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H. Porter
Gender Male
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Rank Doctor
Affiliations Group 935
Status Deceased
Death October 14th, 1945
Weapon Porter's X2 Ray Gun, Porter's X2 Zap Guns, Porter's Mark II Ray Gun

H. Porter was a scientist that was a member of the secret Group 935, and invented the "Porter's X2 Ray Gun", the "Porter's X2 Zap Gun", and the "Porter's Mark II Ray Gun", Pack-a-Punched versions of the Ray Gun, Wave Gun, and Ray Gun Mark II, respectively. As the zombie outbreak begins at the Der Riese facility, Porter activates an alarm before taking a cyanide capsule.[1] He was mentioned in several documents by Dr. Vannevar Bush. Richtofen mentions him in "Moon" when the player obtains the Pack-a-Punched Wave Gun.


  • Porter's name is a reference to the Treyarch developer Max Porter, who designed the original Ray Gun.

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