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For the attachment with a similar name, see HAMR Scope.
For the assault rifle variant, see SCAR-L.

The HAMR is a light machine gun featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Strike Team. It also makes a very brief appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit


40-24 (MP)

Weapon Class

Light Machine Gun

Magazine Size

Standard: 75 rounds
Extended Clip: 101 (SP), 100 (MP)

Zombies: 125 rounds

Unlocked at

Completing Cordis Die (SP)
Level 37 (MP)

Cost (Zombies)

950 (Mystery Box)

Starting Ammunition

75+225 (SP), 75+150 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

75+525 (SP), 75+375 (MP)
125+375 (ZM)

Reload Time

4.25 normal, 4.8 empty

Rate of Fire

937 RPM (SP)
625 RPM (937 RPM for the first 7 rounds) (MP & Zombies)

Range (explanation)


Fire Mode


Used by

Mercs, Yemeni Army

HUD icon


Console codename(s)



"Fully automatic LMG. Reduces recoil during sustained fire."
— Description

The HAMR is available to use after completing the mission "Cordis Die". It is commonly seen being used by the Yemeni Army in the level "Achilles' Veil". Unlike its counterpart in multiplayer and Zombies, the HAMR in the campaign has a constantly high rate of fire of 937 rounds per minute, like the QBB LSW. It can also be found in the missions Karma and Achilles' Veil.


"Fully automatic LMG. Reduces fire rate over time, becoming more accurate."
— Description

Unlocked at level 37, the HAMR fires seven rounds at 937 RPM before dropping to 625 RPM (similarly to the AN-94, which fires the first two rounds at 937 RPM). The trigger can be feathered, which allows the gun to fire its initial burst repeatedly. It is a medium damage light machine gun, killing in three bullets out to medium to long range, up to a maximum of five at longer distances. The iron sights are somewhat clear, but the excessive muzzle flash can hinder sustained accuracy, although a Suppressor will cut down on this. An optical attachment is recommended for capitalizing on its accurate long range fire. The Foregrip attachment may also help, as it increases the re-center speed, although the effects are negligible. 

This weapon is best employed in a support role. It lacks the faster handling of lighter weapons, and the slow aim down sight time means players might want to be able to stay prepared for any enemies that enter their line of sight. The Quickdraw Handle slightly decreases the time to aim down the sights and makes the HAMR more effective at closer ranges, although it is still most useful for locking down long sightlines and objectives.

Unlike other Light Machine Guns, firing while crouched or prone with the HAMR does not lower recoil. All other LMGs have 10% faster centerspeed when crouched, and an addition 10% while prone.

As of the January 26th patch, all light machine guns have the same time to aim down the sights at 450 milliseconds.


The HAMR appears in all Zombies maps, except Mob of the Dead. It starts out with a 125-round magazine with 375 reserved. It is one of the more useful weapons, dealing moderate damage, having a large magazine, and possessing a moderately fast reload time for a light machine gun. Double Tap Root Beer is useful for increasing the damage dealt, but its traits are offset by the increase recoil and ammo consumption, and Speed Cola helps to shorten the lengthy reload. Stamin-Up can be used to increase mobility, though Stamin-Up is not featured in Nuketown Zombies as it must be switched to a lighter weapon to be at a distance as the HAMR is not CQC-friendly. The large amount of recoil, however, hinders its accuracy at longer ranges, making burst firing a priority to conserve ammo and increase accuracy. Like many other 2025 automatic weapons, it has heavy recoil.

When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the SLDG HAMR . The SLDG-HAMR has greatly decreased recoil, making overall shooting much more accurate. As well, the damage profile is increased by a decent amount. The SLDG-HAMR is one of the weapons that can be Pack-a-Punched multiple times to cycle through attachments. Possible attachments include an ACOG Scope, a Reflex Sight, and a Foregrip. The SLDG-HAMR is one of the most sought-after weapons in the Zombies game mode, as its balance between strong fully automatic power, accuracy, and a huge magazine make for an extremely effective weapon to take down a zombie horde.


For attachment images, see HAMR/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see HAMR/Camouflage.

Call of Duty: Strike TeamEdit

The HAMR appears in Call of Duty: Strike Team.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIEdit

The HAMR can be seen in the armory section of the map Rift from the Eclipse DLC.


Call of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit

  • There is a barcode on the side of the gun.
  • The name of the Pack-a-Punched HAMR is "SLDG HAMR", which is a play on "Sledge Hammer".
  • There is an unusable bipod on the bottom of the HAMR.
  • As of patch 1.07, along with several other weapons, HAMR has roughly 30% increased recoil in Zombies.
  • "SCAR M.ARS CAL. 7.62mm" is written on the side of the gun.
  • It has its sling wrapped around the body.
  • The magwell appears to have cracked, and then later patched up.
  • When used with the Hybrid Optic, switching between zoom levels rapidly while firing did not cause the initial rate of fire to decrease. This was later fixed in a patch.
  • 'R&W EL PASO, TEXAS' is written on the side of the gun.

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