Battle of Washington D.C.




Battle of Nevada

Invasion of Alaska
Mw3 ds 10

World War III


Approx. 0700 Hrs In The Wild - Approx. 1000 Hrs Oil, Fire, and Ice



  • U.S/UK Victory
  • Russian Forces Forced out of Alaska

Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of Russia Russia


Flag of the United States Command
Flag of the United States Capt. Brewer
Flag of the United Kingdom Capt. Dwight



U.S. National Guard

  • Alpha Squad

United States Air Force

British Armed Forces

Russian Army
Russian Air Force




The Invasion of Alaska was a Russian invasion as a part of World War III that took place during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance.

The InvasionEdit

"Orders just came from Command. Both National Guard and British forces are being pulled out of this joint training op and pulled into action. Reports of activity of our sector need to be checked out, so vacation's over."
— Capt. Brewer

The US National Guard and British S.F.S.G operatives are going in Alaska for training operations when the Command interrupted them to speak with them about the Russian invasion. The US National Guard must rendezvous with a British S.F.S.G Squad in a captured Alaska town. After the British S.F.S.G Team is rendezvous with Alpha Team and they support Alpha, they must eliminate all Russian forces from the sawmill. Then the British troops must rendezvous again with Alpha Team. The British forces have sent a British S.F.S.G infiltration group to investigate a warehouse where the Russians may be storing weaponry. During this mission the group was helped by Watcher. After securing the weapons warehouse, National Guard forces are ordered to retake the oil pipeline, now under Russian control to prevent them from either take the resources or destroying them. After securing the only vital resource that the Russians need in Alaska to keep their efforts going, the Russians retreat.


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