Gopher Squad
Emblem SAS Mobilized
Leader(s) Captain Bell
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized
Country United Kingdom
Type Special Operations
Active 2016
Motto "Who Dares Wins"

Gopher Squad is a division of the SAS and part of a coalition with the USMC. Gopher Squad appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, in the levels where the player plays as Sgt. Patrick O' Neil.

Farhad incident, 2016Edit

The members of Gopher squad, Sgt. Patrick O' Neil, Captain Bell and Sgt. Walker were the first task force to be deployed by the Coalition when the ruler of a middle-eastern country driven out by the Ultranationalists, Prince Farhad, declared that he was going to take action against the rebels that had taken the country over. The coalition found out that he was trying to purchase a nuclear device from a South American arms dealer, Colonel Ayala, so they sent Gopher squad to find him and interrogate him. They found and captured Ayala, but he was killed by insurgents hired by Farhad. O' Neil managed to find a laptop with information stating that the device was being assembled in the mountains of Russia. After being extracted, the team assaulted the stated factory, but finding that the nuke has been transported away, they blew up the factory and then left. More information showed that the nuke was being moved in a convoy on the Venezuelan coast. O' Neil took out the two escort vehicles and the one transporting the nuke should be taken by another SAS squad, but they were killed by Insurgents. Gopher squad were extracted by a boat driven by SAS operative Rook, then rested while the USMC tried to recover the device, but to no avail. After this happened, the SAS were again called in to retrieve the weapon, this time supported by U.S M1 Abrams tanks. After fighting hoards of enemies, they reached their goal, an informant named Al-Baq. Right after that they came under heavy mortar fire, so O' Neil used a conveniently placed M40A3 to pick them off. Al Baq reveals that the device had been moved to an oil rig that the Warthog squad of the Marines stormed and captured, but the weapon was moved off by helicopter. The helicopter was tracked to a Russian power plant, where Gopher squad, covered by an AC-130, fought their way through the building, finding that the nuke was active. O' Neil manages to get to the nuke and, with instructions from Sgt. Walker, disarms it.


  • Sergeant Patrick O' Neil
  • Captain Bell
  • Sergeant Walker
  • Trooper Rook
  • Unnamed Training Sergeant
  • Unnamed Weapons Trainer
  • Unnamed Obstacle Course Instructor