Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis MW3
Hotel Oasis
Games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Found In Dust to Dust
Continent Asia (Middle East)
Occupants Vladimir Makarov
Inner Circle
Controlled By Inner Circle
Oasis Hotel Security Service
Vladimir Makarov
Leaders Makarov (World War III)
Engagements World War III
For the similarly named map, see Oasis.

The Hotel Oasis is a hotel that appears in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 mission Dust to Dust. It was a temporary safehouse for Makarov and his private army during the end of World War III. The hotel is very unique in style and is rather tall. The lobby is very grandiose and stretches all of the way to the top floor where a circular, glass window serves as a view to the rooftop. The hotel also consists of many bars and lounges, including one that is on the top floor of the building.

Yuri and Price pursue Makarov to this location after the war, hiding in an armored van that stops in the hotel's driveway. After breaking out of the van and fighting their way through the hotel, they follow Makarov up to the roof of the building. Yuri is injured after a helicopter blows away the supports of the lounge, causing the floor to cave in and a metal rod to get stuck in Yuri's chest. Price continues to pursue Makarov by taking an emergency staircase upstairs. As he arrives, Makarov is just getting into a helicopter in which Price jumps on to. After a brief fight with the pilot, Price destroys the helicopter's controls and it crashes back onto the roof of the hotel with both Price and Makarov in it. Surviving the crash, Price notices that they crashed right on top of the glass window and looks down into the lobby, many floors below. Makarov climbs out of the helicopter and is about to shoot Price when an injured Yuri arrives and distracts Makarov with a hail of gunfire. Makarov survives and kills Yuri, giving Price an opportunity to tackle Makarov and they both physically fight one another on top of the glass roof. Price notices that the window is cracking over their pressure and uses it to his advantage by tying the helicopter's cable around Makarov's neck and shoving him down through the window. Price jumps onto a nearby balcony while Makarov is left hanging from the roof, killing him.

Hotel Oasis' security detailEdit

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