If anyone could get me in a free 10th prestege lobby it would be greatly appreciated pleaseee

GT- xMcSikWitItx

To Unlock the 10th spinning emblem you have to get in a modded lobby, same with gold desert eagle which i have both. :P

v QuickScopez x

global score

can somebody please tell me what points count towards your overall global score not experince points. I have played for over 5 days and i am only at 700,000 plus points. i shoot down planes do challenges i always get kills streak every game. it seems that the only way i get points is from assists and kills. if you do only get points for assists and kills thats bullcrap because then i am shooting down planes for no reason. I dont care about experince points i care about my overall global score.

prestige 10 lvl 70 with all things

hey i for not long time a go i have joined a server ther wher moded and i just got all wepons with all attchatment and camos and alle titels and all emblems and all so all chalegndes done and now i am pretit tired of it so i would ask if any one knows how to reset your player stats and this where on PC so and sory for my bad english


I need help getting in 10th prestige and or infection lobbies with all titles and emblems with no modded score for free. Who ever does this is the coolest person i know and i will be greatly thankful my xbox live gamer tag is LostinHyvee 911.

Black Ops

Did you see this amazing video so far? I liked it...

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