Broken respiratorEdit

Broken Respirator collectible BO3
"Crusted in grime and its faceplate smashed, this respirator is of the type that was issued in large numbers to the biohazard crews that were first responders in the days and weeks that followed the Coalescence Corporation Disaster. During the initial establishment of the Singapore Quarantine Zone, there were riots amongst those who survived the first says and attacks on the cleanup crews sent in to determine the cause of the fatalities were commonplace. If the damage to this respirator occurred during such an attack, and the original owner survived, they will have found themselves condemned to remain within the Quarantine Zone under the strict bio-attack protocols enacted in case there was in infectious biological agent at work."
— Entry description.

Urn with incense sticksEdit

Urn collectible BO3
"A small, open-topped ceramic urn filled with sand, in which incense sticks are planted and burnt. Commonly found in temples and in home shrines venerating the families dearly departed. The Quarantine Zone's defacto rules, the 54 Immortals believe that they are being inducted into a singular family when they swear their oaths of allegiance, and they venerate the clans fallen, especially their past leaders, as they would their own ancestors."
— Entry description.

Abandoned childs' toyEdit

Child's toy collectible BO3
"An abandoned and likely once much-loved toy truck that must have once belonged to one of the younger residents of Singapore before the Quarantine Zone was established. Overlooked by looters, it's a little surprising to find such a low tech "classic toy like this. Kids are ever-increasingly sophisticated these days, and so are the toys that are popular with them."
— Entry description.

Warlord helmetEdit

Warlord helmet collectible BO3
"A sophisticated armored helmet complete with control electronic and enhanced optics that was once attached to a powerful exoskeleton worn by one of the 54 Immortals' elite "Warlords", soldiers with enhanced specialist training in exo-powered combat. These exoskeletons are often richly adorned with 54I symbols and slogans, and given well-deserved respect by the rank and file. As fearsome as these opponents are, they're no match for a cybernetically enhanced member of the Winslow Accord Special Forces."
— Entry description.
"If we ever needed direct evidence that these guys are supported by the CDP, this would be it. That's state-of-the-art CDP exoskeleton technology. I didn't know they were selling these; I thought they were only equipping their own shock troops."
— Kane's analysis.

Fu Dog figurineEdit

Fu Dog figurine collectible BO3
"This statuette represents a Fu Dog, or Chinese Guardian Lion. These statues, both large and small, have been commonly found throughout Chinese culture since the Han Dynasty, dating back to around 200 BC. They are associated with protection. The 54 Immortals, the criminal combine who control the Singapore Quarantine Zone use them as common iconography to celebrate the birth year of the Goh's siblings' grandfather, who was once the ruler of the ruthless organization."
— Entry description.

Therapy session recordingEdit

Therapy session recording collectible BO3
"This small, mass produced digital audio playback was found in the Singapore CIA Black Station. It was playing back a looped audio recording, featuring a single unidentified male speaker's voice talking about finding a clam safe place in a clearing in a frozen forest. The grisly audience in attendance already seemed to be at peace."
— Entry description.
"No idea whose voice that was, but it seemed to be a Guided Image Therapy session, a form of psychotherapy. We couldn't lift any prints from the recorder, it was clean."
— Kane's analysis.

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