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ISI Leader
ISI Leader with Raul Menendez
The ISI Leader, speaking with Raul Menendez.
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Rank Leader
Affiliations Inter-Services Intelligence
Nationality Pakistan
Status Alive
Sex Male
Hair Dark
Race South Asian
Equipment Smoke Grenade
"They care. They care for their own interests. Nothing more."
— ISI Leader on the Pakistani government.

The ISI Leader is a high ranking officer of the Inter-Services Intelligence, located in Pakistan in 2025. He appears in the mission "Fallen Angel", speaking with Raul Menendez in Lahore, Pakistan. Section and Harper attempt to scan the conversations he and Menendez have regarding drones. They make their way underneath the floor Menendez and the ISI Leader are under, but Menendez knew about their presence all along and they were almost killed by grenades. Menendez and the ISI Leader are then presumably transported to safer locations while the ISI soldiers attempt to kill Section and Harper.


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