He Zhen-Zhen
Seraph menu icon BO3
Seraph in the Specialist selection menu.
Nickname(s) Seraph
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Affiliations 54 Immortals, Black Ops, CDP
Nationality Malaysian
Status Alive
Birth December 1, 2050, Malaysia
Sex Female
Build Slender
Hair Black
Race Asian
Weapon Any weapon obtained by the player in multiplayer
Equipment Annihilator
Voice Actress Charlet Chung
Level Unlocked at level 22
"The 54 Immortals crush all opposition!"
— Zhen-Zhen's default comment in the Winner's Circle.

He "Seraph" Zhen-Zhen is one of the specialists in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Zhen-Zhen is the adopted daughter of a high-ranking military official, and is part of the 54 Immortals.


"The only child of a feared officer of the 54 Immortals, He Zhen-Zhen was raised within ranks of the Singapore Quarantine Zone's ruling criminal combine."
"She proved to be an excellent and dedicated pupil, learning the traditions and honored lineage of the organization while persuing martial training with a singled-minded determination. She worked hard not to disappoint her father or the combine's leadership"
"At 17, she was elevated to the rank of Enforcer, one of the few who police the combine from within while ruthlessly executing the will of the 54I wherever and whenever it might be required."
—Seraph's biography

Seraph first entered the quarantine zone as a teenager. While maturing, she looked up to her father and strived to honour her blood line. Through transmissions, she is shown to be extremely dedicated and focused on achieving her and the 54i's goals. During her early years, she studied numerous forms of education, such as geography, language and science, among others. When Seraph was finally promoted to the rank of enforcer, she was given 2 gifts: an annihilator and cybernetic arm. In a show of dedication, she amputated her own arm in front of the leaders of the 54i.

Seraph has a very focused personality and works purely for the goals of the 54i. As such, she rarely speaks with other specialists. When she does, she either encourages her fellow specialists (as seen with Battery and Firebreak) or demeans them for their methods of fighting (as with Nomad, Ruin, and Spectre), and will occasionally give them advice before the battle starts. On the battlefield, she is very confident in her abilities, but at the same time, is willing to admit defeat when her team is bested.

Transmissions Edit


+++ Decrypt Success

Analytics: Quarantine Zone, 54I, Bribe

Tags: Father, Enforcer, Duty

Header Ends +++

"I was 14 years old when my father told me we were moving into the Quarantine Zone. I was helped into the back of an APC, and watched the internal screens closely as we rode across Singapore. The Quarantine Zone gates were opened by guards the 54I had bribed. I won't ever forget my first view of our new home. It was a warzone. Desolate, trash and wreckage everywhere, there was still the remains of bodies lying around. I almost complained, but was silenced by a single glance from my father. He was an enforcer--one of the few who kept the combine in check. There could be no public dissent. If I were to follow in his footsteps, I would have to play my role. We had to set the example of what was expected."
— Seraph talking about her upbringing when moving into the Quarantine Zone


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