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Cutting window Federation Day CODG
Logan using the Glass Cutters
Glass Cutter
Used by


The Glass Cutter[1] is a piece of tactical equipment used in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is only used in the level "Federation Day".


The Glass Cutter uses a laser to melt right through the glass. As such, a clean hole large enough for someone to go through can be cut in less than five seconds. In "Federation Day", the Ghosts use the glass cutter to make holes in the window for them to infiltrate the building and upload the virus with the Hacker PDA. After Logan cuts a hole in the glass, who pushes back from the building and kicks the glass in with his momentum, shattering the circle of glass. Later, the Ghosts return to the holes they had cut to attach themselves again and continue rappelling down the face of the building.



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