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IW top right icon
"Full-auto ballistic firearm. Uses heavy terrestrial ammo for best in class stopping power."
— In-game description.
HVR menu icon IW
Weapon Class

Submachine Gun

Magazine Size

26 rounds (SP & MP)
30 rounds (ZM)

Unlocked at

Level 32 (MP)
Level 12 (ZM)

Starting Ammunition

26+52 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

26+156 (MP)

Fire Mode


The HVR is a ballistic submachine gun featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It resembles the UMP45 from previous games except the stock is in its folded position.


The HVR is one of the rarest weapons to find in the game, where it can only be obtained from killed enemies. However, each soldier will have different weapons on each playthrough, making it hard to obtain.

When all side missions are completed, the HVR unlocks the Akimbo upgrade, which allows the player to dual wield HVRs.


The HVR appears in Zombies in Spaceland and can be bought as a wall weapon for 1250 points. It has fairly high damage, and a middling fire rate which makes it perfect for prolonged fire without having to worry about wasting shots. The weapon's preferable fire rate makes Bang Bangs an unnecessary addition, as the weapon will simply spray away, increasing recoil and losing accuracy.

When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, the HVR becomes the Pray N' Spray, gaining increased damage, a larger magazine, and more reserve ammo.

Trivia Edit

  • The upgraded name is a reference to the popular term Spray N' Pray, meaning to keep firing an automatic weapon and pray to get out of a sticky situation.

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