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"Get ready!"
— At the beginning.
"Eagle One, we got four survivors down here, hello?"
— When Eagle One talks to them at round 2.
"About fucking time! We got four survivors down here, hello? Hello?...You son of a bitch..."
— An alternate response to Eagle one at the end of round 1.
"Eagle One, we got four survivors down here, you need to lift us out of here, NOW!"
— After Eagle One has contacted them at round 4.
"Hold tight? You kiddin' me?"
— After Eagle One contacts them about a possible rescuing.
"Huh, Didn`t know Atlas had this secament."
— When entering Atlas Command
"I think I own stock in this place"
— When entering Value Voltage
"Oh shit!, Good God, Fuck!, I hate sewers..."
— When entering the sewers.
"Burger Town? I love Burger Town!"
— Upon entering Burger Town
"Burger Town? I grew up on this shit!"
— Upon entering Burger Town.
"Ah shit, we`re doing this?...This is happening!"
— When approaching a survivor's location.
"Stay where you are until the Warbird comes and shut the fuck up!"
— When a survivor is at the extraction point
"Why are we saving others when we can barely save ourselves?"
— After a survivor has successfully been rescued.
"Shit, that's Goliath Class armour!"
— Upon seeing the Goliath spawning in.
"Great! Coordinates! Love it!"
— As a response to Eagle One after he tells the player to rescue another survivor.
"Eagle One, Who do you work for? I repeat, who do you work for? You're not flying a standard Warbird, over. Hello?"
— As a response after Eagle One asks to rescue a third survivor.


"Holy shit, holy shit, was I just in a body bag?"
— At the beginning of a game.
"It's the Warbird! Hello? I'm here! Can you hear me?...SHIT!"
— As a response to Eagle One after he contacts the survivors for the first time.
"Eagle One, are we glad to hear you, can you get us out of here?"
— As a response to Eagle One`s second attempt to contact the survivors
"Looks Like Atlas invested in this town."
— Upon entering ATLAS Command
"Maybe we can find something useful in here..."
— Upon entering Value Voltage.
"Just had to be a sewer..."
— When entering the sewers.
"Great...Burger Town..."
— Upon entering Burger Town
"I`ll never be hungry enough to eat at this dump!"
— When entering Burger Town.
"We`ll bring him to you!"
— As a response to Eagle One after he wants the players to rescue a survivor.
"Just hang on! Let's go! The Warbird is waiting!"
— Talking to the survivor at the meeting point.
"Oh shit! Is that armour? Where the fuck did he get that?"
— When spotting the Goliath for the first time.
"What the hell is it going to take to bring that thing down?"
— When firing at the Goliath.


"I picked the wrong day to show up sober."
— At the start of a game.
"Gonna have to find more shit to shoot with!"
— At the start of a game.
"Kahn, I feel you should have known about these things."
— At the start of a game.
"Airmen, we got four survivors in some serious shit, requesting an exfil, come in...figures."
— After the first attempt from Eagle One to contact the survivors.
"Airmen, we got four survivors requesting an exfil, do you copy?...Guess not."
— Alternate response to Eagle One after he tries to contact the survivor`s for the first time.
"Eagle One, would you be so kind to get us the hell out of here please?"
— After Eagle One`s second attempt trying to contact the survivors.
"Hold tight? Onto what?"
— After Eagle one says that he's called in an Warbird.
"Fuck! Atlas`s everywhere isn`t it?"
— Upon entering ATLAS Command.
"Cheap Power, Cheaper Thrills!"
— Upon entering Value Voltage.
"I`ve flushed a lot of goldfish down in holes like this."
— Said when entering the sewers.
"I wonder if the drive thru's open."
— Upon entering Burger Town.
"I don't get this...Where did that "thing" get armour?"
— Upon spotting the Goliath for the first time.
"Oh, Ok, no problem...We`ll just stop whatever we're doing and go do that instead!"
— As a response to Eagle One after he tell the players to pick up another survivor.
"Hello, Mister fly-guy, where-is-our-ride?"
— As a response after Eagle One wants them to rescue a third survivor.
"Yes sir! Mister Eagle One sir!"
— When the team agree`s to rescue the third survivor.


"What the fuck does these things want?"
— At the start of a game
"Mayday, mayday, four survivors requesting emidiate evac, Eagle One, do you read?...Fuck!"
— As a response to Eagle One`s first attempt to contact the survivors.
"Finnaly, we can find some good gear in here!"
— Upon entering ATLAS Command.
"Burger Town? Ah, now I know we're in hell!"
— Upon entering Burger Town.

