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For a similar weapon featured in Zombies, see Shovel.

150 (MP)

Weapon Class



At completion of the Gravedigger bounty collection





Range (explanation)

64 (slash), 128 (stab)

"Effective at close-range. Hold Triangle/Y to switch weapon to melee."
— Description

The Gravedigger (or Shovel while in development) is a melee weapon featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered that was added in the December 13, 2016‎ update.


The Gravedigger is only available through completing the Gravedigger bounty collection in the Depot. The Gravedigger is functionally identical to the Knife. However, unlike the Knife, the Gravedigger can be equipped in a matter similar to that of the Combat Knife featured in previous instalments. The Gravedigger resembles that of a shovel used for digging trenches, or as the name suggests, a grave. The Gravedigger is used as the final weapon in the Gun Game gamemode.

When an enemy is killed with the Gravedigger, the weapon becomes covered in blood.

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