Harpoon model BO
Magazine Size


Starting Ammunition

1 (loaded)

Maximum Ammunition

1 + 1 (via console commands)

Range (explanation)


Fire Mode


Used by

Mason, Vorkuta Prisoner

HUD icon

KS-23 HUD icon BO

A Harpoon is used in the mission "Vorkuta" to take down an enemy Mi-8 helicopter. Mason wields a modified KS-23 which shoots a harpoon attached to a rope on a roof and shoots the helicopter with it. The helicopter then crashes due to the rope preventing it moving. This was the step 5 of the Vorkuta escape plan - "Skewer the winged beast".



  • If the player misses the helicopter with the harpoon, they are unable to enter the building to escape due to Reznov blocking the way, meaning the player will be killed by the helicopter.
  • The harpoon can be wielded via console commands giving it two harpoons and no actual reload animation.
  • The player cannot switch weapons with the Harpoon. When the player presses the button to do so, the weapon's name will be "KS-23".

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