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Francesco Gigliotti
Nickname(s) Frank
Rank Lead Software Engineer
Affiliations Infinity Ward (Formerly)
Respawn Entertainment
For other uses, see Gigliotti.

Francesco Gigliotti was the former lead software engineer for Infinity Ward that programmed for 4 Call of Duty titles. He started working with Infinity Ward in September 2002 and eventually left the company in April 2010.


Gigliotti joined the Infinity Ward team back in September 2002 when Call of Duty was in development. He eventually became a lead software engineer for Call of Duty. During the development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in April, 2010, Gigliotti left Infinity Ward following the 2010 departing of multiple Infinity Ward employees. He eventually took up an offer to join Respawn Entertainment as a lead software engineer, following 45 other employees.

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