Multiple Characters Conversations Edit

Decker & Lilith Edit

Decker: You alright, Lilith?

Lilith: Oh hell, are you still trying to make friends? Just shoot stuff, Decker.

Decker: I would've made the same call.

Lilith: What?

Decker: With the pilot. We should help people when we can.

Lilith: You getting all boy-scout on me, Decker?

Decker: Hey, I joined Atlas to make a... difference, you know?

Lilith: Yeah, sure made a difference.

Decker: What, you think Atlas caused this on purpose?

Lilith: You don't?

Decker: Look around, Lilith. It's clear that Atlas was trying to contain whatever happened here.

Lilith: Decker, are you really that dense?

Decker: You know, Atlas did save us. We'd be zombie meat if it wasn't for them.

Lilith: I don't see how our situation has improved.


Decker: Hey I'm all for saving people, but there's something off about this pilot!

Lilith: That's funny, coming from the Atlas cheerleader.

Decker: Dammit! Where is our exfil?! Hey Lilith, you tell your boyfriend to go fuck himself next time he calls!

Lilith: Oh nice, what happened to "helping people", Decker?


Decker: Fuck! How long has it been?! Where is OUR EXFIL?!

Lilith: Stop whining, Decker. We need to trust him.

Decker: Trust him?! We don't even know who he is!

Lilith: You wanna walk, Decker? Go right ahead. We don't need you.

Decker: Come on! Forget the pilot already! Let's just find our own way out!

Decker & Oz Edit

Decker: What the hell happened here, anyway?

Oz: Err, well, Imma take a wild guess... Looks like the whole town is infested with mutant zombie cocksuckers.

Decker: How the hell did these things get here?

Oz: Uh, they flew? Business class? Who the hell cares, Decker. Shoot things!

Decker: All I wanna know is what happened to this town.

Oz: Looks to me like Atlas happened. They excel at fucking shit up.

Decker: I don't know man, looks to me like Atlas tried to stop the infected here, then shit hit the fan.

Oz: Wha-what is it like in your world, Decker? Do all the fuzzy puppets sing and dance as they try to eat your spleen?


Decker: Man, I hope that pilot comes through.

Oz: You hope for a lot of things. Get over your man-crush and focus on the here and the now.

Decker: Hey, Lilith thinks the pilot is OK. I don't see anybody rioting her about it.

Oz: Yeah, well, she's a lot prettier than you and normally a lot smarter.


Oz: Yellow.

Decker: What?

Oz: The pilot's fuzzy puppet skin has got to be yellow. Might explain why he's not here.

Decker: Shit, this place is getting out of control! Where is our exfil?!

Oz: Oh, I'm sure the cavalry's gonna arrive on their big white fucking horses any second now, Decker.


Decker: FUCK! Where's our ride?!

Oz: Oh, don't tell me you're having second thoughts now, Decker. Where's that trust?

Decker: Hey you shut it, Oz! This is crazy, we cannot keep doing this! We need a way out!

Oz: We all go, or none of us go! Lilith makes the call.

Decker: Who the fuck put her in charge?!

Kahn & Decker Edit

Kahn: Decker, you alright?

Decker: You know it's strange, but I feel great.

Kahn: That's the stasis bag. Accelerates the healing process.

Decker: Why do you think Atlas decided to save us, Kahn?

Kahn: I don't know, Decker... But it sure as hell is no accident.

Decker: Kahn, it's gotta be you!

Kahn: Me? What about me?

Decker: Atlas saved us because of you. You're an exec, you're high in the corporate chain.

Kahn: Decker. I don't think I'm the reason Atlas saved us.

Decker: Why not Kahn? Why not?

Kahn: I'm not the reason Atlas saved us. I lost billions in a deal that went south.

Decker: You're shitting me.

Kahn: I wish I was.

Decker: Kahn, if you lost billions, why didn't Atlas just fire you?

Kahn: Look around, Decker. They put me in charge of a facility that created all of this.

Decker: Kahn, I've been thinking, and if what you said is true, it would be easier for Atlas to blame all of this on someone who's dead.

Kahn: And?

Decker: You ain't dead.

Kahn: Decker. Help me, buddy. Help me help you. I need you to help me understand. You still think Atlas are the good guys?

Decker: They rescued us, that's all I'm saying. And I'll tell you another thing, that's more than I can say for Mr. Flyguy up there.

Kahn: Fuck! Decker, wake up! Atlas doesn't do anything unless it benefits them!

Decker: There's gotta be a reason that they saved us!

Kahn: The only people that we can count on is us! Not Atlas, not this pilot. Us!

