teleporter  Icarus II

Mystery Box Weapons:  Wave Gun/Zap Gun Dual-Wield [Max Wave Gun/Porter’s X2 Zap Gun]  Thundergun [Zeus Cannon]  Scavenger [Hyena Infra-Dead]  The Fry Gun [The Fat Maker]  Winter’s Howl [Winter’s Fury]  UWR-115 [Underwater Weaponized Rifle 115]  Super-Nova 6S [Ultimate-Nova 8S]  Winter’s Howl V.2 [Hick’s Winter’s Fury V.2]  Raygun [Porter’s X2 Raygun]  Raygun Mark II [Porter’s Raygun Mark II]  Monkey Bombs • M27 [Mystifier] • Ripper [J.W935] • Peacekeeper [Peacemaker] • Maverick [Zampella115] • Maverick-A2 [Qu1ck-Sc0p1ng] • MG08/15 [Magna Collider] • Remington New Army Model [Sassafras] • Dual Wield KAP-40’s [Lamia & Vonderhaar] • Chicom CQB [Chicom Cataclysmic Quadruple Burst] • M1927 [Speakeasy] • SCAR-H [Agarthan Reaper] • Ballistic Knife [The Krauss Refibrillator] • M1216 [Mesmerizer] • Skorpion EVO [Evolved Death Stalker] • Barrett M82A1 [Macro Annihilator] • RPG [Rocket Propelled Grievance] • Death Machine [Meat Grinder] • M8A1 [Micro Aerator] • QBB LSW • DSR 50 [Dead Specimen Reactor 5000] • Commando [Predator] • HS-10 [Typhoid and Mary] • Vector K10 • Dual Wield Five-Seven’s [Ultra and Violet] • China Lake [China Beach] • M27-IAR [M115-Insane Angelic Requisition] • MTAR-X [Malevolent Taxonomic Anodized Redeemer Xenophobe] • SWAT-556 [Swastika Wattage Attribute Grinder-935] • Death Machine [Meat Grinder] Power-Up Dispensers: • Zombie Blood (1000) • Double Points (1500) • Max Ammo (8000) • Insta-Kill (800) • Nuke (1500) • Bear Trap (2000) • Fire Sale (2000) • Carpenter (500) Traps: • Flood Trap (2000) • Tower Trap (1000) • Electro-Shock Defenses (1000) • Sentry Turret (1000) • Trapdoors (1000) Musical Easter Eggs: • ‘Hade’s Gate’ by Clark S. Nova (3 Teddy Bears Wearing Thermal Suits) • ‘Frozen by Fear’ by Elena Siegman (3 115 Meteor Fragments) • ‘Berzerk’ by Eminem (Complete the Major Easter Egg) Demonic Announcer: Dr. Edward Richtofen (Becomes Maxis on Round 11, 5 seconds through) Pack-A-Punch Camo: Antarctic Icicle Power Up’s: Insta-Kill, Max Ammo, Double Points, Nuke, Fire Sale, Zombie Blood, Bear Trap, Carpenter, Bonfire Sale Zombie Types: Normal Zombies, Nova-6 Crawlers Bosses: Icy Hellhounds, Submarine Men Clothes Lockers: Diving Mask, Freeze Mask Down D-Pad = Masks, Up D-Pad = Buildables, Left D-Pad = Claymores, Right D-Pad = Power-Up’s

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