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  • Of the seven recipients of the packages, four had been to Treyarch. Another had met with Josh Olin, Treyarch's community manager, a week before the packages were delivered. Additionally, Treyarch had asked "carbonfibah", one of these seven recipients, if his address was the same just before the delivery of the packages.[1]
    • The packages were also sent to some "high-profile" Call of Duty community members such as the We Play Call of Duty blog[2] and CHEFS, an administrator on the official Call of Duty: World at War and Infinity Ward forums.[3]
  • The configuration of the sound file in the USB device may be a reference to the numerous shortwave "numbers stations" that countries use to send coded messages to foreign agents.
  • If the same transmission button is pressed repeatedly, the audio of that transmission will play the number of times you pressed it, and will play them all at once. All the transmissions will stop once a different one is clicked.
  • Upon entering the password to expand your view of the room, you can now see four television screens total (one on the far left, the center one, a one on the right, than another on the far right). If you change the transmission, the screens will change. On transmission one, the left TV changes to waves, seen on other screens in the room, the center shows the usual transmission, but the other two are left with snowy signal. This status stays the same for transmissions one-five, but on transmission six, three of the screens show the strange beam-looking lines, with each TV holding at least one particular image that isn't shown on the others, but the one on the far right will always be a snowy screen, for which ever transmission you choose.
    • If one were to piece together the "beam-looking lines," it would resemble a symbol of sorts composed of the letters "G" and "K," where "K" makes up the center of the symbol and the center of the letter "G" (The logo on the classified document from the video at 0:19).
  • After entering the password for Transmission 6 at the GKNOVA6 website one can see a surveillance camera with a flashing light in the top right corner of the screen.
  • The "Vitruvian Monkey" appears to be wearing a space-suit, an allusion to the Space Monkeys faced in Ascension.
  • At one of the screens in GKNOVA6 version 2, you can clearly see the map "Five", at the part where the location of the Quick Revive was at Pre-Beta stages.
  • In GKNOVA6 version 2, there were pre-release missions showing at the monitors, these are the following: The Defector, Numbers, Rebirth, S.O.G and Executive Order.