Ryan Jackson: The microfiche was a homerun - a complex KGB spy ring running out of a front company right in the heart of West Berlin. A KGB Colonel named Mikhail Belov was charged with coordinating every drop of Soviet human intelligence from one side of The Wall to the other. He knew, by name, every last Eastern Bloc asset in play in West Germany - a walking NOC list. Mason's mission was to capture Belov alive for interrogation. Needless to say, things "blew up"...


Mason climbs over a gate to a yard outside of a building.

Hudson: Place is crawling with Spetsnaz. That's a metric ton of firepower for a private business. No doubt Belov is in there. We do this one hard and fast. Take him alive.

Mason places a charge on the building's door.

Mason: Breaching now!

He breaches and clears the main room and staircase of the building. He goes upstairs and places a charge on another door,

Mason: Breaching!

He breaches through the door and sees Belov jump out of a window.

Mason: Shit, target is mobile!

He clears the room.

Mason: All kinds of shit here. Intel everywhere.

He grabs the intel and exits outside.

Hudson: Mason, we can't lose him!

Mason chases after him through a building.

Mason: We hit the fucking hornet's nest!

He reaches the street and continues the chase.

Mason: Something big is going on here!

Hudson: What does it look like, Mason?

Mason: How the hell should I know?

Mason fights through the street and reaches the room Belov is in.

Mason: I'm goin' in.

Hudson: Mason, we need him alive!

Mason enters the room. Belov attacks Mason, and Mason puts a C4 charge on him with a knife. He pushes Belov into a group of Spetsnaz soldiers and clears the room out.

Hudson: Dead?

Mason: Yeah. Hudson, we don't need him. I got the damn NOC list right here.

Hudson: Mason, you're gonna give me a fucking heart attack.