Ryan Jackson: Special Agent Ryan Jackson, OIG, investigator's log, case # 290184. January 12th, 1990. On orders from DCI Stansfield Turner, the inquiry into the career histories of Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson is hereby suspended. All materials associated with said investigation are to be classified Top Secret and returened directly to the Office of the DCI. Case. Closed.

A tape can be heard rewinding.

Ryan Jackson: Case # 290185, January 12th, 1990. A joint covert raid between the Division and Nicaraguan Contras on May 21st, 1982 resulted in a massive power shift in the Central American drug trade. The Agency learned of a sit-down of Nicaragua's most powerful cartel leaders and saw a window of opportunity to consolidate and control narcotics exports into... "friendlier" hands. However the mission had unintended consequences, the rise to power of a man named - Raul Menendez.


The mission starts with the CIA Operative entering the cartel compound through the ceiling.

CIA Agent: Leaders from the most dangerous cartels are assembled in this location. Menendez included. We have the place wired with video surveillance. I'll be with you every step of the way. This is our one shot. Let's make it count.

The CIA Operative clears out the first room and proceeds down the stairs.

CIA Agent: Visual on Torres! Stay on him!

The CIA Operative places an explosive on a door and prepares to breach.

CIA Agent: Go, go!

The CIA Operative continues down a hallway, following Torres.

CIA Agent: You have the whole compound mobilized. Take them out!

The CIA Operative successfully neutralizes Torres.

CIA Agent: Torres confirmed. Nice work. Air support is available!

The CIA Operative receives air support.

CIA Agent: Helicopter strike incoming!

The second target is confirmed by Ryan Jackson.

CIA Agent: Contact! Target 2! It's Menendez! Do not lose him!

The CIA Operative breaches a door, but Menendez keeps running. After attempting to breach another door, Menendez kicks it, and the explosives cause both men to fly back. The CIA Operative pulls up his gun first, shooting Menendez as he falls off of a balcony screaming. Outside, Raul stands in the back of a truck.

CIA Agent: It's his son! He is not a target.

Raul hits the truck and it drives off.

CIA Agent: That's one for the good guys. Come on in.