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For similar game modes, see Drop Zone and Grinder.

Hardpoint is a gamemode featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The teams must rush to secure a "hardpoint" on the map and repel the area from the enemies. Holding the hardpoint increases the teams' score, but if no players are in the hardpoint, no points are gained. It is similar to Headquarters, but respawning is always enabled, even if the player's team is holding the hardpoint. The Hardpoint switches to different set rotational positions on the map several times during the match. A point is granted every second a single team is present in the Hardpoint. If players from both teams are present in the Hardpoint, it will be marked as "contested" and neither team will gain points until remaining enemies are removed from the objective. Players who arrive in a new Hardpoint or one that was previously occupied by enemies gains 200 score for "Securing the Hardpoint" and will receive a "Hardpoint Secure" medal. The first player who secures a hardpoint shortly after it changes gets a 'Forward Position' medal.



  • Killing enemies, attacking, defending or securing the Hardpoint results in bonus points towards one's scorestreak. 125 points are awarded for doing one of these actions.

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