Section and Briggs are in a war room, explaining the next mission to a group of soldiers. Briggs is holding a clipboard.

Briggs: How about that. Chairman Zhao just sent me his resume. Cocksucker's looking for a new gig!

Section claps his hands.

Briggs: (laughing) You bet your ass, we got these dickwads on the run. Alright, alright, alright, settle down.

Section uses his Data Glove Paired to show a hologram of a globe with Afghanistan highlighted and circled.

Section: We got trouble in Afghanistan. The Russian foreign minister's in Kabul negotiating a peace treaty with the Afghan president. Problem is, Central Intelligence intercepted an assassination order directed by Raul Menendez himself. In light of the assassination threat, the summit location has changed to Maidan Shahr, 50 miles west of Kabul.

Section shows a hologram of the path leading to Maidan Shahr. A truck appears above it.

Section: We'll provide overwatch for the government's convoy. At the first sign of trouble, use of terminal force is authorized.

Briggs: Authorized and fucking mandated.

Section shows a hologram of an MQ-27 Dragonfire, an A.G.R. and Kraken

Section: Use your quads for aerial surveillance. You'll need those birds, 'cause those bastards'll dig in those mountains. Kraken will track your every move and is ready with ordinance from above, if needed. ASDs will flank you on the dirt. We're playing it real safe, so no boots on the ground this time. Just drones and the eye in the sky.


Maidan Shahr, Afghanistan
JSOC Strike Force
June 6th, 2025

A MQ-27 Dragonfire flies in with other MQ-27 Dragonfire's over a convoy.

Section: Closest heat signature is located in the vicinity of Echo Sierra seven-one-niner, eight-one-four. Additional quad support now online.

A MQ-27 Dragonfire is taken out by an RPG-7.

Section: Quad drone down, multiple hostiles observed in AO.

Vehicle Operator: Convoy is taking effective small arms and RPG fire.

Section: Recon team sensors are tracking multiple hot spots on the surrounding hill tops. Use supporting elements to eliminate IEDs and clear a safe path for convoy. Enemy tanks bearing down on the convoy, ASDs are our most effective defense. All assets engage as needed, free fire zone approved in support of convoy.

The vehicles are attacked.

Section: Vehicles are under attack. Declaring troops in contact time now. Be advised, intel shows enemy has placed IEDs along primary route.

The player must protect the convoy from enemy resistance. The convoy will make their way to their destination depending on each Cougar the player lost during the fight to the extraction site.

Section: Mission success, convoy has arrived at pick up site. All assets provide perimeter security for VTOL departure. 

2 CLAWs spun their miniguns and fired on a large number of Mujahideen Assassins on horseback, killing them all.