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IA-2 Menu Icon CoDG

65-49 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

x1.56 Head & Neck

Weapon Class

Marksman Rifle

Magazine Size

· 10 rounds (SP)
· 18 rounds (MP) (27 w/ Extended Mags)
· 21 rounds (Extinction)

Starting Ammunition

10+110 (SP)
18+36 (MP)
21+63 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

10+120 (SP)
18+108 (MP)
21+168 (Extinction)

Rate of Fire

· 545 RPM (MP)
3-round burst:
· 681 RPM (within burst)

Range (explanation)

IA-2 range CoDG

Fire Mode

(or optional 3-Round Burst Fire attachment)

Cost (Extinction)$2000
Squad Points8
"Semi-automatic. Strong and versatile overall."
— Weapon Description

The IA-2 is a marksman rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


The IA-2 appears in the campaign mission Federation Day with an ACOG Scope and Silencer attached.


The IA-2 can be purchased with 8 Squad Points, being one of the most costly Marksman Rifles, just under that of the SVU. It plays a similar role to the MK14 EBR, having the same magazine size at 18 rounds, a slightly higher rate of fire, along with slightly less range and recoil. Also, just like the other Marksman Rifles (except for the SVU), it will kill in two shots out to medium range, and three beyond that. This allows any barrel attachment to be effective on this weapon. Its default scope is bulkier when aiming compared to the MK14 and MR-28's scope, but is far less obstructive than the SVU's. The iron sights can be used for increased versatility in close range engagements but other optics (such as a Red Dot Sight) will allow better overall targeting of enemies at any range. Overall, it is a useful Marksman Rifle that can be used in nearly any situation.

Like other Marksman Rifles, the IA-2 has 15% less recoil when using the default scope.






For the attachment images, see IA-2/Attachments.


  • "549" can be seen written on the side and stock of the weapon.
  • The IA-2 serial number is 1008-0018
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