Horses BOII
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Found in Old Wounds, Time and Fate, I.E.D.
Used by Mujahideen, Alex Mason, Tian Zhao, Frank Woods

Horses appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the missions Old Wounds, Time and Fate and I.E.D., used as transport. The player can ride horses in Old Wounds. It is possible to use whatever weapons the player is carrying while on horseback. They can also gallop faster if they press the "sprint" button when on the horse, though it is not possible to have a weapon out whilst galloping. Sprinting at both friendly and hostile NPCs will instantly kill them.



  • As Menendez, the player can kill horses in Time and Fate by shooting them.
  • The player is incapable of wounding their horse in anyway whilst they are riding it.
  • Motion Capture performance was required for horses.
    • Carlee Holden played the wrangler.
    • Mystic the horse played the horse.
  • Weapons have neither recoil nor bullet sway while riding a horse. This is more noticeable with sniper rifles.