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For a similar feature, see Weapon Proficiency.

Gun Perks are a feature in Call of Duty Online and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Gun Perks are available through Prototype Weapons, they add on different abilities to that weapon along with stat differences. They appear to be a evolution of the Perk system featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts as well at the Weapon Proficiency system from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

List of Gun Perks Edit

Common Edit


  • Head Rush: Headshot kills grant a small bonus to your Payload meter.
  • Sensor: Damage causes target to show on minimap.
  • Deathbringer: Double kills instantly reload your magazine.
  • Refund: Missed bullets can return to your ammo stock.
  • Jackpot: Kills grant an additional 10% score.
  • Scrambler: Kills hide nearby friendlies from radar.
  • Headhunter: Headshot kills instantly refill your magazine.
  • Stacked: Reduced the time between burst fires and increases recoil.
  • On Point: Speeds up aiming and reduces hip fire accuracy. (Stacks with Quickdraw )
  • Rupture: Energy shots now penetrate enemies and world.
  • Talon: Kills while airborne grant a small bonus to your Payload meter.
  • Trample: Double kills grant a large bonus to your Payload meter.


  • Roll the Dice: Gain 1 random attachment when you spawn.
  • Refresher: 5 player kill streak restores 1 lethal and tactical.
  • Gambler: 3 player kill steaks earn a random perk (3 max). Expires upon death.
  • Hitman: Killing all enemy player grants a large bonus to your Payload meter.
  • Glacial: Damage temporarily slows target movement speed.
  • Throttle: Pellets condense into high damage cluster when Aiming Down Sights.
  • Visor Detonation: Shots to the helmet of an enemy create a small explosion.
  • Dynamic: Kills in alternating modes grant bonus score.
  • Nuclear: 25 player kill streak earns a De-Atomizer Strike.


Epic weapon perks are unique to their respective Epic variant. This means that no other weapon variant in game will have the same Epic Gun Perk.

  • Break Point: This weapon fires fully automatic with reduced recoil. (R3K - R3KT)
  • Precision: Infinite damage range . (NV4 - Flatline)
  • Jawbreaker: Bonus headshot damage, reduced damage towards legs. (KBAR-32 - Invective) 
  • Eighty Seven: Alternate mode now fires as akimbo shotguns. (Type-2 - Butcher)
  • Reckless: Increased fire rate. (RPR Evo - Ripper)
  • Master Key: This gun has an under barrel shotgun. (Erad: Cerberus)
  • Make it Rain: Double magazine size. Can no longer reload. (R.A.W. - Liberty)
  • Heavy Hitter: Double damage. Slower fire rate, movement speed, and ADS time. (Mauler - Mammoth)
  • Hunter Killer: Enemies at low health are highlighted. Removed Sniper Glint. (EBR-800 - Osiris) 
  • Awareness: Mini-map stays active while scoped. (KBS Longbow - Big Brother) 
  • Surplus: Enemies drop scorestreak pack for your team when killed. (Reaver - RODEO) 
  • Shockwave: Damage causes slight hearing loss. Increased damage while sliding. (Banshee - Siren) 
  • Lifelink: Large mag size. Taking damage fully refills a magazine. (DCM-8 - Masochist) 
  • Overcharged: Charged, powerful single shot. (Oni - Kaiken)
  • Lucky 7: This gun unloads half its magazine on each shot. (EMC - Avalanche) 
  • Invigorate: Killing an enemy refills a portion of your health. (FHR-40 - Windfall) 
  • Rush Down: Greatly reduced spread while jumping and sliding. (Karma-45 - Phobos)
  • Celerity: Increases hip fire rate and reduces aim down sights fire rate. (NV4 - Chaos)
  • Feeder: Reduces rechamber time and reduces movement speed. (KBS Longbow - Harbinger)
  • Sonic Boom: Stacked high frequency blast with each trigger pull. (Banshee - Doppler)
  • Spike: Deals increased damage, but fires 1 bullet at a time. (Volk - Goliath)
  • Hax: This weapon has a custom Trojan sight. (Titan - Scout)
  • Triad: Charged, 3 shot sniper burst. (EBR-800 - Bomber)
  • Reflex: Comes with a custom Reflex Sight instead of a scope, with a decreased ADS time with all scopes. (DMR-1 - Spectacle)
  • Mo' Money: Every kill grants extra experience. (Volk - Corruption)
  • Shredder: Melee stacks with this weapon cause enemies to explode. (Reaver - Machete)
  • Below the Belt: Bonus damage towards the groin instead of headshots. (RPR Evo - Bosozuku)
  • Focus Fire: Hip fire spread reduced with each shot. (DCM-8 - Epitaph)
  • Slug: Fires a single powerful bullet. (Rack-9 - Smoothbore)
  • Trigger Happy: Fires powerful bullets with heavy recoil. (Hailstorm - Ordnance)
  • Whirlwind: Fast cycling auto burst that increases recoil. (Hailstorm - Thunder)
  • Hit and Run: Normal movement speed when aiming down sights. (Kendall 44 - Cartel)
  • SBD: Comes with advanced Surppressor with normal damage range. (Widowmaker - Smoke)
  • Twinsanity: Akimbo with reduced hip spread. Can no longer aim down sights. (HVR - Gemini)
  • Particle Beam: Releases a concentrated beam of energy. (Erad - Cyclopean)
  • Slicer: Fires a vertical column of bullets with each shot at the cost of fire rate. (Mauler - Sentinel)
  • Supercell: Releases a wide energy blast when fired. (EMC - Switchblade)
  • Overcharge: Melee kills in alt mode create a cone explosion. (R-VN - Blowout)
  • Sniper Mod: Modifies this weapon into a single fire sniper pistol. (UDM - Stalker)
  • Hurl: Can be thrown and picked up. (Axe - Headsman)
  • Invert Polarity: Greatly increased fire rate that decelerates over time. (Oni - Tengu)
  • Berserker: Killing an enemy grants increased fire rate and reduced recoil for a short time. (Karma-45 Deimos)
  • Threat Designator: Optic counters Active Camo, Cold Blooded and Hardwired. (X-Eon - Warsight)
  • Assassin Build: Integrated silencer that also prevents revealing of victim death locations. (VPR- Yokai)

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