This is a list of weapons and power-ups available in the Gondolas in Der Eisendrache.

First Gondola Edit

The following require one Tram Fuse to open.

  1. Double Points
  2. Insta-Kill
  3. Nuke (Zombies)
  4. Max Ammo
  5. Carpenter
  6. Fire Sale
  7. Random Perk Bottle
  8. Blood Money
  9. Ray Gun

Second Gondola Edit

The following requires grenades to be thrown into the gondola in the start of the game before it closes and goes down. Then five Tram Fuses must be used (the four others used on the first gondola) to open the second gondola.

  1. Cymbal Monkey
  2. Pack-a-Punched HVK
  3. Pack-a-Punched Haymaker 12

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