IW top right icon
Joint Task Force Wolverines
JTF Wolverines Emblem IW
Leader(s) James Rhomer
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Country Earth
Type Private Military Company
Motto First in the Fight

"The JTF Wolverines are a no-nonsense mercenary group, with a reputation for getting the job done and doing it fast. You can expect a Wolverine to leap at the chance to fight and take the most aggressive path to victory."
— In-game description.

The JTF Wolverines are a private military company based out of Earth. Their doctrine is simple "kill or be killed". Because of this, they are more likely to stick to brute, unrelenting force to complete objectives than their rivals. Their uniforms and equipment are largely based on those used by SATO. They are lead by Cmdr. James Rhomer.

Multiplayer Edit

The JTF Wolverines is the first Mission Team the player is allowed to join in multiplayer mode.

Unlockables Edit

  • Common Jagged Camouflage for Assault Rifles - Level 2
  • Common Thick Skull Calling Card - Level 3
  • Common JTF Wolverines Emblem - Level 4
  • Common 100 Salvage - Level 5
  • Common Jagged Camouflage for the Combat Knife - Level 6
  • Common 100 Salvage - Level 7
  • Common Skulking Calling Card - Level 8
  • Rare JTF Wolverines Move Up Gesture - Level 9
  • Common FHR-40 Counterweight - Level 10
  • Legendary Roamer Warfighter Body - Level 11
  • Common Jagged Camouflage for Submachine Guns - Level 12
  • Common Snake Eyes Calling Card - Level 13
  • Common JTF Wolverines Patch Emblem - Level 14
  • Common 125 Salvage - Level 15
  • Common Pile of Bones Calling Card - Level 16
  • Rare 150 Salvage - Level 17
  • Rare First in the Fight! Taunt - Level 18
  • Common Snarl Emblem - Level 19
  • Common Kendall 44 Dominion - Level 20
  • Common Jagged Camouflage for Light Machine Guns - Level 21
  • Rare 150 Salvage - Level 22
  • Legendary Guardian Calling Card - Level 37
  • Epic FHR 40 Windfall - Level 50

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