In The Wild
In the Wild Mission MW3 DS
Next level Isolation
Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance
Character Sgt. Wilson
Team US National Guard
Place Outside Wilton, Alaska
Date 0700 hours
Objective Walk to your commander.

Retrieve your weapons.

Mantle over the log

Follow your commander.

Eliminate the enemy quietly.

Regroup with your allies.

Follow your commander.

Elude the Patrol.

Move from point to point.

Take out the Guard.

Eliminate the Patrol.

Engage the enemies.

Survive the ambush.

Move to the overlook.

Snipe the Lookout.

Snipe the enemies in the town.

Eliminate the counter sniper.

Enemies Russian forces
"Tensions have reached the boiling point when Russia declares war on the U.S. Russian forces begin invading America trying to catch them by surprise..."
— Emergency Broadcast System
"During wilderness training, the National Guard is directed towards invading Russian Troops."
— In-game Description


"In The Wild" is the first campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, it takes place in Alaska where US National Guard troops and British S.F.S.G troops are carrying out military training operations and are suddenly interrupted due to Russians. Wilson, Brewer, and Vargas are ordered to pull out of training immediately to enter action.

"Orders just came from Command. Both National Guard and British forces are being pulled out of this joint training op and pulled into action. Reports of activity of our sector need to be checked out, so vacation's over."
— Capt. Brewer


The team of three is commanded to check reports of activity in the area while on their way to rendezvous with Bravo Team. While on the way, the player is introduced to the basic features of the game, such as how to move (depending on what options have been selected), how to use their knife and guns, how to crouch, how to mantle, as well as how to play one of the two mini-games (In this case, one that involves pressing colored nodes at the correct time to send an encrypted message to command).

Brewer gives the orders to avoid two Russian patrols en route, trying to limit confrontation. After this, two groups of soldiers (composed of two soldiers each) are eliminated by Brewer and Wilson.

The group continues on for a bit more until they reach a lodge. Whether the player chooses to snipe or to move up and flank the enemy is irreverent, as a small firefight ensues either way. After the lodge is clear, one can find an M4 with either Scoped or Red dot sights near the ammo crate.

Just as Brewer states 'It looks like we're clear", the group walks into an ambush and is forced to fight multiple Russian soldiers. After all the enemies have been eliminated, the group heads up to a small plateau between two hills. From here, Brewer calls targets for Wilson to snipe.

The group is forced to abandon their post as a mortar is fired at them, and the path Brewer picks walks the group into a second ambush, this time with far more Russian troops. The mission ends as the Russians are eliminated and the three soldiers rushing into some trees towards the town.



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