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H. Porter
Gender Male
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Rank Doctor
Affiliations Group 935
Status Unknown
Weapon Porter's X2 Ray Gun, Porter's X2 Zap Guns, Porter's Mark II Ray Gun

H. Porter was a scientist that was a member of the secret Group 935, and invented the "Porter's X2 Ray Gun", the "Porter's X2 Zap Gun", and the "Porter's Mark II Ray Gun", Pack-a-Punched versions of the Ray Gun, Wave Gun, and Ray Gun Mark II, respectively. He was mentioned in several documents by Dr. Vannevar Bush. Richtofen mentions him in "Moon" when the player obtains the Pack-a-Punched Wave Gun.


  • Porter's name is a reference to the Treyarch developer Max Porter, who designed the original Ray Gun.

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