Decker: You know what? I hate to say it Kahn, but you might be right. And I have to tell you something, I hate saying you're right! Why do you have to be fucking right?!

Kahn & Lilith Edit

Kahn: Well at least we're still together.

Lilith: Oh. Wow, uh, is that supposed to comfort me?

Kahn: Look, all I'm saying is, we're a good team.

Lilith: You know what, you're right. And as a team, we should keep an eye out for others who can use our help.

Kahn: No that's not what I'm saying. Lilith let's not kid ourselves. We need to focus on the four of us if we're gonna continue to survive.

Lilith: How can you be so callous?

Kahn: I'm being real! Why are we still playing the rescue game?

Lilith: Because that pilot said he can help us get out of here.

Kahn: The pilot guy is full of shit! You know that, we all know that!

Lilith: He just needs more time!

Kahn: I say we're done playing heroes. We should focus on getting out of here.

Lilith: Yeah, we know. We already got a chopper on the way.

Kahn: Then where the hell is it?! Lilith, don't be stupid, we don't even know who the pilot is!

Lilith: He rescues people! How bad can he be?

Kahn: Wait! Wait! I think I see our ride!

Lilith: Really?! You see it?!

Kahn: No, no I don't... Because that jackass was never coming, Lilith!

Lilith: Kahn, why do you have to be so damn cynical?!

Kahn: You mean why do I always have to be right. Because I am. Where in the fucking hell in this fucking shitfaced town is that fucking damn pilot?! Where is he, Lilith?!

Lilith: You wanna go, Kahn? Then go. All of you! Go! No one is making you stay!

Kahn & Oz Edit

Kahn: Say Oz... How long do you think we were out for?

Oz: Dunno. Forty winks and missed some changes

Kahn: We gotta be at least a hundred miles from the facility. The infection must have spread for weeks now.

Oz: Or days. You saw how fast it worked.

Kahn: Shit, look at all this. Why aren't we infected?

Oz: Who says we aren't?

Kahn: If we were infected, we'd change... right?

Oz: Maybe we did, and just don't know it.


Oz: Don't mind Lil', she'll figure it out.

Kahn: Figure what out?

Oz: That going after the survivors is pointless.

Kahn: If you agree we're wasting time on the survivors, then tell Lilith. Come on Oz, back me up here.

Oz: Back you up? Hah!

Kahn: Come on Oz, you know we're wasting ammo saving anyone but us. And for what? A ride that's never gonna show?

Oz: I don't like it. I like you less.

Kahn: This pilot is stringing us along, Oz. Talk to Lilith. She listens to you for some dumbass reasons.

Oz: You want me to take away any hope Lily's got left? I'm not doing that. I'm sticking with the girl!

Kahn: Oh come on, let's stop fucking around with these rescues! We gotta find a way out!

Oz: Yeah? So find us a way out, oh powerful Kahn. If you know so damn much, then lead us. The great Kahn... More like "conman".

Kahn: Fuck you, Oz. Janitor-man. Okay janitor-man, why don't we mop our way out of here? Fuck you.

Lilith & Oz Edit

Lilith: Ugh, I can't stop thinking about it. Were we dead?

Oz: Yeah I know. It was nice and quiet.

Lilith: Oz, how can you be so... cavalier about all of this? Don't you care?

Oz: I care about all my bullets finding a new home. Lily, do me a favor and just hold it together.

Lilith: You want ME to hold it together??

Oz: You're the only one who doesn't entirely piss me off. You lose it, and there goes the fucking neighborhood.


Lilith: Oh by the way everyone, I'm just fine. No need to worry about the defenseless girl.

Oz: Don't be a dick, Lily. It's not a color you wear well.

Lilith: See that, Oz? I'm still kicking ass, you fucker.

Oz: I'm on your side, Lily. Try and remember that.

Lilith: Listen Oz, I know you mean well, it's just... Look, I can take care of myself.

Oz: Hah!... Oh, you're serious?

Lilith: Why are you being such a jerk, Oz?

Oz: None of us can take care of ourselves. That's why we're still alive. We're acting as a team.

Lilith: You're right Oz. None of us are gonna make it on our own. That's why we have to help any survivors we can.

Oz: I don't care about any of them!

Lilith: No, if we leave, we might miss the exfil!

Oz: Lily! He's not coming. The pilot is just stringing us along. Let's go already.

Lilith: No! He will be here! He promised. We. Will. Be rescued!

Oz: Lily, think! Our ride isn't here, we're running out of ammo. It's time, we need to move on.

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